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Project Steward
Santhosh Sundararaman
santhoshsram AT gmail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Mrs. Jayalakshmi Rajagopal
sowbhagyatrust AT yahoo DOT com
Additional Contact
Subhashree Rajagopal
subash_asha AT yahoo DOT com
Funds Disbursed
Jul2013Silicon Valley$8,709.00
Feb2013Silicon Valley$1,555.00
Mar2011Silicon Valley$2,549.00
Mar2010Silicon Valley$5,391.00
Mar2009Silicon Valley$7,667.00
Apr2008Silicon Valley$7,260.00
Jan2007Silicon Valley$7,710.00
Apr2006Silicon Valley$7,905.00
Sep2005Silicon Valley$17,411.00
Apr2004Silicon Valley$7,707.00
Jun2003Silicon Valley$7,183.00
Jun2002Silicon Valley$4,286.00
Dec2001Silicon Valley$2,374.00

Total = $87,707

TOTAL: $87,707.00
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Silicon Valley

Project Description

Meet Vidhya from the Sowbhagya Project

Vidhya lives in Neelankarai, a suburb of Chennai along the coast. Her date of birth is March 4, 1990. Her father Shanmugam works as a coolie. Her mother's name is S.Saraswathi.

She is studying at St.Joseph's Higher Secondary School in Vettuvankeni. Her favorite subject in school is Social Science, and she loves to dance.

In her own words: The person I most admire is: Thomas Alva Edison,for his invention of light. My favorite activity is: Speech and dance. I participate in all programmes in school.

Support a Child. Enrich a Life!
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The Sowbhagya trust supports formal education for children from Class 6 through Polytechnic or Higher Education. Once the children graduate, the trust helps them in finding gainful employment.

The trust sponsors 8 children every year, starting from Class 6 and supports the child till the child completes his/her education and finds a good job.

With Asha's support the number of children supported by the trust has steadily increased, from 23 children in 2001 to 57 children in 2003. The children come from economically disadvantaged communities engaged in fishing, daily wage labour and the local construction industry.

The funds are used for educational materials for the children, providing books, uniforms and fees. Three teachers are engaged to provide additional coaching for 2-4 hours every evening and more during exam times.

The first batches of polytechnic students are now holding jobs in various disciplines like Information Technology, Electronics, Leather Technology, Corporate Secretaryship etc. In 2003, there were 5 students pursuing college education in fields such as Information Technology and Commerce. These students are being supported through the Higher Ed component of Asha-Silicon Valley's SAC program.

Organization Description

Sowbhagya Educational Trust, founded in 1992, is based in Neelankarai, a coastal town off of Chennai, in Tamilnadu. The educational trust was originally formed to provide education to the children of the fisherman community of the villages in and around Nilankarai. Over the years the target population has expanded to include the daily wage laborers and construction workers in the neighboring areas.

Project Type: Support a Child (description)

Area: Urban

Number of Children: 57

Boy/Girl Ratio: 1 : 1

Photo of Children
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  • If it is towards a project that is currently being supported, it will go towards the budget that was already approved for that project from its funding chapter. It will not be in addition to the approved budget.
  • If it is towards a project that is currently being supported, for something that is not covered in the budget that was approved, it has to be approved at a chapter before the funds can be sent.
  • In either case, the website has to be updated with the budget proposal and other details before funds can be sent.
  • If the project is not actively supported by AFE currently, the funds will be used towards other projects.

  • For clarifications on this policy, please contact projects [at] ashanet [dot] org

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