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Project Steward
Navin Kashyap
nkashyap1 AT yahoo DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Anouradha Bakshi
anouradha DOT bakshi AT gmail DOT com
Project Address
Sri Ram Goburdhan Charitable Trust
C 15 Chiragh Enclave
New Delhi, DELHI  110048
Tel: + 91 9999079705
Funds Disbursed
Mar2011CanadaCAD 2,100.00
Apr2010CanadaCAD 2,200.00
Jul2009CanadaCAD 1,000.00

Total = $9,058

TOTAL: $9,058.00
Funding Details
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Project Description

Project Why adopted seven persons for their foster care program in Jan 2008. Three of the individual are severely mentally and physically challenged while the other four were adopted to groom them for a mainstream residential school. The foster home was started at the behest of a donor who promised to support their residential schooling. The donor reneged and Project Why did not wish to send the children back to their slum homes, if they had any, so this project was born.

We are seeking to support the schooling of 4 young persons (ages 5-13) who will be starting school in June 2009 in KG through class III. All children come from highly disadvantaged background and would not be able to study if not for the intervention by Project Why. We are embarking on an exciting journey by providing these children safe residential environments to study and form networks that they may not have formed if they continued to live out of their homes.

Organization Description

Project why operates out of the slums of New Delhi. They primarily run after school programs for all school going children and creches for the tiny tots. They also have a center that works with physically and mentally challenged adults/ children as well as operate a women's center. Together all these activities are carried out from 13 distinct centres spread over the slums. Project why is also actively engaged with the community on human rights and health issues. They have sponsored several heart surgeries. They are currently working towards a sustainable guest house called planet why, to meet their funding needs. -

Project Type: Support a Child (description)

Area: Urban

Number of Children: 4

Boy/Girl Ratio: 3 : 1

Photo of Children
Apr 2012Proposal 2012-2013
Jan 2012Site visit report, dated 27 Jan 2012
Aug 2009Report of site visit conducted 24-28 Aug 2009
Dec 2008Proposal document
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