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 Pre-primary education are stepping stone for young children to get accustomed to school environment. In many communities, these help to get children into the formal education system. Usually the teachers follow up to make sure that children graduate to local schools. In these centers the children are provided with a loving & nurturing environment. They learn language & some math. Also they play games & learn poems, songs, dance, stories. Many such centers also provide tiffin/meal. The teachers are well trained & come from the community. The children are of the age group 3-6 years typically.

#ProjectChapter(s) FundingState
1 Aralu - Pre-primary Centers
Formation and Operation of two pre-primary for the children below 6 yrs of age of working women.
Chicago, Seattle KARNATAKA
2 Balia Gram Unnayan Samity
This project runs a pre-primary school for kids in the Balia District of West Bengal..
Knoxville, Silicon Valley, UIUC, Work an Hour WEST BENGAL
3 Balwadi
Balwadi Project by Sri Ramakrishna Sela Nilayam helps children of employed parents (usually day laborers) by providing them child care and pre-primary education, relieving them from exposure to hazardous work environments
Proposal or no funding info available TAMIL NADU
4 Betsy Elizabeth Trust - Creche
Betsy Elizabeth Trust provides small schools, or creches, for children under 5 years old in the bottom economic rung of Indian rural villages.
5 Bharathi Trust - Senchiamma School
Senchiamma school is a balwadi for Irular tribal children, run by Bharathi Trust in Senjiagaram village near Chennai. This school provides Early Childhood Education support to rougly 35 boys and girls in the 0-6 age group.
6 Digambarpur Angikar - preprimary education
Pre-primary education for infants (3-6 yrs) of socially excluded communities
Cornell, San Francisco WEST BENGAL
7 Education for All
Provide preliminary and supplementary education to the children of daily laborers.
Cleveland, Colorado ORISSA
8 Education for all
Padmashree society deals with primary and supplementary education of kids in the Jatani district in Orissa. Asha-Cleveland is supporting the nutritional supplements aspect of this project.
Cleveland ORISSA
9 Gram Vikas Trust
Gram Vikas Trust known as GVT is a non-profit organization established in the year 1999.. Asha Dallas is evaluating to support Balwadi education at Dahej and Kadodara.
Atlanta, CentralNJ, Dallas, Sheffield, Work an Hour GUJARAT
10 Integral Child Education Programme (Balwadi), Ushagram Trust
Pre-primary schooling centers (Balwadis) for 3-6 year old children in 12 villages in Nadia District, West Bengal
11 Kalyan Sangha
The primary objective of this project is to install school going habits in the kids. Kalyan Sangha runs pre-primary creches for village children
12 Kaorakhali Jana Sevashram
Minnesota, UIUC, Work an Hour WEST BENGAL
13 Ma and Jananee Day Care Centres
Ma and Jananee are day care centres established by Samagra Uttarbanga Loka Kalyan Kendra, a charitable NGO in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. The centres specifically cater to children from slums (pre-primary education, health and cultural activities).
14 Mahila Sarvangeen Utkarsh Mandal - Parner Pre-schools for Tribal Children
Parner pre-schools project intends to serve 125 children in 5 tribal hamlets in Ahmednagar district to prepare them for formal schooling.
Minnesota, Silicon Valley MAHARASHTRA
15 Mandra Lions Club - Aloke Kendra
Basic literacy education for tribal children in Sardapally of Baghmundi Village, Puruliya, WB
16 Mandra Lions Club - Purulia
"SCHOOL IN BAG" project
CentralNJ, Cornell, Silicon Valley, Stanford, Work an Hour WEST BENGAL
17 Murshidabad Adibashi Gramin Janakalyan Samity (MAGJS)
Murshidabad Adibashi Gramin Janakalyan Samity (MAGJS) is dedicated towards eliminating poverty and its resultant ill-effects through community-oriented initiatives. MAGJS believes in developing sustainable micro-level programs in areas such as healt...
San Francisco WEST BENGAL
18 Nabarun Seva Niketan - Balwadi Project
Nabarun Seva Niketan known as NSN is a non-profit organization established in the year 1971. Asha NYCNJ is evaluating to support 14 Balwadi's education at Pulshita
19 Peoples Action for Transformation (PAT)
PAT works among the children in the slums of Thiruchirapalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu. Asha's involvement began in Aug 2005.
Canada, Stanford, Work an Hour TAMIL NADU
20 Satyagrahi Association Balwadi
Located in the hills of Yeoor in Thane, bordering Sanjay Gandhi national park is a balwadi run by Satyagrahi association. It was supported for a while by a group of NRIs (Non-Resident Indians); until they sudenly couldn;t support them anymore. The Cl...
21 Saugaht Foundation - Educational Center
Pre-primary education for tribal children and adult literacy for parents
San Francisco JHARKHAND
22 Society for Women in Rural Development
Society for Women in Rural Development (SWIRD) is a social development NGO working for last 17 years to uplift the quality of lives of the downtrodden women and children in remote rural belt in the Eastern part of India. Among various projects SWIRD ...
San Francisco WEST BENGAL
23 Sri Ramacharan Charitable Trust
Sri Ramacharan Charitable trust was establisged in Oct 1999 by a group of socially consious women, to specifically concentrate on providing basic education to children.
San Francisco TAMIL NADU
Establish and operate 6 balwadis (pre-schools) in the slums and rural-areas of Ambarnath.
DC, Silicon Valley, Stanford MAHARASHTRA
25 TSUNAMI: Akkarapettai
28 children of the school have died during the Tsunami (in their homes). The school decided to relocate the siblings in other schools to help reduce the trauma by giving them a new environment.
26 Vidyarambam
Vidyarambam has started pre-primary and remedial centers and a full functioning school in the Nagapattinam district in the afttermath of the 2004 Tsunami that hit the southern stated of India
Atlanta, Cleveland, Cornell TAMIL NADU
27 Vivekananda Seva Samity
VSS initially devoted to relief work and in mobilizing the community to improve upon village infrastructure, In course of time VSS has gradually taken up programmes related to Education and improve the litracy levels amongst the local population
Proposal or no funding info available WEST BENGAL

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