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1 children from slums this project focuses on children live in the slums
2 children of (ex)convicts children of convicts or exconvicts
3 children of dalits/tribals this project focuses on children of dalits or children of tribals
4 children of lepers children of people who have leprosy
5 children of migrant workers this project focuses on giving an education to children of migrant workers who are usually on the move and do not stay at the same school throughout the year
6 children of sex workers this project focuses on children of sex workers
7 children who are working this project focuses on eliminating child labor
8 children with disabilities this project focuses on children with disabilities (physical or mental), or learning deficiencies
9 children with hemophilia Hemophilia is a rare (one in 5000 males) but life-long genetic blood disorder. It is X-chromosome linked - while females are its carriers, it is males who suffer from it. People with hemophilia have a tendency for extensive bleeding - they donated bleed more or faster than anyone else but they do bleed longer.
10 creating resources this project focuses on creating resources in the village/community
11 dropouts this project focuses on students who have dropped out of a formal school. reasons for dropping out can vary and include - not being able to tolerate abuse at the previous school, having to work, domestic problems, having to look after a sibling etc.
12 girls this project focuses on helping girls. this may include schools that are for girls only or give special emphasis on admitting girls. also, girls orphanages or residential schools for girls.
13 health and cleanliness this project focuses on teaching the students about health and cleanliness
14 orphans this project focuses on orphans and usually provide food, clothing, and shelter in addition to education for these children
15 other please choose this if your focus is not listed, then email with your project focus and it will be added to the database
16 remedial education this project focuses on remedial education type projects
17 to go to formal school this project focuses on getting children to attend formal school
18 vocational training this project focuses on vocational training for the students

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