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318 / 19 B, Canal road,
Shivaji Nagar
Pune, MAHARASHTRA  411 016
Funds Disbursed
???1999Silicon Valley$3,000.00

Total = $4,000

TOTAL: $4,000.00
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Project Description

Vanasthali Rural Development Center (VRDC) is a voluntary organization, which feels that the process of rural improvement has to be initiated at the grassroots level. VRDC focuses on laying a foundation for education for rural children in Maharashtra.
To establish a Balwadi, VRDC uses the services of the village women who have had a minimum education. These women are offered a 6-month training that includes courses in child's psychology, child education, health, nutrition, and school management. In addition they also receive practical training in crafts, games and songs. The overall aim is to make the women become self-confident able to develop their own potentialities. After training, the women open nursery school or Balwadis in their villages. Vanasthali provides their salaries and the necessary equipment and insures also a pedagogical assistance.
VRDC has helped to establish 206 Balwadis in eight districts, where about 10,000 children receive pre-primary education. In addition to setting Balwadis, the center also provides loans for home repairing, sets up toilet blocks, and trains rural women. VRDC plans to expand the coverage of activities for training and development of Balwadi teachers, intensify summer and winter camps for the Balwadi teachers and trainees, and establish Balwadi in about 250 villages and interior regions of Maharashtra.

Purpose / Goals

Asha-Colorado has provided financial assistance of $1000 to set up a Balwadi and to expand the library services in the villages. While Balwadis provide incentive for a child to attend school, libraries play a crucial part in sustaining the interest of a child in reading. Therefore, Asha-CO decided to support not only Balwadi but also library services in these villages.

Organization Description

VRDC is a voluntary organisation, which feels that the process of rural development has to be initiated at its grassroot level. The social awakening has to be generated at the inner core. We feel that education is the only means which will help make inroads into this stagnant ethos of rural society. -

Area: Rural

Photo of Children
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