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 NFE centers are typically created for children who are unable to attend an entire day of school. Often these centers serve as a stepping stone to more formal education. NFEs are, as their name implies allow non-formal enrollment children can join irrespective of their age. Some NFEs tend to be non-formal in content they can follow varying curriculums. There are bridge schools that offer several years of curriculum in a condensed manner to help the children join a formal education system. Other schools try to get the children comfortable with a subset of the curriculum such as language and basic maths and sciences hoping to encourage the children to learn further. Asha works with NFE centers that have been started by members of the community themselves i.e started by community groups. NFEs need various forms of support from infrastructural support, running expenses, educational resources and teachers training programs.

#ProjectChapter(s) FundingState
1 ABHAS - Train and Educate Adolescents with Community Help (TEACH)
Project aims to empower girls in the urban slum community of Kacchi Colony, Tughlakabad. Adolescent girls in the age of 14-18 years will be provided with either basic literacy, computer training or vocational training.
Silicon Valley, Stanford DELHI
2 Abhiyan
They aim to provide literacy to 80 children of extremely poor, socially outcaste community in a very remote and backward region, making them the first generation from this community to go to school.
Arizona, Silicon Valley, Stanford BIHAR
3 Adhikar
Non-Formal Education Centers (15) for children from tribal and scheduled cast communities
DC, Work an Hour ORISSA
4 Agragami
This project provides food, housing, and non-formal education for about 100 children between the ages of 5-14.
5 AID - Alternative for India Development
NFE schools for children employed in carpet-weaving industry
Chicago, Silicon Valley JHARKHAND
6 AIWC - Belighata Primary Section
The school located in the slums of Beleghata, Kolkata, provides nursery and primary schooling, vocational training and mid-day meals for nearly 300 children. Asha-Cleveland supported the nursery section and purchase of textbooks for primary school.
7 Akshardeep
Akshardeep is an educational related project of Swadhar-Pune with its main aim of providing basic education to children of migrant laborers and school drop-outs.
8 Ananda Bharathi
Afternoon classes in literacy, hygiene,general knowledge for girls working as domestic help. Funded since 2002 by Cornell. In 2006 Asha Irvine started funding Ananda Bharathi
Cornell, Irvine TELANGANA
9 Ananya
The Ananya project consists of a learning center for slum children or children who run away from home, as well as a teacher training program.
Irvine, Stanford, Syracuse KARNATAKA
10 ANK
To run learning centers to educate 70 at risk children who are out of school in the Saidualazab ,Saket area of South Delhi for a period of one year with aim of joining them in mainstream schools.
Frankfurt DELHI
11 ANK -II (Khirkhi Village)
Mainstreaming school drop out children in Khirkhi Village
Frankfurt DELHI
12 ANK-III (Wazirpur)
Asha supports teachers salaries and other daily expenses in running the learning center.
Frankfurt DELHI
13 Ankuran
Funded five educational centers catering to children between 6-14 years of age.
14 Arya Samaj Swaroop Nagar Seva Samiti - Prerana Shishu Vidyalaya
Some school teachers and their students mooted the idea (in 1985) of starting an adult education centre in a locality Choti Gutiya in Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur inhabited predominantly by the economically weaker and socially backward segment of the societ
15 Aseema Charitable Trust - Rural Education Centre in Awalhkeda Village
Education centre for tribal children
Berkeley, San Francisco MAHARASHTRA
16 Asha Libraries in North India Schools
The Asha Library project is to provide children, of Asha funded projects, with access to the books. Currently most of the eastern UP projects are covered by this endeavor. The project is monitored by a committee of Asha India volunteers who visit ...
Corvallis, DC, Mid-Hudson Valley, Munich, Stamford UTTAR PRADESH
17 Asha Trust - Aasra Sewa Sansthan
To help the marginalised sections in society to be able to get an education and to earn a livelihood through self initiated economic activities. Through these activities and the income earned, to generate a feeling of self-reliance and confidence.
Chennai, Munich, Philadelphia, Work an Hour UTTAR PRADESH
18 Asha Trust - Anandan
A school for slum children...ages from kindergarten upto 4th grade. Vocational training for slum women.
19 Asha Trust - Asha Center - Lalpur
Asha has set up a full-fledged centre called Asha Ashram for carrying out social change and development in Lalpur and surrounding villages of Hardoi district. A new Ashram at Bharawan will work as Public information and resource center.
Boston/MIT, Cornell, DC, Seattle UTTAR PRADESH
20 Asha Trust - Asha Samajik Vidyalaya (Deoria and Kushinagar)
2-3 years back team of Asha Deoria/Kushinagar started 6 Non formal education centers in different places to provide education to children from poor/dalit/tribes families.
Silicon Valley, UFlorida UTTAR PRADESH
21 Asha Trust - Asha Samajik Vidyalaya - Lucknow
Asha Samajik Vidyalaya consists of non-formal education centers for slum children in Lucknow.
Arizona, DC, Lucknow UTTAR PRADESH
22 Asha Trust - Asha Samajik Vidyalaya - Punjab
To provide after school educational support in Gurudwara Ravidas of children of 3 dalit settlements in P.O. Sherpur
23 Asha Trust - Asha Samajik Vidyalaya Bhandahankala
This project is to provide salaries for the teachers at the 5 centers, and help pay for stationery, snacks, training, healthcare and local conveyance for teachers.
24 Asha Trust - Asha-Ballia NFE Centers
Asha Ballia volunteers run two non-formal educational centers in village Rakhanha and in kuanpeepar
25 Asha Trust - Bhaisahan School Project
To pay for the honororium for the techers of the shool run by Asha India.
Proposal or no funding info available UTTAR PRADESH
26 Asha Trust - Navjyoti Swawalamban Sewa Sansthan
The organization provides primary education in 2 main centers and non-formal education in about 8 centers. The organization also runs vocational training centers and supports various social causes.
Adding Quality to Education. This proposal suggests a partnership between Mitra and Asha to add quality and zest to the education children in the area receive through the only channel available � the Governme
Mid-Hudson Valley ORISSA
28 Auroville
This project is intended to support the construction of two classroom in New Creation in Auroville, Pondicherry. This school caters to the a few surrounding villages and has over 250 children.
29 Aviram
Aviram is running 6 NFE centers in 5 villages of Lohardaga district, Jharkhand with the help of Asha-MIT.
30 Balangan
Drksakshi is a Chattisgarh based non profit organization and one of the aim of Drksakshi is to provide education to girl children of tribal community and bridge them to formal school with the funding provided by Asha for Education.
31 Bhumi
Asha will provide funding for books and resources required for students along with volunteer training. This funding is provided to enable Bhumi continue it's core activities....
Berkeley, Minnesota TAMIL NADU
32 BISWA - Bharat Integrated Social Welfare Agency
Asha with BISWA's help started non formal education centers in four villages near Sambalpur town in western Orissa. These villages have seen little developmental activity until now.
Detroit ORISSA
33 Bustee Welfare Center
The BWC is a non-governmental organization that tries to improve the lives of bustee children and give them a better future through education.
34 Center for Development - Kadam
Education of children affected and displaced by riots and the twon planning scheme of Ahmedabad
Cleveland, Work an Hour GUJARAT
35 Chandanagar Sarada Sadhan Vidyalaya for Girls
The major beneficiaries of this school project have been the poor girls, many from the refugee community, whose families routinely engaged in the jobs of house-servant/rickshaw pulling/manual labor/vegetable vendor etc.
36 Children
Supplement education through technology and electronic media
Proposal or no funding info available KARNATAKA
37 Childrens Love Castles Trust
CLT Resource Center works as a hub that connects all the schools in the 10 villages at the primary school level.
Arizona, San Francisco KARNATAKA
38 Chintan
Chintan is an environmental research and action group which also undertakes non-formal education of children from the wastepicking community in Delhi, helping them qualify for formal schooling. Asha helps support these educational programs.
39 Deepalaya Education Society
Ramditti J R Narang Deepalaya Learning Centre will be involved in mainstreaming out of school girl children into formal education
Minnesota DELHI
40 Door Step School (Mumbai)
Doorstep School operates in the slums of South Mumbai (Ward A). The population is migrant and most of the adults and the children work in the docks, at construction sites and as hawkers.
41 Eureka Learning Center
To adopt existing schools, improve the learning quality significantly and provide a child friendly learning environment to children from poor families.
42 FODRA - Fountain Of Development Research and Action
The community development initiative of FODRA was started in Pratap Nagar(a low-income unauthorised cluster in north-east Delhi) during 1996 with a strategy of gradually expanding activities to adjoining low-income clusters and other areas in Delhi.
Princeton DELHI
43 Forum for Womens Rights and Development Trust (FORWORD)
FORWORD aims to tackle one of India's most challenging socio-economic problems - the oppression of under-privileged members of society - through an evening school designed primarily for Dalit children. The project intends to dev
Bangalore, DC, NYC/NJ, UFlorida, Work an Hour TAMIL NADU
44 Gahora
This project is intended to fund the construction of a school in Gahora, UP for grades I-IV to support 120 children. The children currently attend an open air school since they do not have a usable school building.
45 Gohaldanga Ramkrishna Sarada Vivekananda Seva Kendra
46 Grama Vikasa Saradhi Library Resource Center at Gompa
Proposal or no funding info available ANDHRA PRADESH
47 Gyan Seva Bharati Sansthan - NFE Centers
GSBS runs Non-formal education (NFE) centers and Self-help groups (SHGs) but they are in a dysfunctional state. Asha's funding is to kickstart one NFE.
Canada BIHAR
48 Health Education and Alternative Development Service - NFE centers
This project which is run by HEALDS in Mohanur focuses on dropouts in 25 villages. NFE centers are instituted for these children where they get an opportunity to study along side school going children and keep up with the curriculum.
49 Hijli Inspiration - Agragati
SRI SRI RAMKRISHNA SIKSHASHRAM is working with marginalized students and making them indepent in rural Midnapore area.
Cleveland, London WEST BENGAL
50 Hippocampus Reading Foundation - Learning Center
Self sustaining, after-school rural supplemental education centers
St. Louis, Stanford KARNATAKA
51 Humana People to People- Girls education center, Virat Nagar
Humana people to people is setting up 2 education centers to provide primary education to grils who drop out of formal schools due to child marriage.
Silicon Valley, Stanford RAJASTHAN
52 India Sponsorship Committee
ISC works for children of slum dwellers, many of them migrant workers, in Yerawada. Pune. They provide support classes, health and gender awareness, vocational training and early childhood developmental guidance to these children and their parents.
53 Indian Centre for Integrated Development - Nirmal Jyothi
The Nirmal Jyothi project proposes to reach out to these children on the street and break the chain of beggary and rag picking by strengthening the initial work with regular educational and vocational trainings.
54 Indian Grameen Services - Project Potential (SEEKHO)
Before Project Potential, there was SEEKHO* an educational organization in rural Kishanganj District, Bihar f​ounded on the premise that local people could be recruited to help solve local challenges, which we found was true. Because many peo...
55 Indic Society for Education and Development - INSEED Muktangan
The goal of this project is to support Muktangan, a non-formal education centre run by INSEED. Muktangan has a literacy centre for alternative education, toy and book library, and other activity centres for children at Nashik.
56 Institute of Social Work - Primary Education Project
Non-formal education centres in and around Kolkata
Cornell, Portland, San Francisco, Stanford, Work an Hour WEST BENGAL
57 ISC
ISC works for children of slum dwellers, many of them migrant workers, in Yerawada. Pune. They provide support classes, health and gender awareness, vocational training and early childhood developmental guidance to these children and their parents.
Proposal or no funding info available MAHARASHTRA
58 Jabala Action Research Organization
Asha Dallas is supporting the Kalabagan school for children in the Kalabagan slum
59 Jabala Action Research Organization, Murshidabad
Non-formal education centers to combat trafficking in rural areas highly prone to human trafficking
Proposal or no funding info available WEST BENGAL
60 Jan Kala Sahitya Manch Sanstha - (JKSMS) ILM School
The project is a non-formal school for the children of downtrodden community of artisans of the Jaipur jewellery sector. The aim is to mainstream as many students as possible into nearby government schools.
61 Jeeva Jyothi
Funding to provide 1) Remuneration for the teachers and staff 2) Educational kits 3) Balwadi rent
62 Jeevan Daan Samiti (JDS)
Jeevan Daan Samiti is a project started due to the efforts of one individual who wanted to bring about a change in the lives of the children of the migrant kiln labourers in the Matuchauri village in Saidpur Tehsil of Mirzapur district of UP
63 Joint Women's Programme - Mera Sahara
Mera Sahara, a project implemented by the Joint Women's Programme, a Delhi based NGO runs a school for slum children of Nithari village in NOIDA, UP. ASHA is helping them open another center which will enable up to 100 more children to attend school.
64 Jupiter Academy
To provide free education for underprivileged children from nearby slums
65 Kaingkarya
Social Welfare organization striving to impart job oriented training and to rehabilitate school dropouts and and migrant child labourers into the formal educational system.
66 Katkari Educational Centers
SAC runs NFEs for the Katkaris - one of India's most backward communities
67 Khairachati - Prabhat English High School
The village located near the cosmopolitan region near Kharagpur. The other schools located in the area are costly and it is often difficult for the village children to go to school. This school provides primary education for 30 students.
68 Khushi
Project Khushi is currently a blawadi whose goal is to take care of uncared-for children left by parents going to work. The blawadi will provide basic education and take care of the nutrition needs of the children to develop their brains.
69 Kid
This project has been formulated to take care of downtrodden children, especially the orphan children and those who are being raised by single parents. Asha Santa Barbara has been supporting the teacher's salaries, books etc.
Proposal or no funding info available WEST BENGAL
70 Kids Center
This project has been formulated to take care of downtrodden children, especially the orphan children and those who are being raised by single parents. Asha Santa Barbara has been supporting the teacher's salaries, books etc.
Santa Barbara WEST BENGAL
71 Know How - The Learning Project, Swagath Education and Community Action
The KnowHow Project is directed towards educational, vocational and extra-curricular interventions with children and youth under the age of 25 years, in or out of the school system. We strive for equal representation from boys and girls.
Proposal or no funding info available KARNATAKA
72 Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj - KIGS Brick Lane Project
Provide education to 900 children of the migrant workers in the Chaksu region of Jaipur that have been excluded from the mainstream education system. ASHA is funding the operation and growth of 5 schools over a period 3 years.
73 Lok Mitra
Lok Mitra is a rural development center operating from Dhedhuki village. The component being funded is a non-formal school, Killol, run by Lok Mitra.
74 Loknayak Shikshan Mandal Sangli
Located in the Sangli district, Loknayak Shikshan Mandal primarily works with children in the slum areas, where majority of the slum dwellers are factory or mill workers with meager salaries, by providing them with quality education.
Proposal or no funding info available MAHARASHTRA
75 Mahila Vikas - Tribal Children
Leraning centers from std. 1 to 3 for saura tribal children who don't go to school due to lack of enough seats in government schools
Stanford ORISSA
76 Manav Sansadhan Evam Mahila Vikas Sansthan - Kamlahan-Khadarawan School
Kamlahan-Khadarawan school- Currently funded by Asha SD
Penn State, San Diego, Silicon Valley UTTAR PRADESH
77 Manzil Welfare Society
Manzil is a grassroots organization created to give free math, English, and computer classes to children from low-income and illiterate families.
San Diego DELHI
78 MIPS - Madurai Institute of Peace Science
Study centre for after school study for children of SC/ST landless agricultural labourers.
Boston/MIT, Colorado TAMIL NADU
79 MSE Trust
Creches for children of parents who work at construction sites.
80 Mumbai Mobile Creches
Since 1972, MMC has been working to provide education and nutrition to the children of migrant construction workers in the city of Mumbai. This is the first year of Asha's involvement; we hope to fund the organization's daily activities.
81 Muskaan
Muskaan is an organization working for education of slum children in Bhopal
Detroit, Frankfurt, Michigan State University, Seattle, Stanford MADHYA PRADESH
82 Nava Jeevan Trust
Nava Jeevan Trust started the child labour eradication programme with the support of Child Relief and You (CRY), Chennai during 1998in the blocks of Alangulam, Pappakudy and Keelapavoor in Tirunelveli District.
83 North Star Rotary Trust - Distance Education Program
RDEP's mission is to make use of latest technology in education to reach 2,000 schools benefitting 1,000,000 students by end of RI year 2013-14. Under RDEP, each designated school is provided with RDEP system, an Audio-Visual E-learning classroom set
84 Nutanhat Development Society
The project falls in the Mangalkot Block which has about 52 villages. Lack of education, health facilities, unclean environment is the ultimate cause of misery.
Boston/MIT, St. Louis WEST BENGAL
Drop-outs and illiterate children are brought under the umbrella of night schools, and provided primary and life-oriented education with an aim to attain 100% literacy among children in the target villages. The project will affect about 250 children ...
Cornell, Corvallis, Princeton TAMIL NADU
86 Pasumai Trust - Build
Non-formal education centers for children of migrant brick kiln workers.
Birmingham, Houston, NYC/NJ, Portland, Work an Hour TAMIL NADU
87 Pathchala
Pathchala was established to provide education to poor and homeless children. This organization was conceived by Smt. Indrani Ganguly in 1997 when she came across a number of innocent children simply wasting their energy and time in way-side aimless
Proposal or no funding info available WEST BENGAL
88 Peace Bird - Asha Vihar
Funding for the construction of one hall and classroom at the Asha Vihar project. Construction cost: $1500.00. $1000 funding for
89 Peace Education and Conflict Resolution Curriculum for Highschool Teachers
Traning teachers in Jammu and Kashmir by conducting workshop covering Peace Education and Conflict Resolution curriculum.
Los Angeles, Stanford JAMMU AND KASHMIR
90 Peoples Health Organisation - Saheli Creche
Creche for providing support and education to children of sex workers in red light district of Pune city.
91 Phulenagar
This project aims to provide basic tutorial education and vocational training to all children in the age group of 4 to 18 in the Phulenagar slum of Bombay. Approximately 500 children are estimated to benefit from this project.
92 Rashtra Nirman Vidya Vikas Trust
Funding of twenty non-formal educational centers for one year
Seattle BIHAR
93 RDI - Rural Development Institute
RDI seeks to run Non-Formal Education Centres (NFE) for youngsters and a Functional Literacy program for adults, Project Based Education (PBE) programs to supplement the education given in schools, a scholarship program targeting bright students...
94 RHEDT - Rural Health and Environment Development Trust
Asha Seattle has discontinued support for this project. Please contact us at for more details if interested
95 Ruchika
Alternative schools for formal/non-formal education.
Silicon Valley ORISSA
96 Saath
Saath is an organization committed to bring about long lasting changes in slums of Ahmedabad. NFEP is a unique program that requires the beneficiaries to pay a non-token amount of money for the services they receive.
Cornell, Dallas, DC, Los Angeles, Yale GUJARAT
97 Saathi
The organization is involved in encouraging street youth in Mumbai to gain formal education, using myriad approaches to sustain motivation such as the housing schemes, nutrition/savings program, vocational training programs.
Cleveland, Stanford, UIUC MAHARASHTRA
98 Saathi night-school
Night-school for underprivileged children
99 Sahyog:Vatwa Refugee Camp
Sahyog works with children of victims of 2002 communal violence in Vatwa refugee camp, Ahmedabad and conducts non-formal education
100 Samanvay Ashram
The Samanvay Ashram is conducting a program of alternative basic education based on Ghandhian lines. Along with education, the 100 children initially involved will be provided with food, clothes and medicine on a long-term basis. ...
Berkeley, Research Triangle Park, Stanford BIHAR
101 Sampark - Ajol
Ajol foundation provides education and employment skills to chilcren of domestic workers.
For more information on the Sangati kit and the Avehi-Abacus project you can write to
Berkeley GUJARAT
103 Saranalayam Charitable and Educational Trust - Project Nelson
SARANALAYAM – means a shelter for the deprived. Saranalayam Trust is a registered non-profit, voluntary organization registered under Indian Trust Act, under the leadership of Mr. John Nelson, a young innovator and man of ICT knowledge. The visio...
Mobilize & organize the rural poor especially marginalized woman & generate awareness in the field of education, socio-economic, legal and health care, self employment scheme with a view to making communities stand on their own feet.
Silicon Valley TAMIL NADU
105 Seva Mandir - NFE Centers
Education Unit of Seva Mandir has been running Non-Formal Education Centers in the remote rural villages of Udipur and Rajsamand districts of Rajasthan since 1991. The projct has been greatly sucessful in incrementally improving literacy rate.
Silicon Valley RAJASTHAN
106 Shanti Sadhana Ashram
Shanti Sadhana Ashram is one of the pioneer organisations in championing the cause of literacy in the backward districts of Assam
Detroit, Irvine, Seattle, Work an Hour ASSAM
107 Shirpur Vishwamandal Sevashram
The objective of this project is the education of the children of the Bhil tribe in Dhule district, Maharashtra.
108 SMVS - Swati Mahila Vikas Samiti
Goal and Current Status- SMVS is dedicated to educating and increasing literacy of women from the Chitrakoot and Bandh districts of Uttar Pradhesh. It seeks to train them in issues of health, career, gender discrimination, etc, to assist them in deve...
109 Society of Door Step Schools - Door Step School (Pune) Laman Tanda
Door Step School runs Non-formal education (NFE) classes for out-of-school children and study classes for those attending school. Laman Tanda is one such center where classes are conducted for children in the surrounding slum.
Atlanta, Seattle, Silicon Valley MAHARASHTRA
110 Society of Door Step Schools - Project Foundation (Pune)
Non-Formal Education classes for out-of-school children of construction workers
Munich, Seattle MAHARASHTRA
111 SODWAC - Society for Development of Women and Children
SODWAC works in the areas of health, social development and non-formal education of women and children.
112 SSUP - Sanskriti O Samaj Unnayan Parishad
SSUP, founded in 1989, is based in Malda, about 350 km from Calcutta, in West Bengal. The organization lays emphasis on working with the community people so that they take up their own development projects.
Seattle, Silicon Valley, Stanford WEST BENGAL
SUKRUPA is an NGO that focuses on underprivileged slum children and helps them in their overall development through value based education in and around the slums of Bangalore....
114 SURP - Society for the Upliftment of Rural Poor
Basic Education Centers Objectives: to provide education to under-priveliged children, to liberate children from burden and ties and make them independent and respectable citizens to create oppurtunity for children to reveal hidden talents t...
115 Swadhar Institute for Development of Women and Children
Community center for underprivileged children and young adults. Target group: drop-outs and corporation school-going children, adolescents and their parents in the slum areas of Bibvewadi area in Pune. The community center's goal is to provi...
116 Tapovan Education Foundation
Non Formal school for children of migrant workers run by Tapovan Education Foundation
117 Team VNC
Team VNC started with a vision to create a stimulating learning environment where children with different abilities are well equipped to meet challenges in education and life so that they lead a better life and contribute to the society.
Proposal or no funding info available ANDHRA PRADESH
118 Team VNC
Team VNC started with vision to create stimulating learning environment where children with different abilities are well equipped to meet challenges in education and life so that they lead a better life and contribute to the society.
Proposal or no funding info available ANDHRA PRADESH
119 The Covenant Centre for Developmant - Balavihar
A program for providing holistic education and English language training to urban lower middle class children primarily through activity-based learning. Asha funds teachers conducting the programme and libraries that supplement learning activities.
120 The Society of Door Step Schools (Pune)
Doorstep School (DSS) provides education and support to the often-forgotten children of pavement dwellers, slum dwellers, construction site families and many other underprivileged families.
Silicon Valley MAHARASHTRA
121 Tomorrows Foundation - CBEP
Community Based Educational Project for the non school going and never been to school for the slum children between the age group of 5 to 9 years.
Seattle, Silicon Valley WEST BENGAL
122 TSUNAMI: Villupuram District
Tsunami Relief work in Villupuram District
Chicago, General Funds, Yale TAMIL NADU
123 UP Project
Philadelphia UTTAR PRADESH
124 Van Bandhu Seva Sansthan
Van Bandhu Seva Sansthan works in the tribal villages of Udaipur district. It runs 18 informat education centres for children in 5-14 age group and 12 youth centres. It also undertakes many community welfare activities.
125 Vanvasi Ashram Trust
Wayanad, a district of Kerala, is considered the most backward district of Kerala. It is the district where backward tribals namely Paniya, Nayikar, Adiyar, Kuruma and Kurrichias are living. They are living with the means which they get from the fore...
Atlanta, NYC/NJ, Silicon Valley, Stanford, Work an Hour KERALA
126 VESC - Vivekananda Educational Society for Children
TheVivekananda Educational Society for Children (VESC) wasfounded in January 1996 to address the problem of child labour in the South24-Parganas district of West Bengal, India.
Arizona, Berkeley, Colorado, Cornell, Mid-Hudson Valley, NYC/NJ, Seattle, Stanford, Work an Hour WEST BENGAL
127 Vidiyal - Non-Formal Education for Working Children
The project aims at educating Working children (who are engaging as daily wage laborers in Tea shops, Hotels, Brick kiln and Quarries) in the age group between 5 ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ 15.
Chennai, General Funds TAMIL NADU
128 Vidya
This particular project proposal is regarding one Pre-school centre (creche) and one Women's Educational centre. VIDYA runs a number of such pre-school and women's educational centres. The Pre-school (Creche) programme was first established in II...
Silicon Valley DELHI
129 VISA - Village Improvement & Service Assoc.
Non-formal LITERACY-CUM-LIFE education for high school dropouts.
Non-formal education for girl children in rural and backward areas
131 Vivekanand Resurgance Foundation
Vivekananda Resurgence Foundation (VRF) is trying to unfold itself to serve the interests of neglected section of the society, particularly the children of unskilled and semi-skilled labourers who are living in unhygienic slums, which is our own crea
Munich DELHI
132 Vivekananda Ashram
The organization is running an ashram for 14 boarders and a day coaching center for poor children of the surrounding villages. It works in the village of Adisaptagram, in the district of Hooghly, about 50 km. from Calcutta.
133 Voluntary Association For Rural Upliftment and Networking - VARUN
Voluntary Association For Rural Upliftment and Networking (VARUN) has been involved in the all round development of Chandauli district for the last two years
Silicon Valley UTTAR PRADESH
134 WARM - Welfare Association of Rural Mass
WARM is an organization established in 1983, Tamilnadu. Their mission is to create awareness among marginalized people about their rights and make them believe they can become self-reliant. One goal is elimination of child labor.
WAYSSS Asha School in the Turakapalem Village, Guntur conduct classes through 5th grade for children of local labourers. In addition a vocational training is being run to teach sewing to the women folk in the village
Berkeley, Work an Hour ANDHRA PRADESH

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