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From the Editor:

Asha for Education has grown to be a large organization, spread over 4 continents and 70 + chapters (as of 2005). Given the atmosphere that fosters people to make a difference and contribute to the society, it is but natural that volunteers, focus groups and chapters are undergoing a lot of learning. However, as the organization grows, and given our decentralized setup, many times this learning tends to be localized at the volunteer, focus group or chapter level. The motivation and goal of the Asha Patrika is to create an atmosphere of openness and sharing of this learning, so that the learning can happen at an organizational level.

The Patrika is open to all volunteers or groups of volunteers to share their learning on issues, initiatives and their experiences with projects, project partners, publicity, coordination and fund raising. The Patrika is also an open forum to share best practices for our various activities. The Patrika is primarily intended to be a place for sharing experiential learning. Links to various other sources are always welcome (but preferably posted on the relevant Asha mailing lists), however, the focus will be on sharing volunteers' learning and experiences.

You can find out about

  • The learning through our involvement with our project partners
  • Various focus group efforts, their learning and experiences
  • Activities Asha volunteers are involved in and their learning from these involvements
  • Best practices for various activities and interactions in Asha

The newsletter also intends to bring the chapters closer together as an organization. As with other activities in Asha, the vitality of the Patrika is dependent on the active participation from volunteers, focus groups and chapters.

We hope that the newsletter succeeds in it's purpose of sharing information about the various Asha chapters.

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