About the organisation:


Name of the Organisation and Address



Tarikere – 577 228.

Chikmagalore district

Karnataka  State.  India.

Contact Person & Designation

Mr.A.M.Varghees Cleatas

Chairman/Project Director.

Telephone No. Tele fax

: 0826 - 422570, 422500

: 0826 – 423739.

Legal Status Of The Organisation

-        Registered under KSSR Act 1960,

-        I.T Exemption Under section 12A& 80G

-        Registered under FCR Act 1976

Banking Information:



Account No. SB  2770

Bank: Canara Bank, Neralekere Branch – 577228. Tarikere taluk


Brief History Of The Organisation:


VIKASANA is a non-governamental organisation  (NGO) working in 165 villages of Tarikere and Bhadravathi taluks of   Chikmagalore, Shimoga districts respectively.  It was incepted in the year 1988-89 and since its inception the organisation working with the people towards the economic, social, environment and education promotion of the people. Over the past 14 years VIKASANA worked to identify the needs and meet the aspiration of the rural poor and weaker sections through participatory approaches.   Awareness raising, community health care, child labour elimination and rehabilitation, environment protection, HIV/AIDS awareness, income generation activities, joint forest planning and management, natural resource management, poverty alleviation, small family concept, sustainable agriculture development, watershed development, women and child development programmes, promotion of local groups and   involvement of the groups in development activities are the major thirst areas of the organisation  activities.


The organisation was also the Convener of Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL-K) in Karnataka for years 1999 April to 2001 April.  During the last few years VIKASANA has initiated   a lot of activities on Child labour issues.  It has mobilized public opinion against child labour by organising various Jatha, Rallies, signature campaigns at local, taluk, district and state levels.


It was involved in building local groups and strengthening it for the development of villages by involving them in participation methodology.   The organisation has   undertaken various project and implemented by involving them in the   project activities for their village development.


Objectives of the Organisation:

-          To organize the people to participate in social action process for village self-reliance.

-          To involve with poor and under privileged through social action and educator.

-          To improve the habitat and environment condition of the villages with appropriate strategies.

-          To promote participatory exercises for the conservation, development and sustainable of natural resources.

-          To promote general health of villagers particularly children and women  & lactating mothers.

-          Family oriented approaches.

-          To discriminate information to the villagers about government development   programmes and   encourages people to exercise their rights to access to the programme.

-          To develop healthy relations with government, NGOs and   village groups for better implementation of projects and involvement.

-          To promote assistance to the aged and disabled people.

-          To lend if support for the development of human rights and work for the welfare of the child labourers.


Activities of the organisation:


-          Organising the people.

-          Promotion of health  & education, women  & child development   activities

-          Formation   of Self-Help groups, promotion of income generating activities

-          Non-formal Education schools, activities.

-          Agriculture, Horticulture promotion, Watershed development activities.

-          Forest and environment up-gradation activities.

-          Elimination and    Rehabilitation of child labourers.

-          Mobilization of government resources.

-          Networking of local groups  & NGOs.



Name of the Project: Child Labour Rehabilitation Centre (Bridge school) 


Project period: 3 Years.


Child Labour Status: Series of problems in India hindering the country progress among which child labouring and school drop outs are one of the major problems. Millions of children losing their childhood every day and working either in the hazardous or non-hazardous sector. The dreams of playing, singing, writing, reading for this moss not become true. Their physical and psychological development affected by this social evil. About 11.5 crors in India have been away from mainstream of education. In our state more than 3.5 millions of children working in various sectors. Presently the proposed project area belongs to Bhadravathi taluk of Shimoga district where the child labours prevailing more. Here about 12,000 innocent children working in the fields, estate, garages, racks picking, industries. These children are neglected by parent’s community and struggling for getting daily bread. Some of the children earnings also becomes an additional income to the family without any ambition of education. Organization intervention here is must needed to get rid of social evils of child labouring and get free from the clutches of land lords, owners.


Background of the proposed project area:


The project is planned to undertake      in    the Bhadravathi cluster of 10 village of Shimoga districts Bhadravathi taluk, the project is estimate at this villages after realizing the need and identifying the problems of child labourers.  The project location is rain fed   and also some small scale industrial area and big industries people used to work in farms, rack pickers, working in hotels, garages, fisheries, joggery processing units, coolie work, coffee estate work and working in small scale industries for low wages without any incentives and other facilities.  They are forced to go for migration in searching of employment to earn daily bread.  This   affects them in the dropouts of school of their   children. Poverty is the root cause for migrations.  After dropping education children are also used to work with their parents and some of the children are put in coffee plantation and bricks making, agriculture and domestic works to earn bread for the   family.  More details in background of the project area.



VIKASANA   has initiated the activities on elimination of child labour and rehabilitation of the affected children.  The organisation has developed a bridge school. We planned to continue to run the bridge school   exclusively for the benefit and welfare of the child labourers at Bhadravthi    cluster of 10 village of    need neglected children who are child labourers, working in different sector of hazardous and non-hazardous fields.


The main objective in setting up this type of child labor Rehabilitation center   

 (Bridge School) 


-         Motivate the school dropout, child labour and neglected girl children to get back to the formal school by giving psychologically and physically training.

-         Giving importance on nutritive status of children

-         Provide cultural and sports development.

-         More focus on rack pickers, street children for bring them to main stream of the education 

-         Provide good education, orientation and skill developments of beneficiaries.

-         Motivate the parents and community for change their attitude about ignorance of importance of children education.

-         Provide more opportunity for children to learn about arts, science, social etc

-         To develop changes in policymaking level by lobby and advocacy.

-         Active involvement in school betterment committees.


Proposed activities of the Project:


Experienced and   trained teachers are to be entrusted for taking   classes for the children.  Non-formal education classes in the form of bridge course to be conducted to motivate the   children to get back to the formal schooling. The   curriculum   includes formal and non-formal education.  Moral education and   cultural values are being given special emphasis in this school.  Other activities of sports and cultural, exposure visits to different places of historical importance will also be the programmes planed.  Periodic   health check-up camps to be organized for the children.  The children will be admitted to the Bridge school with accommodation and nutritive food. Along with these curriculum activities, cultural events, exposure visits, frequent health check up camps, sports events will be conducted.


The organization proposes to   give the above facilities and promotion to the   Bridge school by securing assistance from the donor agencies.  We propose to strengthen the functioning of these school activities. Bridge school with on integrated approach and initiation of   programmes on the need of the children for education and cultural activities for the integrated   development of children in the next three   years. Providing Basic computer training, drawings, paintings, crafts training etc


Sustainability of the Project:


The project is planned for 3 years to implement special   child labour rehabilitation (Bridge school for child labor) centre for 25 children at Bhadravathi Cluster of 10 villages we have identified the needy child laborers and releasing them from the clutches of employers to enable them join in the main stream of the society.  We adopt them for the initial years; propose them for the continuation of education by non-formal education at our centre.  We attend their needs of 25 children each year and after   giving   proper education, they will be made to join formal schooling for up to 14 years old school drop out children. In period of 3 years about 75 children would become get free from clutches of child labouring.


After 14 years children will be given skill-oriented trainings like tailoring, painting, Book Binding, Screen-printing. Greetings Card making. Bakery.    Once   there children made to join the main stream the community and SHGs, taluk and district level federation will take the responsibility for look after these children needs and make the     project   will be of success full and sustainable in the future. We also attempt to join some the selected children to government hostel in near by.   The organisation is monitoring the project in all the stages to sustain the   project activities.



Monitoring /Evaluation.


The Project Coordinator and supervisors    coordinating   the programmes and monitor the   activities through visits, meetings and reports.  He also supervises the teaching   staffs this   project work.  The regular reports of the project are   the tool for evaluation of the project.  The Project coordinator   keeps abreast of implementation schedule of different activities, reviews progress of the Child Labor Care Centre project at periodic intervals and closely interacts with different project functionaries for the smooth and effective implementation of the project.


Budget required for the child labour rehabilitation centre (Bridge School)




I year


I I year


III year



Honorarium for     Teachers

Rs.2000 x 12 Months








Honorarium for Cook

Rs.1000 x 12 months








Text Books, Note Books and other reading and writing materials for child

 (Rs.400 x 25 Children)











Cost of   uniform and other dress materials

Rs.500 x 25 Students











Food Expenses

(Fuel, groceries, vegetables, soaps, detergents, etc.)

Rs.400 x 25 children x 12 months.














Cost of beds, beddings, etc.

(Rs.400 x 25 Students)








Health Care to students inclusive of Medicines and Doctors fee.

(Rs.300 x 25 Students)











Exposure visit for child





Skill development trainings for Inmates.





Motivation and orientation workshop for inmate’s parents (25 parents x Rs.100 x 2 days)











Campaign against child labour in all project villages. (Rs.5000/year)








Administration expenses  (Printing, Stationary, Postage, Telephone, Auditing, reporting & Documentation lump sum Rs.5, 000/year.)



















                                   Grand Total Rs.





10 % local contribution raised from the community Rs.





Grant requested from PPI-USA    Rs.