Asha Sandesh: Asha-Atlanta's Quarterly Newsletter

Asha-Atlanta's quarterly newsletter is called ASHA-Sandesh ("Sandesh" means message). The newsletter will convey a messsage to our patrons about the on-going activities of Asha-Atlanta and may also contain some interesting articles related to eduction of children. Click below to access the newsletters. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader.

Vol 4, No.1, Jul-Dec 2006
Poker Night
Project Update

Vol 4, No.1, Jan-March 2006
Future Projects
Past Fundraisers
Volunteer Profile

Vol 3, No.2, April-June 2005
Proejcts Update
Heritage India 2005
Asha-Tech Update<

Vol 2, No. 4, Oct-Dec 2004
Four Star Rating and the #1 Charity
Kavi Sammelan Recap
Marathon Training Program
Children's corner - Fun facts about bats

Vol 2, No 3, July-Sept 2004
New project update
What is WAH?
Asha at Georgia Tech
Events update - HI, 5k run
Children's corner: Spider-web

Vol 2, No. 2, Apr-Jun 2004
Events & Projects update
New project - Sahyog, Mumbai
Children's corner - why are NASA rovers looking for water in Mars?

Vol 2, No. 1, Jan-Mar 2004
Project update
Event update
About Sivasri Trust
Children's corner - Learn to multiply!
Coporate sponsors
Call for volunteers

Vol. 1, No. 1, October 2003
Introduction to Asha
Tribute to Gandhiji - Excerpt from "Satyagraha in South Africa"