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Warora, Chandrapur District
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Project Steward
Dhara Soni
dhara_soni AT yahoo DOT ca
Project Partner(s)
Vikas Amte
anandwan AT gmail DOT com
Project Address
Maharogi Sewa Samiti
At & Post: Anandwan
Warora, Chandrapur District
Tel: (91)-(7176)-82034/82425
Funds Disbursed
Apr2010St. Louis$600.00
???2003St. Louis$1,500.00
???2002Work an Hour$7,650.00

Total = $11,750

TOTAL: $11,750.00
Funding Details
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Project Description

Maharogi Sewa Samiti runs a residential school for the blind, deaf-mute and orphan children. The school has educational facilities till the VII standard, and the slow-paced educational program allows the students to finish schools by the time they are 18. Unfortunately, traditional education alone does not seem adequate since these physically challenged people rarely find meaningful employment once they leave school. With this in perspective, a long-term plan was proposed for funding by Dr. Vikas Amte, Baba Amte's son and one of the leading persons at Anandwan, for providing these students some vocational training which will be useful in rehabilitating them in the longer term.

Organization Description

The creation of Anandwan rests upon the philosophy that 'Works Builds, Charity destroys'. Its enactment helped convert barren, rock strewn scrub into a lush green forest years later-that too with the help of leprosy patients who suffered from crippling deformities. These people who had been rejected by their own families and friends found not only warm acceptance at Anandwan but also an invitation to rise above their physical weakness and discover a new purpose in life. Their story tells not only how these fearless crusaders have overcome onerous challenges and attained self sufficiency, but of what they have given to and created for the world.

Project Type: Disabilities (description)

Area: Rural

Photo of Children
Apr 2010Funding Approval minutes 2010
Apr 2010Funding Approval minutes 2010
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Oct 2000Site Report - by Ranjit Ranade
??? 2000Site Report by Ranjit Ranade
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??? 2000Proposal for building infrastructure for varoius projects
Aug 1998Volunteer of AID - Site Report
??? 1997Funding Proposal
??? 1997Plan of proposed workshop
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