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 Asha works with many schools that attempt to provide quality holistic education to children from poor economic backgrounds. These schools come under a special category called 'Alternative Education' schools (Alt-ed schools) because they seek to explore different alternatives in education. Such schools continue to encourage the spirit of enquiry in a child and help them make their choices based on nurturing the child's interest and learning. A lot of importance is given to the child's psychology at an early age so that they loose the psychological fears or complexes they may have towards learning. This encourages children to think independently and become more responsible. Most of these schools are engaged in creating and using innovative teaching methodologies that ensure that rote learning does not happen. As an example - some schools have developed excellent language teaching methodologies. Others may use creative games and experiments to explain difficult concepts in Math or Science. Some schools have changed the class room structure to encourage better children and teachers interaction. Such creativity is typically missing in the conventional education stream practiced by majority of schools in India. Alt-ed schools are often founded by persons with a strong interest in what education means, and what it should provide. Since the established patterns in the conventional education system in India are missing many aspects of what education is for - alternative education schools try to address these inadequacies and create a space for exploring alternatives in education.

Alt-ed schools that Asha supports have been especially created to not only address the pitfalls in the conventional education system but also ensure that children from poor socio-economic backgrounds are not deprived of the opportunity for high quality education. Alt-ed schools assist children in taking the main stream government exams.

#ProjectChapter(s) FundingState
1 A.K. Montessori School
A.K. Lodi Memorial Society provides education to young children hailing from a very poor minority neighborhood in Varanasi, U.P. Asha plans on providing the school with funding to train teachers buy education material and provide nutrition.
2 Anandadhara- SPAN
Support SPAN to provide alternative education for ~300 children in Anandadhara, DumDum center
3 Anugriha
Asha’s funds will be used to set up a model-school providing an integral approach, philosophy of the mother, techniques of Doman (including field trips, flash cards, videos, 1:5 teaching etc) and to increase the capacity of the exisiting school, and ...
To help Parijat Academy with their infrastructure and education materials for the children
Atlanta ASSAM
5 Auroville Educational Resource Center (AERC)
AERC provides teacher training in alternate education and joyful learning methods. The environment for learning is an actual school where the teachers can observe the methodology in action and work with the children first hand.
6 Bala Mitra Badis (Tribal Community Schools)
Support for teachers' salaries and training for schools in the remote tribal areas of north coastal Andhra Pradesh. An alternate teaching method using play and traditional song and music along with the curriculum of the state government is followed.
7 Basic Literacy and Educational Services for Santhals (BLESS)
The basic literacy program is a major component of Matrichaya?s community development programs. Adult education, vocational training and micro-credit programs help the villagers become economically independent.
8 CAST - Community Action for Social Transformation
Located in a dry, drought-prone and economically marginal region southwest of Tirunelvelli district, these crèches would help the mothers to be able to go to work. It will also encourage the elder siblings (particularly the girl children) to be...
Berkeley, Silicon Valley TAMIL NADU
9 CCD-Education Programme
To fund the education programme led by Center for communication and development
10 Center For Learning
Centre for Learning has been working for the last twenty-five years to improve the quality of school education and to make quality education available to children from all sections of society, regardless of their ability to pay for the tution.
11 CERT - Center for Environment and Rural Technology
Paryavaran Shiksha Niketan
Silicon Valley UTTAR PRADESH
12 Cheelghat
This village level organization is working towards collective self-reliance of about two hundred tribal families in the area.
Seattle, St. Louis MADHYA PRADESH
13 Concern for Humanity
Providing basic education to poor, deprived and vulnerable children in slums of Delhi
Delhi, Frankfurt DELHI
14 Digantar Shiksha Evam Khelkud Samiti
The Elementary Education Programme is being funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India (GOI), under the ministry�s scheme of financial support to innovative and experimental programmes.
15 Domlur govt school
Computer Library for the Govt School
16 EQUIP Krishnagiri
Padippum Inikkum (Tamil Reading Skills Program) This program brings about a rapid improvement the reading levels of children. It involves an initial evaluation of children's reading skills and groups them into 5 different levels. This is fo...
17 Freedom
This Project focuses on supporting the continuation of the education of the 175 children who have been rescued form the rice mills and have been relocated in the nearby villages.The total estimated number of children is around 2700.
Arizona, Austin, Toledo TAMIL NADU
18 Gram Mangal
GRAM MANGAL is a registered non-government organization working in the field of education. This project is to support their efforts in educating children in rural areas of Maharastra.
19 Gramin Shiksha Kendra Samiti
Traditional education does not seem to lead anywhere for agrarian communities - it does not provide meaningful employment and the educated person is useless to extant agrarian patterns. Uday aims to bring relevence into education.
Austin, Silicon Valley, Work an Hour RAJASTHAN
20 Grammangal
This project aims to support GRAMMANGAL organization in it's education programme for tribal children.
21 Gramya Sansthan
Gramya actively participates in helping the 10 villages of Naughad taluka. Here Gramya has undertaken activities such as: Bal Kendra for children who do not go to school, self independence of women, and group activities.
Chicago, Seattle, Work an Hour UTTAR PRADESH
22 Haritha Ecological Institute
To record and edit 30 Lecture Videos and 10 Experiment Videos for Class 7 Math & Science and upload videos to Digital Study Hall for open access to all.
Dallas, Mid-Hudson Valley TELANGANA
23 Hijli Inspiration - Kamarhati Centers Kolkata
This project is to support Community based Accelerated Reading and Bridge Course Programme with a special focus on mainstreaming children at risk.
Atlanta, Research Triangle Park WEST BENGAL
24 Humana People to People India -- Academy of Working Children -Bhabapur
This project is to provide partial support to HPPI for their academy of working children in Bhabapur Village,Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
25 Irula - Bharathi Trust
Provide educational motivation centers for Irula tribal children in South India.
Athens, Cornell, Detroit, Mid-Hudson Valley, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toledo, Work an Hour TAMIL NADU
26 Jayaprakash Narayan Memorial Trust - Vidya and Child
This project is to support Non Formal School Programme led by Vidya and Child
Atlanta, Minnesota UTTAR PRADESH
27 Jyothi Nilayam
The general aim of Jyothi Nilayam is to develop a well-defined area in Mahboobnagar District, Andhra Pradesh.
Colorado, Indiana, Seattle TELANGANA
28 Kalam: Margins Write
Creative literacy program to empower marginalized and underserved young people
Proposal or no funding info available WEST BENGAL
29 Kalyania - Prayas Centre
This project is to support a prayas center for special education and vocational training
Athens, Atlanta, NYC/NJ WEST BENGAL
30 Life Skills Education - Kerala Balavihar
The project aims to involve underprivileged children (both urban & rural) in activities to teach them that they should be looking towards careers to change the world rather than just to take a lowly job to make ends meet.
St. Louis KERALA
31 Manav Mandir
Establish an alternative school for working children while giving them economic incentives to attend classes. The proposed school will run for 2 to 3 hours in the evenings in a building that is already established.
32 MS3 - Manaviya Shiksha Sanskar Sansthan
Provide basic education to the children of migrant laborers and establish an institute with 3-yr participatory courses that promotes education with humanistic values.
Dallas, NYC/NJ, Seattle, Silicon Valley UTTAR PRADESH
33 Neel Bagh Trust - Sumavanam
Sumavanam provides an environment of co-operation, and self and peer supported learning, along with some vocational training for about 30 children from poor villages. These kids show a great desire to attend school, and to study.
Arizona, Cleveland, Seattle ANDHRA PRADESH
34 Neel Bagh Trust - Vikasana Rural Centre for Education
Vikasana is a rural centre for education that provides holistic and quality education to children of all ages from landless farmers of the neighbouring villages
35 Nishtha - Jagaran
This project is to support Jagaran, an effort led by Nishtha to provide access of education to kids at risk from 4 villages in south 24 paraganas, West Bengal
Atlanta, Birmingham, DC, NYC/NJ WEST BENGAL
36 Nishtha - Night Shelter
Nishtha is providing alternative education to children of sex workers. The aim of this project is to financially support their infrastructure.
Atlanta, NYC/NJ, Work an Hour WEST BENGAL
37 Parijat Academy
To assist Parijat Academy with their infrastructure and education materials
Seattle ASSAM
38 Prajnalaya-Light in Assam
To help Prajnalaya with their infrastructure and education materials for the children
Proposal or no funding info available ASSAM
39 Purna Pragna Trust
The Purnapragna Shishu Vihar at Alanahalli in Mysore is better known as Tarakka's school. Tara Gopinath, her sister, Malathi, and a friend pooled in their resources and started a school to cater to the needs of needy children in their neighborhood.
40 Ramakrishna Seva Samithi
Sri Ramakrishna Seva Samithi aims to empower and uplift children of economically disadvantaged section of the society. They provide them with healthy nutritional food in the evening. Periodically, they also provide clothing, note books, and other ed...
41 Rishi Valley Education Center - RVS Rural Education Project
1.Be a school free of fear, full of color and joy inside, and green and beautiful outside; 2.Have a learning-ladder, made up of small learning steps, that enables self-paced individual learning; 3. Promote cooperative learning through peer support;...
42 Rural Organization for People's Advancement (ROPA)
ROPA "Rural Organization for Peoples Advancement" was started in 1994 by volunteer effort by concerned denizens of Ranchi (capital of Jharkhand).
Sakshar Project by Vigyan Vijay Foundation for providing basic education and addressing health and hygiene issues among the weaker section
Delhi, Seattle DELHI
44 Saurashtra Education Foundation
Initial contact Hitten Zaveri. Zia is following up with Ashwin Shah from NJ. Funds for this was not raised by Asha Yale. It was raised by the SEF members in the US. The project was for educational activities in Saurashtra.
45 Society for Education and Action
Society of Education and Action (SEA) is an NGO working to improve the quality of life in the fishermen community of villages near Mahabalipuram, TN. Asha Dallas is supporting SEA's motivation centers and teachers' salaries.
Dallas, Work an Hour TAMIL NADU
46 Society for Educational Exploration - Sita School
Sita school is an alternative school that tries to help each child reach it's potential through holistic, child centric education. The school has an emphasis on learning hands on and in art.
Bangalore, Silicon Valley KARNATAKA
47 The Learning Tea
The Learning Tea project aims to provide education to children and support orphans (Support-A-Child program) in Darjeeling (presently) and tentatively Assam, Nilgiri areas in future.
Proposal or no funding info available WEST BENGAL
48 The Satsang Foundation - Satsang Vidyalayas
Project for infrastructure improvements and expansions to conduct higher classes
49 Thulir School
Thulir is an experimental primary school that focusses on pupil-friendly joyful learning techniques
Boston/MIT, Cornell TAMIL NADU
50 Timbaktu Collective - Prakruti Badi Project
The objective of the Timbaktu Collective is to make a lasting improvement in the lives of the people of the area.
Bangalore, Chicago, London, NYC/NJ, Stanford, Work an Hour ANDHRA PRADESH
51 Totopara - Ranapara Gram Biksha Kendra
Run by Ranapara Gram Biksha Kendra based in Howrah, this project aims to provide education for children living in Totopara, primarily Toto tribe.
Proposal or no funding info available WEST BENGAL
52 Trinita Society For Social & Health Research - Education Centers
Right Based approach towards child labour in kolkata &Bankura
Atlanta, UFlorida WEST BENGAL
53 TSUNAMI: Nagapattinam District
Tsunami relief work in Nagapattinam District
Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Toledo, Yale TAMIL NADU
54 Udbhas
The objective of the group is to encourage the children in various educational and social activities, to reward the deserving ones, to provide facilities for the betterment of their life pattern, and to guide them to become better citizens.
55 Unnati
Unnati organization has been working towards transforming the underprivileged, unemployable and below poverty level youth and making them economically independent. Asha Madison chapter is looking at ways to support the youth training program.
Proposal or no funding info available KARNATAKA
56 Vasundhara
A mobile science lab serving approx. 80 villages in the area. Few science teachers travel in a mini-bus to remote rural schools to train the students on science with experiments.
Austin, CentralNJ, Princeton, Silicon Valley MAHARASHTRA
57 Vidya Vanam - Bhuvana Foundation
This project is to support part of educational costs associated with Vidyavanam school led by Bhuvana Foundation.
58 Vivekananda Kendra - Rural development programme
Pre-primary school at Chekkarakudi , Thoothukudi District in Tamil Nadu, India
59 Voice of People
"BODHI VIKAS"- Unfolding one's own potential. (Vocational training for dropout children)
60 Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust - SAC
As per our request, the trust has identified 10 students who can benefit with Asha for Education sponsorship
Kansas City KERALA
61 Youth Unity for Voluntary Action (Yuva) - Savar
YUVA is planning to provide educational support for the socially excluded Savar tribal community of Jharkhand. YUVA's interventions will start with children’s education and nutritional support, which will ultimately, by creating awareness and knowled...
San Francisco JHARKHAND

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