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Project Steward
Sridhar Lomite
slomite AT gmail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Jabesh Dutt
jabesh DOT dutt AT gmail DOT com
Additional Contact
Paul Semanski
paulsemanski AT gmail DOT com
Project Address
104, Mahatma Gandhi Road
Kolkata, WEST BENGAL  700014
Tel: +91 9830028007
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Total = $15,000

TOTAL: $15,000.00
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Project Description

The D.F. Blind School is located in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, and was founded in 1988. The School�s purpose is to educate, rehabilitate, and integrate blind students into their original communities. It currently serves around 130 blind and visually impaired students, ranging from ages 2 through high school. The children stay at the School during the academic year. All costs, including the students boarding, health care needs, the teacher salaries, are taken care of by the generosity of donors. There is no charge to the students� families to attend the School. Most of the children come from families, who live in the rural areas of the West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Bihar provinces of India. Some of these children have no family or have been abandoned. Of the nearly 130 students, about half are boys and half are girls.

The students attend school on a full-time basis during the academic year, learning math,
reading, geography, music, dance, Hindi, English, and Bengali (the native language for most
of them). Of course, they also read and write in Braille. And, they also get practical training on
life skills, such as seam stressing, poetry, gardening, tailoring etc. The students actively participate in sports such as cricket etc. The School also believes it is important for the children to understand and maintain their cultural heritage. Visitors to the School are typically welcomed by student dancers and musicians dressed in traditional Indian garb, and treated to performances reflective of the students' cultural traditions. There is a free medical checkup conducted once a week for the students by a visiting doctor.

Purpose / Goals

The biggest need at this point is to build a new dormitory building for the girls. The plan is to build a 130-student facility � which would double the size of the School and also make it the largest School for Blind Children in India. In addition, the children need a playground designed for their very special needs. Asha-Hartford and Starfish Childrens Fund hope to provide support to fulfill the above needs of the school.

Organization Description

The Starfish Children�s Fund is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Its federal Tax ID# is: 651273020. The Starfish Children's Fund is non-sectarian, and its main goal is to aid the neediest children regardless of
race, religion or nationality. Two Officers of Starfish Childrens Fund organization are on the Board of Directors of the D.F. Blind School

Project Type: Residential School (description)

Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: orphans

Area: Urban

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