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Project Steward
Sriparna Majumdar
sri DOT majumdar AT googlemail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Nupur Sanyal
iswcht AT gmail DOT com
Additional Contact
Sriparna Majumdar
sri DOT majumdar AT googlemail DOT com
Project Address
Institute Of Social Work.
29B, Chetla Central Road
Kolkata, WEST BENGAL  700027
Tel: 91-33-24796607
Funds Disbursed
Nov2015San Francisco$3,789.00
Aug2015San Francisco$5,115.00
Feb2015San Francisco$1,105.00
Jan2015San Francisco$5,705.00
Jul2014San Francisco$7,552.00
Mar2014San Francisco$2,493.00
Aug2013San Francisco$7,234.00
Nov2012San Francisco$1,530.00
Apr2012San Francisco$2,111.00
Jul2011Work an Hour$5,866.00
Nov2010Work an Hour$5,000.00
Aug2008Work an HourINR 19,421.00
Aug2008Work an Hour$2,675.00
Feb2008Work an Hour$2,675.00

Total = $95,182.38

TOTAL: $95,182.38
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Chapter Contact
San Francisco

Project Description

One chapter of the Institute of Social Work (ISW) is in Kidderpore, Kolkata. It is in the heart of the slums in Kolkata's dock area. The Kidderpore school, located in the dock area of Kolkata city, has 3 main sections: a tailoring school for girls, a coaching center for girls of classes 1 to 12, and a center for children who have not yet been admitted to school or are school dropouts. For 2012-13, Asha Stanford will be supporting the Kidderpore center. Please contact Vinod Ramachandran (vinodramachandran1 AT gmail DOT com) for information regarding this, if necessary.

The Barasat chapter of ISW is a transit school which helps drop-outs from the government schools get back into the educational system.

Asha-Cornell has been funding the upkeep of these centers for the past nine years, and the program has blossomed with an increased number of students and an expanded curriculum to accomodate students up to the 10th standard. The school very recently had its first student take the Madhyamik (10th standard board exam), and have several more students scheduled to take it the next time it is offered.

ISW is currently looking for funding to build new roofs, as the current ones are in need of repair and contain unhealthy levels of asbestos. Asha Portland has funded one of two roofs, and the organization is trying to find other sources for the second.

Purpose / Goals

ISW is playing a truly commendable role in running these education centers, mainly by encouraging and inspiring the underprivileged children by adopting non-formal and very innovative approaches.It tries to present learning as a worthwhile endeavor to the students, many of whom have very little incentive to attend otherwise. All the teachers in the training centers are extremely motivated and admirably trained either by the "Barefoot Teachers Training Program" run by Loreto School, Kolkata or have been groomed by ISW themselves.

Organization Description

The Institute of Social Work (ISW) is an NGO based in Kolkata, West Bengal, which works to provide better opportunities to underprivileged women and children. ISW started with a group of young and enthusiastic social workers in 1978 who wanted to work for the socio-economic development of the underprivileged sections of the society, focusing especially on the women in these communities. The Institute operates a number of centers imparting formal and non-formal education to children and vocational training to women. Two of these centers are located in Kidderpore and Barasat. Asha-Cornell has been funding these two centers for the past nine years, and the program has blossomed with an increased number of students and an expanded curriculum.
The school at Khidderpore is in the heart of the slums in Kolkata's dock area. It has three sections: a tailoring school for girls, a coaching center for girls in middle and high school, and a non-formal education center for school dropouts. It also provides vocational training in food processing and baking to adolescent girls.
The Barasat center has formal classes from nursery to class VIII. The school currently has nearly four hundred children in classes from nursery to eighth grade and follows the syllabus prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education though not formally affiliated with the Board.
According to ISW's research, the parents of the children of served by these projects work in various occupations that provide meager incomes, such as vegetable vending, casual labor and rickshaw pulling. Of the children who attend these schools, more than half are girls. Many students who attend ISW schools receive little academic help at home and find it difficult to continue their education in other schools. Through its dedicated and highly involved teachers ISW provides an environment for drop-outs from other schools to remain in the educational system, and encourages them to continue their education. ISW keeps students engaged through extra curricular activities like dancing, singing, art, craft, and sports.
ISW works actively in the field of women's rights which complements its work in education. ISW's major asset is its dedicated teaching staff: four at Khidderpore and fourteen at Barasat. Teachers visit homes in the area to meet with parents and discuss the importance of education. Their initiative and persuasion has helped bring in children into the education system who otherwise might not have had access to even a basic education.

Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)

Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Other Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Urban

Number of Children: 200

Student/Teacher Ratio: 6 : 1

Photo of Children
Nov 2015ISW_Kidderpore_Proposal (2015-16)
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Jun 2014Asha SF_ISW_Cycle 2 (2013-14) Progress& funds utilization
Jun 2014SF_Barasat Cycle 3 (2014-15)_Proposal Q&A
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Feb 2014AshaSF_ISW 6 month progress report_Sep13toFeb14
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Jul 2013Site-Visit-Report 07172013
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Oct 2012AshaSF_ISW 6 month progress report_Apr - Sep 2012
Oct 2012AshaSF_ISW_6month_Funds_Utilization_Report (Apr - Sep 2012)
Jul 2012Proposal For Khidderpore Center 2012-2013
Jul 2012Proposal For Khidderpore Center 2012-2013
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May 2012Proposal For Khidderpore Center 2012-2013
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Feb 2012Site Visit Report 2012
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Nov 2009Budget for New Roofs
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May 2009Shiksha Niketan Budget 09
May 2009SN Budget 2009, part 1
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Mar 2009Annual Report, '08-'09
Mar 2009Audit Report - Breakup
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Mar 2008Statement of Expenditures, '07-'08
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