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      Asha for Education is an action group (of volunteers) that works towards bringing about socio-economic changes in India by supporting agencies providing primary and vocational education. Asha is a non-profit organization and the donations that you make to Asha for Education are tax deductible. We are also a zero over-head group: meaning that 100% of your donations go towards our projects and any administrative costs are borne by our volunteers. To learn more about Asha please visit Asha's Countrywide Home Page


       The Delaware Chapter meets every friday at 5pm at BrewHaha at University of Delaware. A significant portion of the discussion at  Asha-DE take place via email. You are strongly encouraged to sign up at Yahoo! Groups and join the discussions in the Asha-DE group . To subscribe to our group please email us at . We have various focus groups (projects, publicity, fund-raising to name a few) which concentrate on specific aspects. Please contact the focus group stewards for further information. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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