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Project Steward
Sundar Swaminathan
sunswam AT hotmail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Palanisamy A
arpsamy AT yahoo DOT co DOT in
Project Address
Chennai-Bangalore High road(Opp. P.W.D. Inspection Bungalow)
Venkatrangam Pillai Chatram
Sriperumbudur, Kancheepuram District
TAMIL NADU  602 105
Tel: +91 44 954111 362322
Funds Disbursed
May2015St. Louis$17,679.00
Sep2014St. Louis$8,285.00
Mar2014St. Louis$10,021.00
May2013St. Louis$7,704.00
Dec2012St. Louis$7,000.00
Nov2011St. Louis$10,200.00
Jan2010St. Louis$7,000.00
Mar2008St. Louis$7,000.00
Jan2005Santa Barbara$1,500.00
Oct2004Santa Barbara$1,000.00
Jun2004Santa Barbara$1,000.00
Apr2003St. Louis$2,030.00
???2002St. Louis$2,000.00

Total = $95,089

TOTAL: $95,089.00
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St. Louis

Project Description

Society for the Educational and Economic Development (Regd)

This project aims to educate children of prisoners, terminally-ill patients, murder victims, and prostitutes. SEED provides board, lodging, clothing and education of 271 children in ages 3-18 years. They provide both standard education and vocational training.

Purpose / Goals

- To raise the social, moral, educational and economic status of the socio-economic and downtrodden in India
- To serve the socio-economic and educationally downtrodden for their upliftment and progress in consonance with the principles propounded by Bhangi Mukti and Bhangi Khasta Mukti of Mahathma Gandhiji.
- To look into the living conditions of the socio-economic and educationally downtrodden and suggest ways and means to raise their standard of living.
- To promote education for boys and girls of the socio-economic and educationally downtrodden in a manner economically viable for them as per the WARTHA SCHEME (i.e.) NAI TALIM, propounded by Mahathma Gandhiji
- To establish and organize criche, balwadi, primary school, middle school, high school and college
- To establish and run Industrial Training Institute
- To provide free hostel facilities for the socio-economic and educationally downtrodden
- To establish and run boys and girls homes for orphans and destitute

Organization Description

SEED was created to improve the conditions of children in socially, educationally and economically deprived segments of the society. The children come from the following backgrounds:
Children of life prisoners
Children of murder victims
Children of leprosy patients
The activities include
- Sheltering boys and girls in the age group of 3 to 10 years
- Imparting primary level education in the Government recognized Mahathma Gandhi Primary School
- Training the kids in mat weaving, embroidery, doll making, plastic wire bag making
- Training in tailoring and embroidery for grownup children
- Sheltering boys between 11 & 16 years of age
- Imparting education in the Mahathma Gandhi Residential High School
- Training in management of dairy farm, agriculture & horticulture projects
- Imparting industrial training to the boys in highest age bracket in Dr. J.C. Kumarappa Industrial Training Institute (training as fitter or electrician or mechanic) Cutting & Tailoring training is offered to grownup girls
- Electronics trade, a new job oriented course is being offered to the destitute and socially deprived girls
- Lessons on GANDHIAN THOUGHT is imparted to the children in all centers to mould their character and life in the right direction
Everything is provided FREE to the children with the ultimate aim of securing a decent life to them.

Project Type: Residential School (description)

Primary Focus: children of (ex)convicts (description)

Secondary Focus: children of sex workers

Other Focus: children with disabilities

Area: Rural

Number of Children: 263

Boy/Girl Ratio: 4 : 1

Student/Teacher Ratio: 15 : 1

Photo of Children
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