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 Special Needs Children From Socially Disadvantaged Backgrounds

These are for children who have special problems created by the lifestyles they are forced into such as prostitution, rape, drugs and living on the streets. These children face great social disadvantage because of their backgrounds. They often represent extremely disadvantaged urban communities such as those of street children, sex-workers' children and children addicted to drugs. In most cases the children are often without any kind of parental support. The schooling for these children typically includes appropriate education and vocational training. Where relevant, treatment, therapy and group counseling is also provided. Some groups work with the children for many years till they are ensured placement in jobs.

#ProjectChapter(s) FundingState
1 Aashyam Parents Association
Aashyam educates children with disabilities and other disadvantaged communities who lack adequate social-economic, educational, welfare and health facilities. Asha will be fund the salary for teachers and other recurring needs.
2 Asha Trust - Education and Self-Reliance for Farmer
Scholarships for children affected by the suicides of the farmers in the Nizamabad area.
Dallas, Toledo TELANGANA
3 Asha Trust - Project Deepam
The aim of Project Deepam is to establish a well-equipped computer lab for children from classes 6 – 10 in Besant Theosophical Higher Secondary School.
4 Ashraya - Kerala
Ashraya is a home for the residential rehabilitation of mentally and physically challenged girl children hailing from economically broken families.
Atlanta, CentralNJ, Purdue, San Diego, Work an Hour KERALA
5 Asmaan
This is a project, which is implemented through a collaboration between two NGO’s Saathi And CCDT. The team of project Asmaan works with a community living on the streets of Morland Road, near Kamathipura, the oldest red light area in Mumbai.
Proposal or no funding info available MAHARASHTRA
6 Challenge
Project Challenge is a project that aims at funding a school for the deaf-mute children residing in and around the remote South Indian village of Dharmapuri.
7 Cheshire Homes
Cheshire Homes is an organization aiming to support physically and mentally challenged people providing various kinds of programs ro rehabilitate both children and adults in Kodagu district.
8 Dakshinya Institute for the Mentally Handicapped
The sole aim of " DAKSHINYA" is to dedicate itself for the welfare of the persons with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and associated Multiple disabilities by scientifically training them to be self reliant and socially productive.
9 Gnana Deepam
Gnana Deepam, school for mentally challenged children, identifies children from low income families and imparts free training to make every child self-reliant and reduce the burden for their parents.
10 Lokmanya Seva Sangh, Child Parent Guidance Centre
To help Lokmanya Seva Sangh with funds for effective functioning of Child Parent Guidance centre (CPGC)
Proposal or no funding info available MAHARASHTRA
11 Mahila Action
Asha NYC/NJ is supporting a Bridge School Project "Pragathiki Baata - Way to Progress" run by Mahila Action of Vishakapatnam. The goal of the project is to help children get back to mainstream schools. This project supports 50 children/year.
12 MGM Rotary Special School for Mentally Retarded Children
13 People First Educational Charitable Trust - Gaya Rescue Junction
Railway-Children Rescue: Care and education for street-children living on the platforms of Gaya station, Bihar, India.
Silicon Valley BIHAR
14 Prayas (Vocational Institute for Mentally Handicapped)
Prayas is a vocational institute for the mentally and physically challenged and operates an integrated school system for children in India. Prayas started with an ambitious mission, to integrate the maximum number of physically or mentally challenged...
Atlanta, Portland, San Francisco, UIUC, Work an Hour RAJASTHAN
15 Rahul Multidisciplinary Research Center
Delhi based agency working with slum children.
Cornell DELHI
16 Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal - Pahla Kadam
An inclusive school and community based rehabilitation for mentally challenged children in Ajmer district
17 Reconstruction for Tsunami Affected Schools - Suyam
Reconstruction of schools in tsunami affected Nagapattinam region
18 SCD Rotary Project
Provide one-time funding to purchase equipment required to develop a school curriculum framework for mentally retarded children.
Arizona DELHI
19 Setu Project
20 Shartul Foundation
Shartul Foundation is for children with special needs. Any child of any age with a temporary or permanent special need can join. As non- profit organization, they aim at helping maximum number of such children through their activities; special ...
21 Shilpa Society for the Mentally Handicapped
The most important short term goal of the Society is to focus in its Early intervention program by setting up a nodal Early Intervention unit.
22 Shristi Special Academy
Provide quality services and structured intervention programs for children with mental retardation, autism or any other intellectual impairment.
Austin, Bangalore, Silicon Valley, UIUC, Work an Hour KARNATAKA
23 Society Undertaking Poor Peoples On us for Rehabilitation - SUPPORT
SUPPORT is a group dedicated to fighting AIDS and Drug Abuse among street children in Mumbai.
Princeton, Seattle MAHARASHTRA
24 Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India - SAATHII
SAATHII began as an international movement to bring together the HIV/AIDS community in forming a unified voice and taking collective action against HIV/AIDS in India. Asha is supporting SAATHII for the first time.
25 Srividhya Center for Special Children
The goal of this project is to help Srividhya center move into its own premises in about 3-4years. Srividhya has been very successful in its fund raising efforts and would continue its efforts. Asha Toledo is planning to help them in providing them ...
Minnesota, Silicon Valley, Toledo ANDHRA PRADESH
26 The Banyan
The Banyan strives to rehabilitate mentally ill destitute women and reunite them with their families.Asha austin will be invoved in the support and bring up of the vocational training/occupational therapy units.
27 Tomorrow's Foundation
Tomorrow's Foundation (TF) is an NGO with whom we (Asha-Los Angeles/Seattle) have been working for eight years. TF provides holistic education to
Burlington, Cleveland, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Toledo WEST BENGAL
28 Vishwa Jeevan Seva Sangha
Community Based Rehabilitation for Disabled Students
San Francisco ORISSA
29 VOICE - Voluntary Organization of Community Enterprise
VOICE is a project that teaches children at rail stations in India.
Boston/MIT, Carbondale, Colorado, London, Seattle, Silicon Valley, St. Louis, Work an Hour MAHARASHTRA

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