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Project Steward
Mugdha Gadkari
mugdhagadkari AT yahoo DOT co DOT in
Project Partner(s)
Mr. Bhagwat
info AT vatsalyatrust DOT org
Additional Contact
Deepa Varadarajan
deepa_cad AT yahoo DOT com
Project Address
Near Kanjur Marg Police Station,
Kanjur Marg (E),
Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA  400042
Tel: 022-25782958
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Total = $8,111

TOTAL: $8,111.00
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Project Description

Vatsalya Trust is a charitable organization which has been working for the past 26 years to rehabilitate destitute children in Mumbai by way of several project . Asha for education will be helping out with sustenance of orphans with disability.
• There are 22 children between the ages of 2 to 6 years who could not be given in adoption
• They are suffering from some medical problem like physical handicap, mental retardation, blindness or conditions like HIV or Hepatitis B. These children are a permanent liability of the trust
• The trust has to bear an average monthly expenditure of Rs.1500 per month per child.
• Here is a breakup of the expenditure:
45 % on Food & Provision (Rs. 675/-)
15 % on Clothing (Rs. 225/-)
40 % on Therapy & Education (Rs. 600/-)
• Any advanced treatment costs would still come from the trust fund.

A request was made for Rs.400,000 per annum for sustaining daily expenses for the 22 orphans.

These orphans will be supported as part of the 'Support a Child' program by Asha. Please go to the following link to help these orphans.
You can support a child in this project by donating $30 per month. Please check out the donation guidelines on the website mentioned above.

Purpose / Goals

The project is aimed at the daily sustenance of orphans with disabilities. It helps the trust to focus its finds towards advanced therapy and treatment of these children.

Organization Description

Vatsalya Trust, Mumbai was founded on 8th February 1983 by Smt. Sanjivani Raykar, Late Dr. Shivram Athavale, Shri. G.A Damle and few others who felt a need for starting a charitable organization dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of destitute children. Presently they have two locations in Mumbai (kanjur Marg and Sanpada) and one location in Alibag, Maharashtra. For the last 26 years they have been working tirelessly and selflessly for the upliftment of underprivileged members of the society without any remuneration for head of trust, trustees or managing committee members.
Here are the primary objectives of the organization:
• To rehabilitate deserted/destitute children by providing medical and developmental facilities till adoptive families are located.
• To provide shelter, nutrition, formal education and vocational guidance to children from socially and economically backward families.
• To provide temporary shelter and counseling services to women in distress.
• To provide congenial permanent shelter to aged men and women.
• To organize periodical health awareness and community development programs.

Here is a brief description of the projects ongoing at the trust:
1) Childcare and Rehabilitation Center (Adoptive Cell):
More than 1000 destitute children have been placed with adoptive families through the trust. At any point the trust has about 60 children in it’s care. All needs of the children like shelter, food, education and medical expenses are born by the trust while the children are in it’s care.

2) Child and Parent Guidance Center (KHUSHI):
This center caters to the needs of the children with psychological, behavioural, emotional, scholastic as well as social problems, including autism, hyperactivity, depression; adjustment problems of adolescents are also dealt with in this center.

The center provides various services like psychological testing (IQ, Projective, Personality, Vocational Guidance test etc.), pharmaco therapy, play therapy, behavioural therapy, family therapy, speech therapy & special education are used.KHUSHI also works with parents so as to help them understand their child’s problem and thus guide them to cope up & deal with the problems.

3) Early Intervention Center (AAKAR):
The main aim of this Center is to provide facilities like special education, speech therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy for all the needful children irrespective of their affordability at minimal cost.

They provide help for children with mental retardation, developmental delays, delayed milestones, Autism and other pervasive disorder (ADHD), Cerebral Palsy and infants at high risk (prenatal asphyxia, premature babies)

4) Documentation, Training and Research Center – DoTReC:
It provides reliable basic information on all aspects of child issues such as child labor, street children, destitute children, child prostitution, child development, child abuse and so on. It also make efforts to provide adequate facilities and support to researchers by focusing on different children’s issues and their multidimensional aspects.

5) Urban Women empowerment program:
It is based on the belief that helping women to be reliant and economically self-sufficient betters their child’s future. They provide various certified vocational training like nursing assistant course and balwadi teacher’s training course.

6) Balikashram, Sanpada:

54 girls in the age group of 4 to 16 years are provided shelter, nourishment, medical care and all educational and developmental facilities. They are either destitute girls or those coming from economically weaker sections of the society. Emphasis is on education and personality development to make them more confident and self-reliant. Higher education is provided to those who show the necessary talent and vocational training is provided to others who have no inclination for higher formal education.

7) Old age home (Vanaprasthashram):
The Sanpada branch of the trust has a home to offer care & love, born out of gratitude to these senior citizens at Sanpada. At a time Vatsalya looks after 20 elders in Vanaprasthashram. There is a prayer hall, library and recreational facilities and also a provision for periodical medical checkup. -

Project Type: Disabilities (description)

Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: orphans

Area: Urban

Additional Information

Ph no: 022 - 25794798, 022 - 25784810
Photo of Children
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  • If it is towards a project that is currently being supported, for something that is not covered in the budget that was approved, it has to be approved at a chapter before the funds can be sent.
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  • If the project is not actively supported by AFE currently, the funds will be used towards other projects.

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