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Asha Mailing Lists

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# Mailing List / Description Subscribe to this List
1  asha-coordination@yahoogroups.com

This list is used for cross chapter coordination and dealing with issues that come up that affect the whole oganization. Volunteers that have been active members and have time to deal with issues outside their local chapter should join this list.

2  asha-films@yahoogroups.com

Join this group if you would like to work on producing or actually working on creating Asha Films. This includes short advertisements for TV as well as full length documentaries.

3  asha-fundraising@yahoogroups.com

Join this list if you are interested in working on cross chapter fundraising events such as concerts, marathon, merchandise sales, e-commerce, and sharing ideas between chapters. All chapter fundraising coordinators should be on this list.

4  asha-merchandise@yahoogroups.com

Join this list only if you want to "work on" the process of getting Asha Merchandise. T-shirts, mugs, caps, magnets, pens, etc.

5  asha-news@yahoogroups.com

Receive articles or links to articles published in print or web-media about Asha, issues on education or various other related topics

6  asha-projects@yahoogroups.com

All chapter project coordinators should be on this list. Discussions on projects, site visits, progress reports, and financial reports occur on this list. In addition, discussions for Work An Hour (WAH), general funds, fellowships, centers, etc. ha...

7  asha-publicity@yahoogroups.com

All chapter publicity coordinators should be on this list. This group works with the Asha Public Relations (PR) team to help develop Asha's image on an organizational level.

8  asha-research@yahoogroups.com

Join this group if you are interested in pursuing research on several topics related to education as well as other developmental issues.

9  asha-web@yahoogroups.com

All chapter webmasters should be on this list. This list as an excellent resource for learning how many of the web tools like datastore, infoshare, online donations, projects db, contacts db, mailing lists, etc.

10  asha-wide@yahoogroups.com

The main cross chapter mailing list. Chapter coordinators, treasurers, and other active volunteers should be on this list.

# Mailing List / Description Subscribe to this List
1  asha-computers@yahoogroups.com

Asha Computers Focus group mailing list

2  asha_fwg@yahoogroups.com

Asha Fellowship focus group mailing list

3  asha-general_funds@yahoogroups.com

Join this list if you are interested in working on ideas for disbursing funds from the Asha-wide general funds account.

4  asha-healthcare@yahoogroups.com

Used to discuss tasks, issues, and planning related to healthcare initiatives at Asha.

5  asha-mentor@yahoogroups.com

Group of volunteers participating in the mentor process for new volunteers and chapters in Asha.

6  asha-sanctuary@yahoogroups.com

Asha Sancatuary Focus Group for children at Risk

7  asha-special@yahoogroups.com

Join this group if you are interested in working on projects in India that work with handicapped children.

8  ashaut_core@yahoogroups.com

Toledo - Asha Toledo Core Group

# Mailing List / Description Subscribe to this List
1  ashaaz@yahoogroups.com

Arizona - Asha Arizona Mailing list

2  asha-athens@yahoogroups.com

Athens - Asha Athens chapter mailing list

3  asha_austin@googlegroups.com

Austin - Mailing list for Asha Austin volunteer

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4  asha-bangalore@yahoogroups.com

Bangalore - Asha Bangalore chapter mailing list

5  asha-boston@yahoogroups.com

Boston/MIT - Asha MIT chapter mailing list

6  asha-cnj@yahoogroups.com

CentralNJ - Asha Central New Jersey Mailing list

7  asha-chennai-friends@yahoogroups.com

Chennai - Asha Chennai chapter mailing list

8  ashachicago_members@yahoogroups.com

Chicago - Asha Chicago chapter mailing list

9  asha_cleveland@yahoogroups.com

Cleveland - Asha Cleveland chapter mailing list

10  asha-coloradocore@yahoogroups.com

Colorado - Core group mailing list

11  asha-l@cornell.edu

Cornell - Asha Cornell chapter mailing list

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12  asha_dallas@yahoogroups.com

Dallas - Asha Dallas chapter mailing list

13  asha-dc@yahoogroups.com

DC - Asha DC chapter mailing list

14  asha-dc-core@yahoogroups.com

DC - Asha DC Core volunteers mailing list

15  asha-dc-event@yahoogroups.com

DC - Asha DC Events discussion mailing list

16  asha-dc-info-mgmt@yahoogroups.com

DC - Asha DC mailing list for people involved with information management at Asha DC

17  asha-dc-marathon@yahoogroups.com

DC - Asha DC Marathon discussions mailing list

18  asha-dc-marathon-alumni@yahoogroups.com

DC - This mailing list is for all past runners of the Asha DC marathon program

19  asha-dc-marathon-runners@yahoogroups.com

DC - Asha DC Marathon runners mailing list

20  asha-dc-projects@yahoogroups.com

DC - Asha DC Projects Mailing list

21  ashadc_sac@yahoogroups.com

DC - Asha DC support a child mailing list

22  asha-de@yahoogroups.com

Delaware - Asha Delaware chapter mailing list

23  asha-detroit-general@yahoogroups.com

Detroit - Asha Detroit chapter mailing list

24  asha_eindhoven@yahoogroups.com

Eindhoven - This is the yahoogroups of Asha Eindhoven.

25  asha-frankfurt@yahoogroups.com

Frankfurt - Asha Frankfurt chapter group list

26  ashahouston@yahoogroups.com

Houston - Asha Houston chapter mailing list

27  asha-hyd@yahoogroups.com

Hyderabad - Watch and participate in all the Asha Hyderabad activities by joining the group.

28  asha-illinois@yahoogroups.com

UIUC - Asha Illinois(UIUC) chapter mailing list

29  asha-gkc-core@yahoogroups.com

Kansas City - Asha Greater Kansas City Core Group

30  asha-london@yahoogroups.com

London - Asha London chapter mailing list

31  asha-la@yahoogroups.com

Los Angeles - Asha Los Angeles chapter mailing list

32  asha-madison@yahoogroups.com

Madison - Asha Madison chapter mailing list

33  asha-mhv@yahoogroups.com

Mid-Hudson Valley - Asha Mid-Hudson Valley mailing list

34  asha-minnesota@yahoogroups.com

Minnesota - Asha Minnesota chapter mailing list

35  asha_munich@yahoogroups.com

Munich - Only one mailing list all issues discussed in it

36  ashavandy@yahoo.com


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37  asha-nycnj@yahoogroups.com

NYC/NJ - Moderated list for Asha NYC/NJ volunteers. You will hear about upcoming meetings and events, as well as ways in which you can volunteer, on this list.

38  asha-nycnj-5k@yahoogroups.com

NYC/NJ - Group for Asha NYC/NJ 5k Run/Walk Participants.

39  asha-nycnj-funds@yahoogroups.com

NYC/NJ - Asha NYC/NJ's fundraising and publicity mailing list.
Note: This list should be joined only after attending a chapter meeting/conference call.

40  info-nycnj@yahoogroups.com

NYC/NJ - Low traffic list for friends of Asha NYC/NJ. You will receive occasional notices of fundraisers and other events.

41  asha-nycnj-marathon@yahoogroups.com

NYC/NJ - Group for all those in the Asha NYC/NJ Harbingers of Hope Marathon Training Program.

42  asha-nycnj-projects@yahoogroups.com

NYC/NJ - Used to discuss project-related activities and issues within Asha NYC/NJ.
Note: This list should be joined only after attending a chapter meeting/conference call.

43  asha-nycnj-web@yahoogroups.com

NYC/NJ - Team that deals with web maintenance and development issues for Asha NYC/NJ.

44  asha-philadelphia-projects@yahoogroups.com


45  ashaprinceton@yahoogroups.com

Princeton - Asha Princeton chapter mailing list

46  asha_pune@yahoogroups.com

Pune - General mailing list (including all volunteers and all others interested in being aware of Asha-Pune's activities.)

47  ashapune-core@yahoogroups.com

Pune - Mailing list of only core (active) volunteers. Anybody who has come for two or more meetings is included here.

48  ashapune-directimpact@yahoogroups.com

Pune - For volunteers for Asha-Pune's Direct Impact activity (volunteers who directly work with NGOs in various roles). Website: http://www.ashanet.org/pune/DirectImpact/index.html

49  asha-purdue@googlegroups.com

Purdue - Asha Purdue Chapter Mailing List

Click here to join
50  asha_redlands@yahoogroups.com

Redlands - Asha Redlands chapter mailing list

51  asha-seattle@yahoogroups.com

Seattle - Asha Seattle chapter mailing list

52  asha-sf@googlegroups.com

San Francisco - Mailing list for all Asha-San Francisco Chapter activities.

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53  stl-asha@yahoogroups.com

St. Louis - Asha St. Louis Chapter mailing list

54  asha-stanford-members@lists.stanford.edu

Stanford - Asha Stanford chapter mailing list. See https://lists.stanford.edu/subscriber_commands.html on instructions on how to join.

Click here to join
55  ashasv@yahoogroups.com

Silicon Valley - Asha Silicon Valley chapter announcements list

56  ashasv-coords@yahoogroups.com

Silicon Valley - Asha Silicon Valley coords

57  ashasv-fr@yahoogroups.com

Silicon Valley - Asha Silicon Valley fundraising group

58  ashasv-info@yahoogroups.com

Silicon Valley - Asha Silicon Valley info : any questions requesting info can be sent here

59  ashasv-projects@yahoogroups.com

Silicon Valley - Asha Silicon Valley projects

60  ashasv-sac@yahoogroups.com

Silicon Valley - Asha Silicon Valley Support a child

61  ashasv-vol@yahoogroups.com

Silicon Valley - Asha Silicon Valley volunteers

62  asha-syr@listserv.syr.edu

Syracuse - Asha Syracuse chapter mailing list. See http://listserv.syr.edu for more information on how to subscribe.

Click here to join
63  asha-yale@yahoogroups.com

Yale - Asha Yale chapter mailing list

  1. If using Yahoo Groups, the owner of the group should set the group category as - Schools an Education --> Issues --> Asha For Education. Having them in the same category will help to quickly identify the Asha for Education related groups.
  2. Please use the standard naming convention of "asha-description" for the name of the group.
  3. Ensure at least two active volunteers are super-users of each group.


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