Currently Funded Projects

#ProjectChapter(s) FundingState
1 Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Education Society (BSPES)
Bhagwathi Sarla Paliwal Education Society (BSPES) is a school located in the town of Jattari, U.P. Its main objective is to provide education to marginalized girl children so they can exercise greater choice personally and professionally. The school ...
2 Friends of Children
Friends of Children (FoC) sponsors college education for children based on need and merit. Apart from scholarships, they also conduct workshops to help prepare the students for successful employment upon graduation.
3 Indian Grameen Services - Project Potential (SEEKHO)
Before Project Potential, there was SEEKHO* an educational organization in rural Kishanganj District, Bihar f​ounded on the premise that local people could be recruited to help solve local challenges, which we found was true. Because many peo...
4 Kamalakar Memorial Charitable Trust - Vikas Bharati School
Vikas Bharati School run by Kamalakar Trust is a charitable school that imparts free education for poor children.
5 Madurai Seed - Narpanigal
Seed Narpanigal is an organization started by youth in the Karumbalai (a slum) to run a variety of programs, such as education (with a strong emphasis on bringing the potential of each child), youth clubs, library for all of Karumbalai and so on.
6 Navsarjan Trust
Navsarjan was started to conscientize the community to fight the social and economic exploitation of Dalits.
Boston/MIT, Hartford GUJARAT
7 Sahanivasa
Special tuition classes for underprivileged students in primary classes, class IX and class X .
Boston/MIT, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Work an Hour ANDHRA PRADESH
8 Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement - Mobile Science Van
Mobile Science van to improve the teaching of Science in area high schools
9 Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement - VTCL (Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning)
The SWAMI VIVEKANANDA YOUTH MOVEMENT is a registered, voluntary, non-political, non-religious, social service organization committed to community development through community participation.
Boston/MIT, Canada, Silicon Valley, Work an Hour KARNATAKA

Past Projects(No Longer Funded)

#ProjectChapter(s) FundingState
1 AALI - Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives
Girls were moved to a boarding school
2 Aarambh
Aarabh is an NGO that works to improve the health and educational standards among several slums in Mumbai.
3 AP and KA Flood Relief and Rehabilitation
This project is to support the relief and rehabilitation efforts led by long-term Asha partners in affected areas.
Berkeley, Boston/MIT, UFlorida  
4 Asha 2000 - Shanmuga Subramanian
Visiting over 80 Asha projects to evaluate and understand impact of Asha's work
Boston/MIT, DC, General Funds, Seattle, Silicon Valley TAMIL NADU
5 Asha Trust - Asha Center - Lalpur
Asha has set up a full-fledged centre called Asha Ashram for carrying out social change and development in Lalpur and surrounding villages of Hardoi district. A new Ashram at Bharawan will work as Public information and resource center.
Boston/MIT, Cornell, DC, Seattle UTTAR PRADESH
6 Asha Trust - Natpurwa
Natpurwa is a village of the Nat caste, whose main profession is prostitution. Two youths from the community are working towards ending this practice in this village.
Boston/MIT, Silicon Valley UTTAR PRADESH
7 Astha
This center works with children with mental retardation and multiple disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and Autism. They produce materials - both audio visual and printed - in the field of disability.
Boston/MIT, Seattle DELHI
8 Aviram
Aviram is running 6 NFE centers in 5 villages of Lohardaga district, Jharkhand with the help of Asha-MIT.
9 Bhoomiheen Seva Samiti
Bhoomiheen Sewa Samiti is a voluntary service society whose primary aim is the upliftment of the poorest and most oppressed members of our society.
Boston/MIT, Seattle, Work an Hour UTTAR PRADESH
10 Chamarajnagar District Resource Centres
The National Institute of Advanced Studies is working on bringing to functionality Block and Cluster Resource Centres in Chamarajnagar district of Karnataka
11 Concern for Working Children
CWC is working towards a total eradication of child labor in all sectors and seeks to empower children so that they can gain control over their lives and be self reliant.
12 Deena Bandhu
Deena Bandhu runs a school and summer camp program for underpriviledged children in the community.
Arizona, Boston/MIT, Seattle, Silicon Valley KARNATAKA
13 Dr. MVR Prathamika Patasala, Gollaprolu
Request for partial funding for the construction of one classroom which will serve to conduct classes for the school children.
14 Duvva
The school in West Godavari district caters to 10 villages nearby with about 400 students from classes 6 to 10. The project was referred by Dr. K.V.Rao of the India Network Foundation who visited this school and was impressed.
15 Eureka Quality Improvement Program
EQUIP Tamilnadu is a project to improve learning quality in schools and villages across the state/
Boston/MIT, Silicon Valley TAMIL NADU
16 Fellowship: A. S. Karthi Bharathi
Several students who have come to class 8th or 9th without the level of learning required for that class. They are far below the learning level for that class, sometimes even having difficulty in writing correctly and reading well. The schools are ...
17 Gramin Lok Seva Mandal (GLSM)
Gramin Lok Seva Mandal (GLSM) is a Gandhian organization based in Karjat, Maharashtra. They run a home for hearing impaired (also speech impaired) and mentally challenged children from surrounding adivasi villages. ASHA Boston/MIT has decided to fund...
Asha-MIT disbursed funds for a one-time purchase of school benches.
19 IOI - International Ocean Institute (Anawim)
Anawim is dedicated to the socio-economic development of coastal Dalit villages. Together with Asha, Anawim has set up eight Asha Junior Centers to provide educational support and enrichment activities for the children in these villages.
Berkeley, Boston/MIT, NYC/NJ, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, St. Louis, Stanford, Work an Hour TAMIL NADU
20 Jaher
Residential school for the Santhali tribal children - to be supported partly by the community through the fishery project
21 Jeevan Gnanodhaya School for the Deaf
Several Asha chapters have been involved with Jeevan Gnanodaya over the past many years. Some completed and ongoing initiatives of Asha's relationship with Jeevan Gnanodaya are given below: Infrastructure: # Hearing aids: behind-the-ear ...
Atlanta, Austin, Boston/MIT, Cornell, Seattle, Silicon Valley, UIUC, Work an Hour TAMIL NADU
22 Katkari Educational Centers
SAC runs NFEs for the Katkaris - one of India's most backward communities
23 Malarchi
Malarchi is a home for children from families that have been deserted, or seriously abused, by the father, and where the mother is unable to provide for them. The children are educated in local schools. ...
24 MIPS - Madurai Institute of Peace Science
Study centre for after school study for children of SC/ST landless agricultural labourers.
Boston/MIT, Colorado TAMIL NADU
25 Mithram
School for Mentally Handicapped. Asha has been supporting this project since 2002, providing salaries to teachers and educational toys.
Boston/MIT, Los Angeles KERALA
26 Nutanhat Development Society
The project falls in the Mangalkot Block which has about 52 villages. Lack of education, health facilities, unclean environment is the ultimate cause of misery.
Boston/MIT, St. Louis WEST BENGAL
27 Odanadi Seva Samsthe
Odanadi Seva Samsthe aims to empower and rehabilitate sexually-exploited women and children.
Boston/MIT, CentralNJ, Cornell, Dallas, DC, Irvine, Los Angeles, NYC/NJ, Princeton, Seattle, Silicon Valley, UIUC KARNATAKA
28 Parivaar Ashram
The Parivaar Residential School and Resource Centre for underprivileged children aims at the empowerment of underprivileged children from segments such as orphans, children of commercial sex workers, and street children.
Boston/MIT, Zurich WEST BENGAL
29 Poorna
Poorna FCRA was used to route funds to the Katkari project in Poone
30 Prerna Niketan
Prerna Niketan is working towards upliftment of rural women in Hazaribagh district, Jharkhand
Boston/MIT, St. Louis JHARKHAND
31 Rehabilitation of Tsunami victims in Tada Mandal
Sahanivasa is actively involved in the rehabilitation process of Tsunami victims in Andhra Pradesh. This project aims at rehabilitating 12 villages in Tada Mandal which have not received any support from the govt so far.
Boston/MIT, Tsunami Relief & Rehab ANDHRA PRADESH
32 Sahanivasa - RTE Campaign
This project is an awareness campaign through which parents and youth in villages are given sensitized about the importance of education as well as their legal rights under RTE and facilitate grassroots level people driven intervention in
33 Samuha
SAMUHA is an NGO that runs the educational resource group SUVIDYA.
34 Sarvodaya Parivar Trust
Sarvodaya Parivar Trust started an elementary school in 1994. It is a residential school for tribal children on a remote mountain plateau where they teach geography, science, and music in addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Berkeley, Boston/MIT, Cornell, NYC/NJ, Silicon Valley GUJARAT
35 SEED PLAN - Seed in Madurai
Seed provides study centers in Karumbalai slum with volunteers teaching evenings and weekends. There are numerous clubs and extra-curricular activities to bring out the potential of every child
36 SHARE - Self Help Association for Rural Education and Employment
This is an after-school tutorial program for poor children in five villages/
37 Sivasri Charitable Trust - Sikshana
Sikshana is all about improving the quality of education in the state-run schools so as to provide an opportunity for children from the lower strata of the society to raise their living standards.
Boston/MIT, Seattle, Yale KARNATAKA
38 SLADS - Singhbhum Legal Aids Society
Sustainable Education for Poor Tribal and Backward Children
39 Society for the Educational and Economic Development
SEED helps children from the socially, educationally and economically deprived segments. SEED provides primary & high school education to the children of prisoners, murder victims, leprosy patients and prostitutes.
Berkeley, Boston/MIT, Cornell, Santa Barbara, St. Louis, UIUC TAMIL NADU
40 SODWAC - Society for Development of Women and Children
SODWAC works in the areas of health, social development and non-formal education of women and children.
CARAVAN - Network of empowerment centers, offering informal education, formal coaching for SSC/HSC, vocational library and workshops. TALEEM 3-4 month basic literacy course, working with Gujarat Vidyapeeth. Focused on women & children
42 Sugandha
Provide education, training and care to underprivileged children.
43 Sumangali Seva Ashram
Sumangali Seva Ashram is a nonprofit organization consistently working for rural development with an emphasis on women and children.
44 Sutradhar
A resource center doing interesting work in the area of designing and dissemminating education materials and toys throughout the country.
Boston/MIT, Seattle KARNATAKA
45 Swanirvar
Swanirvar has the broader goal of making the villages in the District North 24 Parganas self-sufficient. Asha funds 3 primary schools with around 500 children.
Boston/MIT, Los Angeles, Madison, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Stanford WEST BENGAL
46 Sweekar
Sweekar is a rehabilitation institute for the Handicapped (both physically and mentally handicapped) located in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. It started in 1977and currently has a 75 room facility, 150 staff members and 750 resident people .
47 TEA - Team for Education and Action
Supplementing the Govt. school education in 15 villages in the outskirts of Chennai. Attempting to improve the quality of elementary education to prevent children from becoming labourers.
Berkeley, Boston/MIT, Chennai, Work an Hour TAMIL NADU
48 Thulir School
Thulir is an experimental primary school that focusses on pupil-friendly joyful learning techniques
Boston/MIT, Cornell TAMIL NADU
49 TNSF - Tamil Nadu Science Forum
Initial funding for library setup in 1500 villages.
Boston/MIT, Seattle TAMIL NADU
50 TRY - To Reach You
Shelter for children rescued from trafficking
Boston/MIT, Dallas, General Funds, Purdue, Silicon Valley, Syracuse, Work an Hour TAMIL NADU
Tutorial classes for slum children
52 UMBVS - Urmul Marusthali Bunkar Vikas Samiti
UJS runs 6 month long residential camps for young girls who have had no prior education. They are taught basic education, personal health and hygiene and awareness of women's rights.
Boston/MIT, Seattle, Silicon Valley, St. Louis, Work an Hour RAJASTHAN
53 Vasavya Mahila Mandali - Children Village
Children's Village- A Transit Home for orphans and vulnerable children
This project will have emphasis on "learning" rather than mere "teaching". Education should be a matter of pleasure for the student. It is the positive, congenial atmosphere which enables learning process.
55 VISA - Village Improvement & Service Assoc.
Non-formal LITERACY-CUM-LIFE education for high school dropouts.
56 Viveka Kendra
The Viveka project aims to provide for the "all-round development" of the child to shape his/her contribution to society tomorrow.
Boston/MIT, Silicon Valley KARNATAKA
57 Vivekananda Foundation - Chamarajanagar
Adoption of 72 government schools in Chamarajanagar dist., Karnataka
Boston/MIT, Madison KARNATAKA
58 VOICE - Voluntary Organization of Community Enterprise
VOICE is a project that teaches children at rail stations in India.
Boston/MIT, Carbondale, Colorado, London, Seattle, Silicon Valley, St. Louis, Work an Hour MAHARASHTRA
59 Voice of People
"BODHI VIKAS"- Unfolding one's own potential. (Vocational training for dropout children)
Resources for Jhugi Jhopdis in New Delhi
61 WARM - Welfare Association of Rural Mass
WARM is an organization established in 1983, Tamilnadu. Their mission is to create awareness among marginalized people about their rights and make them believe they can become self-reliant. One goal is elimination of child labor.

Other Asha Wide Projects

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