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Project Steward
Jaideep Sahasrabudhe
jay DOT sahas AT gmail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Prerna Valimbe
grammangal2006 AT yahoo DOT com
Project Address
"Rashmi " , 3/9 , Yashashree Colony,
Behind navsahyadri Vithal Mandir, Karve Nagar
Pune, MAHARASHTRA  411052
Tel: 020-32918617
Funds Disbursed

Total = $35,623

TOTAL: $35,623.00
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Project Description

This project is to support GRAM MANGAL to provide alternative education to children in rural areas.

Purpose / Goals

- Conduct Research, Development & Extension Activities in
Early Childhood Education, Primary, Secondary & Higher Education
- Conduct Research, Development & Extension Activities in Technical, Vocational & Tertiary Education
- Undertake Educational & Rural Development Projects in Tribal Belt
- In collaboration with like minded NGOs & other institutions undertake educational research projects
and support them

Organization Description

GRAMMANGAL is a registered non-government organization working in the field of education. It was established by Anutai Wagh, the well-known educationist in Maharashtra, in 1982. For the past more than twenty years, GM is working in pre-primary and primary education. It has been conducting extended training programme of one year, for the past several years.
The head office of GM is in village Aine, a small tribal village in Thane District of Maharashtra state. One of the features of GRAMMANGAL’s work is its tailor-made education programme for tribal children. GRAMMANGAL has developed a form of school called Vikaswadi, which takes into account the problems of Tribal Children who are first generation learners. The tribal habitats are scattered and there are about thirty-five to forty children on each hamlet (wadi). These children are in the age group of 3 to 8. GM has devised a multilevel non graded school ( a school where a single teacher handles groups from pre-school to third grade of primary school) for these children. This is a very common situation in India where a single teacher has to manage more than one grades at a time. However, elsewhere, they are not trained for that and look at this situation as a problem. The innovative approach of GM has received appreciation from both the Government and the NGOs working in the field of education.

Project Type: Alternative Education (description)

Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Area: Rural

Photo of Children
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