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Heggadadevanakote, Mysore District
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Project Steward
Seshasayee Venkataramani
sesha390 AT gmail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
H. D. Malathi
hdmalathi AT gmail DOT com
Project Address
Hanchipura Road, Saragur
H.D.Kote Taluk
Heggadadevanakote, Mysore District
KARNATAKA  571 121
Tel: 91(821) 245413
Funds Disbursed
Nov2008Work an Hour$10,579.00
Jun2002Silicon Valley$31,050.00
Dec2001Silicon Valley$2,000.00

Total = $118,704

TOTAL: $118,704.00
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Project Description

At present education is provided for 444 students, in grades 1-10. Hostel facilities are provided along with school uniforms, educational & sports materials and mid-day meals. In addition, emphasis is placed on vocational training, health & sports activities, and promotion of tribal culture & environmental awareness.

Organization Description

The Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) is a not-for-profit, non-religious, non-political, voluntary organization. It was founded in 1984 by a group of like- minded young medicos from the Government Medical College, Mysore.

In its initial years, the SVYM ran two rural dispensaries at Chinnadagudihundi and Thumnerale villages. In due course, it was decided to concentrate efforts in a single location. Accordingly, the SVYM opened a clinic at the Brahmagiri Tribal Colony in 1987. Six years later, this clinic was shifted to Hosahalli Tirbal Colony, where it would benefit a greater number of people.

As time passed, the SVYM realized that healthcare was just one aspect of bettering the tribals' lives. Sustained enrichment could be achieved only through education, a steady earning and saving capacity, a broader social outlook and a realization by the tribals that their tomorrow could be better than their today.

Responding to these and other needs, the SVYM now runs a 10-bed hospital at Kenchanahalli and a 40 bed Multi Speciality Hospital at Saragur. Further outreach services are provided through mobile health units. The Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning at Hosahalli, a semi-residential school, provides quality education to over 400 children. And Community Development Programmes, which aim to create self-sufficiency through pooled resources and education, are held regularly. -

Project Type: Community Awareness Programs (description)

Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Area: Rural

Additional Information

In addition to funds sent from Asha, we applied for and got a grant of $2500 from I2 foundation which was sent to the project for the 2001-2002 school year. The funds supported 40 students.
Photo of Children
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May 1991FCRA document
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