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Current Projects

#ProjectChapter(s) FundingState
1 Bhoomiheen Seva Samiti
Bhoomiheen Sewa Samiti is a voluntary service society whose primary aim is the upliftment of the poorest and most oppressed members of our society.
Boston/MIT, Seattle, Work an Hour UTTAR PRADESH
2 Hadassah Welfare Association – Kiran Anjali Project
The Wings School is the product of collaboration between a truly international group of women. Hyderabad native Grace Helen Rajkumar started her own women’s organization, Hadassah Welfare Association, in 1992.
3 Mother India Community Development Association
The objective of the project is to provide access to basic education to the children of the poorest families who are recently settled in Vidyutsadasivapuram village, Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh.
Dallas, Delaware, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Stanford ANDHRA PRADESH

Previous Projects

#ProjectChapter(s) FundingState
1 Asha Darshan Trust - Tribal Empowerment
The Tribal Empowerment Public School is an Asha India sponsored school in the remote tribal area of Manipur bordering Myanmar. It serves 13 tribal villages and has over 519 students in classes K-7. It offers a spark of hope for the children who have
Berkeley, Hartford, Seattle, Stamford, Syracuse, Work an Hour MANIPUR
2 Back To School (Tsunami)
Supporting children affected by the Tsunami with necessary schooling materials
Arizona, Chennai, Seattle, Tsunami Relief & Rehab TAMIL NADU
3 Bhoomika - Youth Dreams (Bilana)
Orissa is one of the most economically challenged states in India. Asha for Education, LA has been working toward improving the Government schools.
Athens, Los Angeles, Seattle ORISSA
4 Deena Bandhu
Deena Bandhu runs a school and summer camp program for underpriviledged children in the community.
Arizona, Boston/MIT, Seattle, Silicon Valley KARNATAKA
5 Gandhi Kasturi Bai Village Development Society - GKVDS
GKVDS's mission is to rehabilitate the deprived section of society by helping them enhance their capacity to ensure socio-economic upliftment. Asha is supporting starting of 5 centers to provide non-formal education, health care & vocational training
6 Gyandeep Vidyalaya
Gyandeep Vidyalaya is a school located in Gram and post Dora (Sadat) for children of Musahar community who live below the poverty line
Berkeley, Seattle UTTAR PRADESH
7 ISDGEI -Institute for Socially Disadvantaged Groups Educational Improvement
The Institute for Socially Disadvantaged Groups' Educational Improvement (ISDGEI), currently operates a Creche Unit, a Primary School, an 'Open' school, a Vocational Center and a Community Service Unit in the slums of Rajendranagar near Kolhapur.
Berkeley, Michigan State University, Seattle MAHARASHTRA
8 Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti
JBVS, Lodhar is a school for economically disadvantaged children in the Lodhar village. These children are deprived of traditional education avenues, and Asha is helping the school achieve its goals for educating these kids.
Arizona, NYC/NJ, Seattle, Silicon Valley UTTAR PRADESH
9 Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti - Lodhar Project
JBVS, Lodhar is a school for economically disadvantaged children in the Lodhar village. These children are deprived of traditional education avenues, and Asha is helping the school achieve its goals for educating these kids.
Cornell, DC, Seattle UTTAR PRADESH
10 Jnana Prabodhini - Padsare - Prachiti
Padsare is a mono crop area and the children constitute the first generation of children studying. Govt. schools are in a bad shape and private schools are too far off for this area.
Seattle, Silicon Valley MAHARASHTRA
11 Paradarshita - Delhi Govt School Reservation
We are generating and utilizing funds for the implementation of the Delhi Government 20% reservation clause in Private schools for the students who come from economically backward section.
Delhi, Los Angeles, Munich, Seattle DELHI
12 Sankurathri Foundation
Higher Elementary School from Grade1 to Grade 7 with 97 students, and 8 teachers.
13 Seva Bharathi
The Seva Bharathi school was built for the children of the Ullal Upanagara village, about 15 kms from Bangalore.
14 Thiruvarur Schools Rebuilding
Rebuilding of schools in Thappalampaliyur and Vishnupuram following government order (aftermath of Kumbakonam fire tragedy)
15 Wagheshwar Vidya Vikas Trust
Provide resources for free educational facilities to boys and girls from rural areas around Wagholi, about 16 miles from Pune.

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