Asha meeting


Jan 22, 2006


Attendees : Arvind, Ashwini, Vinod, Anita, Harpreet, Gaurav, Santhosh.

 -  Updates on last week action item
       Vinod is done with counters; Anita will give check to Steve by this week;
action items
- arrange dinner with steve and ruth.
- arrange for cheering squad;
       -people to drop/pickup (probably bhaskar, santosh to ask karthik,
vinod to ask syd) - 3 peope needed.
       - hand out bananas, gel and cheer at diff spots - 4 people (at 13
mile and 20 mile marker).
       - run with people from 18 mile for a couple of miles (send mail on
last yr list to find out).
       - people at the finish line( 3 people if we get a tent).
       - need someone to pickup people from finishline to 26 mile
finishline. (1 person needed, half-marathoners will find a friend.
Harpreet to arrange for his friends for pickup).

 -  Cheering support for 3M (Sanjeev and Ashwini, Santhosh to ask Radha).
-   Pasta dinners - 4 dinners before marathon - santhosh to co-ordinate.
 -  Fundraising support. Vinod to put up online form from last year.

 - ASS site visit and discussion
       - find out who funded the land for farming.
           - Budget has salaries of teachers mentioned as different no.s in the document.
           - what subjects in higher classes?
           - do they have the right books etc. ?
           - ask and figure out if one teacher could get trained to handle the deaf and dumb child.
           - Health check up and vaccination - check with them.
           - Tour  - where and what ?
           - Call on 1st saturday of feb - review more on new budget.
           - Interact with corvallis and cleveland reg. ASS.
 - Siddamma's visit to the U.S.

           - Unanimous decision to invite Siddamma to Austin.
           - She is expected in Jan end - we will ask for Feb 4-5.
           - We need to publicize the event.
 - More Videos from Sanjeev/Anita's India trip.


 - International registration
        - Vinod to keep the group updated.
 - Calendar sales wrap up
       -  Almost done with them
       -  Ppl who have not paid, please donate.