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Project Steward
Vidyanand Rajpathak
ividraj AT gmail DOT com
Project Address
Udavum Karangal, India
460, N.S.K. Nagar
Chennai District
TAMIL NADU  600106
Tel: 621-6521/621-6321
Funds Disbursed
???2002Los Angeles$1,785.00
???2001Silicon Valley$15,000.00
???1999Los Angeles$2,300.00
???1998Los Angeles$7,100.00
???1997Los Angeles$3,000.00
???1996Los Angeles$1,500.00
???1995Los Angeles$1,500.00
???1994Los Angeles$3,000.00
???1993Los Angeles$3,000.00

Total = $122,214

TOTAL: $122,214.00
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Project Description

Asha Seattle is no longer accepting funds for Udavum Karangal or Udavum Karangal's Support-A-Child (SAC) project. Please contact Udavum Karangal's US office directly:

The team led by Mr. Vidyakar has been giving selfless service to abandoned orphans for over 15 years. Asha's support goes towards the educational expenses of the children including fees, books, and uniforms.
Udavum Karangal has been rescuing wandering mentally sick persons from the street those who have no other facilities available. There are nearly 600 patients who are under treatment, care and rehabilitation. During this process they have also picked up number of mentally retarded children who belong to the following categories:-

1) Those who are below 12 years who are mentally subnormal.
2) Those who are abandoned and disowned by the family.
3) Those who gets lost by the families.
4) Those mentally retarded children who are parentless or orphan back ground.
5) Spastic and Down syndrome children who are disowned by the family due to poverty and inability to care.

In the above mentioned categories there are already 100 children below 10 years who are under our care, they are being provided with treatment and care without any special education and training program. This project intends to provide special education and training program for these children.

Organization Description

Udavum Karangal's beginnings trace back to 1983, when Mr.Vidyakar began his work in a voluntary counseling and guidance centre,as a professional social worker, in the slums of N.S.K. Nagar, Chennai. Udavum Karangal happened when a puny, dehydrated baby boy was brought by a rickshaw puller, who had discovered it, abandoned in a cinema hall, after a night show to Mr. Vidyakar. This was the beginning. After 16 years, the institution now houses and cares for 1530 residents.

Project Type: Disabilities (description)

Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: orphans

Area: Urban

Additional Information

Also known as Helping Hands
Photo of Children
??? 20032003 Progress of SAC children, coordinated by Mohan Bulusu
Feb 2000Site Visit
??? 2000Question and Answers
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