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Project Steward
Shreya Amin
aminshreya AT gmail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Meenu Venkateswaran
meenu DOT venkateswaran AT RATE pravah DOT org
Project Address
C-24 B, Second Floor,
New Delhi , New Delhi District
DELHI  110019
Tel: +91 11 2644 0619, +91 11 2621
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Total = $18,150

TOTAL: $18,150.00
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Project Description

Pravah is a non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India, working to impact issues of social justice through youth citizenship action.
It was in 1992 when a wave of violence and rise in communal thinking forced a group of young professionals in their early twenties, to stop observing passively and take action – something which we had forgotten to do for a long time.What started as a small campaign led in colonies and colleges to mobilize public opinion against the violence through creative mediums like theatre, later began to flow as Pravah. It now work with more than 40 Indian civil society groups as partners.

Pravah’s Outreach:

* 15,000 school students are being reached through workshops and trainings conducted in 25-30 schools in Delhi and Rajasthan. Pravah’s school curriculum is now a part of the mainstream curriculum in 10 schools. We have also trained 100 school teachers to become ambassadors of the Me to We curriculum.
* More than 10,000 young people have engaged with our youth programs and processes. About 100 young people commit 80 hours each of volunteering every year in rural and urban NGOs.
* Every year, Pravah clocks approximately 20,000 hours of youth volunteerism in 40 organizations across India.
* Pravah organizes campaigns on various issues of social change that are designed by school students, youth groups and teachers. Since1997, Pravah’s campaigns have reached more than 150 schools and enlisted the participation of 150,000 young people.
* Pravah received the Sanskriti Award in 2003 for its outstanding work in the youth community.
* The CEO of Pravah is on the NSS Advisory Board for Delhi University.
* The International Bureau of Education (IBE), part of UNESCO, has featured Pravah in their CD, Learning to Live Together which focuses on good practices in schools.
* Pravah was invited by CBSE to write a few chapters for their life skills textbooks.

Project Type: Community Awareness Programs (description)

Area: Urban

Photo of Children
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