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Project Steward
Shivashankar Halan
shivashankarh AT ufl DOT edu
Project Partner(s)
Mathuram Shiamalababy
shiamalaforword AT yahoo DOT com
Additional Contact
Meera Sitharam
sitharam AT cise DOT ufl DOT edu
Project Address
117 Suddananda Bharathi Streeet
East Thambaram
Chennai, Kancheepuram, TAMIL NADU  600 059
Tel: 91-44-2378081
Funds Disbursed
Jul2007Work an Hour$5,500.00
Dec2006Work an Hour$2,250.00
Oct2006Work an Hour$2,250.00
Mar2006DCINR 175,560.00

Total = $126,815.21

TOTAL: $126,815.21
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Project Description

FORWORD aims to tackle one of India's most challenging socio-economic problems - the oppression of under-privileged members of society - through an evening school designed primarily for Dalit children. The project intends to develop 12 schools each enrolling about 30 students in the Tambaram in northern Tamil Nadu,close to Chennai. These evening schools will complement a child's daytime primary education.

Purpose / Goals

Empower dalit children by providing them opportunities to bring out their talents. Address issues such as poverty, injustice, and oppression in the name of cast, gender and religion and work toward establishing a just society.

Organization Description

FORWORD was formed in 1991 by M.Shiamalababy and other like minded individuals who believed in social transformation. They feel that the world is ruled by powers of destruction like social injustice, inequality, social insecurity for women, political corruption. This leads to hunger, unequal distribution of resources, sickness and suffering amongst the majority while the minority enjoys the affluence. They believe that the need of the hour is a complete social transformation which can be achieved by the education of the oppressed and the marginalized-especially the younger generation. This kind of education should comprise life awareness education with quality in addition to the formal school education.

Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)

Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: remedial education

Other Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Urban

Additional Information

FORWORD is particularly impressive because it is using innovative methods to encourage community involvement in its efforts. FORWORD will first organize a troupe of about 20 trained children that will perform in these target villages to help build greater
Photo of Children
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