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Asha For Education(TM) - Internship Program

Asha Internship Program

The Asha Internship program provides a unique opportunity for individuals who are interested in hands on volunteering in India to spend 6 weeks to a year at an Asha sponsored project in India.

The internship positions available in Asha are on a probono basis.
If you are interested in the Asha Coordination team Internship Program where you can work with Asha for Education coordination team - Click here

Background :

Every year, Asha for Education gets numerous requests from individuals, primarily in the US, who would like to volunteer at an Asha project. Many Asha projects have the infrastructure and desire to host such individuals. The Asha Internship matches interested individuals with such projects.
If you are interested in becoming an intern, please proceed to the next step of filling in the Asha Internship Request form.
For any further question related to the internship program contact us at internship[at]ashanet[dot]org

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can anybody do an internship?
We would like to make sure that both the individual and the project find the internship mutually beneficial. We screen both prospective interns and our projects for their suitability.

What are the eligibility criteria for an intern?
- We would like the intern to have be somewhat familiar with India and be able to demonstrate that he or she is sensitive to the cultural and environmental differences in India, and will be able to adjust to conditions in India.
- Many projects in India are in areas where English is not spoken. Therefore we would like the intern to be able to speak in at least one Indian language so that he or she can effectively communicate while on the project.
- The internship should be for at least 6 weeks.
- The intern should be able to demonstrate that he can support the cost of the internship for its duration.
- The intern should have a local contact (friend, family etc) that will provide local support to the intern.

What are the financial costs of the program to the intern?
The intern will be expected to to support their costs for food, boarding and lodging (roughly about $100 per month. The amount varies slightly by project)

What support will the project provide to the intern?
The project will not offer any financial support to the intern. The project may be able to arrange for facilities that provide boarding, lodging including food. Depending on the project, bedding as well as local transportation may or may not be arranged. However, the costs of these arrangements would have to be borne by the intern.

What projects can currently accept interns?
The list of projects that can accept interns will be posted here shortly. Contact us at internships AT ashanet DOT org for the latest.

What will the project expect of the intern?
Project administrators will discuss the objectives of the internship with the intern before commencement. In general, project administrators will expect the intern to provide them help in teaching. Depending on the background and experience of the intern, they may expect the intern to help them in doing analysis or research into related issues like teaching methodology and tools, analysis of social issues related to education.

What is the process of applying?
The intern will fill up the Asha Internship Request form. and send it to internships AT ashanet DOT org. The Asha Internship Coordinator will receive this form and evaluate the application. If the application fits our criteria and matches to a project, the Internship Coordinator will contact the intern to see if the project is acceptable. If the intern deems the project acceptable, the Asha Internship coordinator will put the intern in touch with the project steward, who will further communicate with the intern to determine if his objectives match what the project can offer, and work with the project administrator to confirm that the project can support the intern during that time.
This whole process can take around 2 months.

What is expected of the Intern on completion of the Internship?
The Asha Internship Team and the Project Steward would appreciate if the Intern gives an Internship Report on their Internship experience. There is no suggested format for the Internship Report. On receipt of the Internship Report, the Team will publish it on the Project Page.

What can the Intern expect to receive on completion of the Internship?
We understand that quite a few Interns need a completion certificate. The Asha Internship Team and the Project Steward will work with the project partner, or the Asha Co-ordination team to provide the Intern a completion certificate.

I have some more questions. Who do I ask?
If the FAQ's did not answer your questions, please contact us at internships AT ashanet DOT org. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

I am all set! Where do I begin?
Download and send us the completed Asha Internship Application to begin the process.