Valluvar Gurukulam

(Educational Institutions)

Development Project Proposal

15 August 1998

Valluvar Gurukulam, Tambaram, Madras 600045.


  1. Objectives and Goals

  1. History Of the Organisation
  2. Valluvar Gurukulam was started in Tambaram, a suburb of Madras, way back in 1940 by the stalwarts of Indian Freedom Movement, primarily for the benefit of destitute refugee children who trekked all their way from Burma to their ancestral home land in Tamil Nadu in South India. It is an organisation run on charity from philanthropists.

    Tambaram Municipality today has grown from a small town into being a main suburb of Madras with a urban population of more than 100,000 half of which are women. The population of urban poor in and around Tambaram is also high and stands at about 55-60% of total population. Majority of these urban poor are illiterate labourers from surrounding 100 satellite villages, conservative and with a natural tendency to suppress education of girls. There exists a felt need for a Girls’ school to cater to this section of the society.

    The changes in the Indian society over the last 58 years since the inception of the institution, have added newer needs of a different dimension and based on these, the institution has in the recent past taken on a new course.

    Valluvar Gurukulam today is an organisation that addresses the education needs, upto college level, of the first generation school children.

    Based on the needs and concerns of this strata of the society, the original primary school has now given rise to 3 institutions of learning for better management and focussed attention to the students’ needs:


    Valluvar Gurukulam Elementary School

    (Estd. 1940)

    For both boys and girls upto standard V with vernacular language as medium of instruction.

    650 students

    Valluvar Gurukulam Girls’ Higher Secondary School (Estd. 1995)

    For girls only, from standard VI to standard XII and vernacular language and English as medium of instruction.

    350 students

    Gurukulam Matriculation School (Estd. 1996)

    For boys and girls from Lower Kinder Garten to Standard VI with medium of instruction as English.

    100 students

    (classes are being introduced every year)

    Valluvar Gurukulam is today poised and waiting for the final thrust to effectively address the needs of the present day society.

  3. Funds
  4. The school funding comes in terms of government grants to a restricted number of teachers and donations. The remaining expenses are met through the nominal fees collected from the students. Though the institution has a strong fixed asset based by way of land holdings, any further expansion activities can only be met through contributions from the public and society.

    The school is registered under relevant laws of this country as a trust and is also recognised as a social and charitable institution under Income Tax laws of this country.

    The school has recently been awarded the 35AC certificate this year (1998) by the Income Tax Department of India, to enable it to collect funds and provide the donors with a means of claiming 100% Tax exemption on the amount donated to the school.

  5. Assets / Strengths

  1. Ideal and strategic location for achieving the intended objective

  1. Industries and export zone are located near the school and have shown willingness to provide immediate employment to students completing vocation based courses
  2. Therefore, apart from conventional education leading to graduation, large number of students have shown an interest to learn English language and vocation based courses like tailoring, nursing, electronic components assembly, doll making, gem polishing and cutting etc.
  3. A dedicated team of 40 teachers.
  4. Lot of vacant land within the campus for expansion

In view of its strategic location, easy access as well as good academic standards, the school is becoming very popular not only among the poorer sections of our society but also among slightly better placed discerning parents who want to give their wards easily accessible, good education.

  1. Needs and Plans

To effectively meet its goals, Valluvar Gurukulam society has to upgrade its existing facilities as well as introduce newer facilities for the children. A sound infrastructure to house the classrooms, laboratory, sports stadium, library etc. are needed for this growing school and it is essential to undertake this work immediately to meet the growing demands.

The needs, plans and vision of the organisation translate into the requirements listed below:




Estimated Cost

(Millions of Rs.)


Construct class Rooms

2 floors with 2 rows of 14 classrooms each floor

Each classroom of 600 sq.feet area costing Rs.200,000 to build.



Current strength of 1000 needs a minimum of 25 classrooms to accommodate 40 students on an average per classroom.

Another 25 rooms to accommodate the planned addition of classes, students, courses, office and vocational training workshops.



A library with a reading and video viewing room.

Room cost = 0.2 Million

Desks, books, TV and videos = 0.5 Million

To encourage the habit of reading and educational film viewing.



Building, infrastructure and equipment cost for the laboratories for

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Electronics

Basics for High school and vocational courses



Building of an Air conditioned computer room and equipping with PCs

Computer knowledge is becoming an essentials for any student stepping out of school today.



Concrete play courts for basketball, tennis, Gym with basic exercising equipment and other Games materials

To provide the under privileged children means and opportunity to develop sound and healthy bodies during their formative years



Building a community hall

For recreational activities, seminars and school gatherings. The assembly of students today takes place only in the open school grounds.



Construction of an open air theatre

As part of its plans, the school has started an arts centre which imparts training in basic arts such as painting, music, dance and different handicrafts.

An open air theatre will be a means for these students to display their talents as well as provide a platform for established artists to perform for the students.



Total Costs



US$ 430,000


  1. Steps Initiated
  2. The above work has already been initiated through local and individual contributions. To start with the institution has recently obtained a 100% Income Tax exemption approval for contributions made to the institution to encourage more contributions.


    1. Laboratory
    2. A laboratory with basic equipments for the subjects of Physics and Chemistry has been inaugurated in the school in August 1998.


    3. Computer Training
    4. A computer section has started functioning with effect from August 1998, with 3 computers and 1 trained staff and specially designed Computer Based Tutorials to provide hands on computer training to all students above 12 years of age.


    5. Vocational Training
    6. The vocational training has been initiated with 3 tailoring machines donated by philanthropists.


    7. Library


    1. Teacher’s Training
    2. Heritage ’98 from May- 13, 1998 to May 15, 1998

      Heritage’99 from April 28, 1999 to April 30, 1999.

      – a 3 day seminar for school teachers from all over Tamil Nadu, with 15 distinguished speakers from various walks of public life. The objective of this seminar is to enable teachers to gather ethical and moral values / facts shared during this seminar and disseminate them to children within their reach. It is planned to hold such a seminar with different speakers every year during the summer holidays.

    3. Moral Value Based Education
    4. Gita classes for school children to explain the teachings of The Gita through small moral value based stories and an annual Gita recitation competition for the school children in the locality of Tambaram.


    5. All round Development and Physical Well Being
    6. Free Yoga and Meditation classes every week in the school premises for the school children.


    7. Language Classes

Hindi language classes to enable students to learn Hindi as this language is not included as part of the curriculum.


  1. Schedule
  2. Being an organisation run entirely on charity, it is planned to conduct this development work in a phased manner based on the contributions received.


  3. People Involved in the project



Valluvar Gurukulam,

74, G.S.T Road,

Tambaram (West),

Madras 600045.


Tel : 0091-44-2367788, 2387744

Fax : 0091-44-2362255

Email :

Mr.D.K.Srinivasan, has been in the field of community service for the past 25 years. He is also the founder secretary of the Hindu Mission Hospital, Tambaram which is a charity based, 160 bed hospital providing concerned and quality health care at affordable rates for the economically weak for the past 15 years.

He has a proven track record of building up this hospital from a small thatched roof shed into a multi-discipline hospital with assets totalling well over Rs.100 Million (USD 2.25 Million) presently. He is an experienced fund raiser who has built this hospital with funds raised through various methods and sources and Valluvar Gurukulam stands to gain immensely from his valuable wealth of experience and management.

The other members of the board of trustees include



Social Standing


Mr. Justice N.Krishnaswamy Reddiar, Chairman

Retired High Court Judge


Mr. Srinivasan .K.Swamy, Vice Chairman

Managing Director of R.K.Swamy/ BBDO


Mr. D.K.Srinivasan, Hon. Secretary

Retired businessman and Social Worker, Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Associations


Dr. C.S.Gangadhar Sharma

Retired Deputy Director of Medical Service


Mr. Cho. Ramaswamy

Lawyer, Journalist


Mr. Bhagwandas Reddiar

Businessman and Social worker


Mrs. Shyamala Umapathy

Social Worker


Mrs. Nandini Krishnaswamy

Social Worker


Mr.D.K. Hari




The organisation enjoys the trust, faith and support of a number of socially well placed individuals and organisations for example,

Former President of India Mr.R.Venkataraman who has constantly supported the school by addressing many of its functions has created an endowment to annually contribute towards the costs of education of the best student.

For well over 20 years, Lions Club of Tambaram presides and participates in the Indian Independence day function on August 15th. At such times, the Lions Club donates to the school various furniture, fittings and equipment needed for running the institution.

  1. Appeal

This proposal is a request to well wishers, philanthropists and other funding organisations, to join hands with this organisation in its efforts to spread literacy and avenues for all round development in the socially and economically weaker sections of society.

Any or all of the above requirements may be addressed by interested contributors to their fullest extent possible to enable provide a timely solution to the demands of the community.

Further information/details on any of the above or other points can be provided on need.