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Project Steward
DP Prakash
dp AT btv DOT ibm DOT com
Project Partner(s)
K Murthy
jeba_com AT yahoo DOT com
Additional Contact
Uma V
suyam_awake AT yahoo DOT co DOT in
Project Address
Old No, 5 New No, 26 Second Floor, Zinda Street, Kondithope
Chennai, Nagapattinam, TAMIL NADU  6000079
Tel: 9840340244
Funds Disbursed

Total = $18,794

TOTAL: $18,794.00
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Project Description

Nagapattinam district, The Land of religious harmony, known for its rich religious heritage was carved out by bifurcating the composite Thanjavur district on 18.10.1991. This District lies on the shores of the Bay of Bengal between Northern Latitude 10.7906 degrees and 79.8428 Degrees Eastern Longitude an area of 2715.83 Square kilometers in its fold. The District capital, 'Nagapattinam' lies on the eastern coast , 350 kilometers down south from the State capital 'Chennai' and 145 kilometers east, from Tiruchirappalli, a central place of the state.

Tsunami struck the coastal areas of Nagapattinam on 26.12.2004 at 09.12am.
In Nagapattinam, Akkaraipettai is the worst affected area and then Kallaar and Keechankuppam and other areas.
First tidal wave was not expected by the people and they didn’t realize that tsunami struck the areas.
Before they stabilize, in another 45 minutes gap, the second wave struck again and damaged the human lives, boats, houses and belongings.

Purpose / Goals

Support youth in education and provide career guidance
Develop a social conscience in youth
Ameliorate the suffering of individuals in distress Work with poor communities and improve their lives
Network with institutions and individuals and leverage them for project support

Organization Description

Suyam is a social voluntary organization serving the poor, needy and deserved people in the society for the past 18 years though the organization formally registered in the year 1999. Our main focus is on Education and then Medical Assistance and Awareness related activities.

* Develop the project Siragu Montessori School
* Focus on begging children situated in other parts of Tamilnadu and open schools and provide
quality education to the poorest of the poor.
* Create volunteer network by regular campaign and various method, so that all NGO get
regular volunteers without any scarcity.
* Conduct more youth awareness program and channelise them to their goals and support them
counseling, career guidance and various other support.
* Involve the student community in the social service and at one stage student shall run the
organization with the practical experience the gain during the service.
* Conduct more personality development free camps for students of Corporation Schools,
Government Schools, and Children Homes across Tamilnadu.
* Take up Government projects and render quality service to the deprived people and poorest of
the poor.

Project Type: Alternative Education (description)

Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Other Focus: children who are working

Area: Rural

Photo of Children
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Sep 2005Distribution of dress materials for kallar school children
Sep 2005Photos of distribution of colour dresses in kallar school
Mar 2005Nagapattinam third site visit report
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Mar 2005Distrubution of dress materials in pattinacheri village
Mar 2005Photos of pattinacheri dress materials distribution
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Feb 2005Nagapatinam Second site visit report
Jan 2005Nagapattinam First site visit report
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