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Venice Walters
venice DOT walters AT yale DOT edu
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Govinda Lenka
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Chirag Shah
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Project Address
VIA: Devidol, Phuanga and Niyali
Juanga, Cuttack District
ORISSA  PIN: 754109
Tel: 9861012151
Funds Disbursed
Sep2004Work an Hour$42,460.00
???2003Silicon Valley$3,900.00
???2001Silicon Valley$4,500.00

Total = $52,860

TOTAL: $52,860.00
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Project Description

Orissa is one of the poorest states in India. This coastal region, by the delta of the Devi and Mahanandi Rivers, is particularly stresed and suffers frequent cyclones, droughts and floods.

Although Juanga is only 50 kms from the city of Cuttack, it is nearly inaccessible due to poor road conditions and monsoon rains. The State Government also does not provide the villages in this region with adequate access to medical or educational facilities.

Founded in 2001, the Orissa School, Juanga was built in response to cries for help from an impoverished population after the supercyclone of 1999 which destroyed mostly all of the existing decrepit government schools. The Juanga school is central to a network of villages on the south bank of the Mahanadi. The school began with 184 students and has progressed to 226 students, many from scheduled castes and some having lost their relatives in the supercyclone.

The Orissa School in Juanga, known locally as the Vivekananda Public School, has made great progress with the help of Asha for Education. In 2000,Asha-Yale contributed to infrastructure of the school building with a donation of $1,500. Then in 2002, Asha-Yale gave $500 for flood relief. In 2001, Asha-Silicon Valley donated $4,500 towards recurring school expenses and in 2003 donated $3,900 for the same.

These funds have been respectfully and prudently used to improve the condition of numerous children and consequently their families, giving hope to the community and inspiring, concrete examples of how that hope can be turned into reality. It is the goal and plan of the Michael A. Daube Charitable Trust to establish fertile ground for the duplication of this shining example.

Purpose / Goals

To provide quality education for the poorest children in this underserved and underdeveloped region.

Organization Description

The Michael A. Daube Charitable Trust was created in 1996 to help provide rural development in Orissa. Primarily the Trust founded a hospital in the village of Juanga to serve an area of approximately 25 km and a population of approximately 70,000 in surrounding villages. After the cyclone of 1999 a school was built to help meet the urgent need for educational facilities in the area. -

Project Type: Formal Schools (description)

Area: Rural

Number of Children: 226

Boy/Girl Ratio: 2 : 1

Student/Teacher Ratio: 45 : 1

Additional Information

Funds sent via Michael A. Daube Charitable Trust
Photo of Children
May 2005WAH 2004 Use of Funds Report
Mar 2004Shriram Narasimhan Site Visit 2004
Jan 20042004 School Update
??? 2004WAH 2004 Budget Proposal
??? 2003Chirag Shah Site Visit 2003
??? 20022002 Annual Report
Aug 20012001 Budget Proposal
??? 20012001 Flood
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