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Runner Profile

Runner:   Osborne David  
Marathon:   Detroit Free Press Marathon  
Previous marathons:   None  
Fundraising Goal:   $2620   
$0                                           Funds Raised: $0                                             $2620

About myself

Why am I running a marathon?

One of my friends motivated me to start running in Aptil 05. My first race was the 5K Race for Cure in July 05. I liked the whole running experience that I kept increasing my distance with every race I participated. 5K became 10K, 10K became 10M and soon I was at the starting line of the half marathon of the Detroit Free Press last year (2006).

I always thought only a super-human could run a Marathon. But after I completed the half marathon last year I felt that mere mortals like me could run the marathon too (must have been the runner's high after I completed the half marathon!).

And thus started my training about 18 weeks ago and in an other 6 weeks I will be putting my theory to test!!!!

Why Asha?
Since I am from India, I have seen the hunger and poverty in India. When I saw that ASHA was involved in educating and bettering lives in India, I could not find a better organization to run for.

I will be running the Detroit Free Press Marathon on October 21st 2007.

While I have sacrificed and been through some pain during my training and preparation for this marathon, it is nothing compared to the hardship, pain and suffering faced by the underprivileged children in India.

Your generous contribution would go a long way in providing a good education and change the lives of these children.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution.

Thank you for visiting my page.


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