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Project Steward
Rupam Singla
singla DOT rupam AT gmail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Subrata Das
subratabharatidas AT hotmail DOT com
Additional Contact
Krishna Roy
swird DOT org AT gmail DOT com
Project Address
Vill & P.O - Pulsita
Dist.- Purba Medinipur, Medinipur District
Tel: (03228) 257 322
Funds Disbursed
Jan2015San Francisco$12,928.00
Jul2014San Francisco$6,617.00
Jan2014San Francisco$5,547.00
Jul2013San Francisco$5,314.00
Jan2013San Francisco$5,636.00
Oct2011San Francisco$6,154.00
Mar2011San Francisco$6,756.00
Jun2010San Francisco$5,840.00
Sep2009San Francisco$5,750.00

Total = $60,542

TOTAL: $60,542.00
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Project Description

Society for Women in Rural Development (SWIRD) is a social development NGO working for last 17 years to uplift the quality of lives of the downtrodden women and children in remote rural belt in the Eastern part of India. Among various projects SWIRD is running 10 nos. of pre-primary schools (Balwadi Centers) to support elementary education for the poor children. Due to financial constraints we face lot of difficulties to run those schools.

Organization Description

Every society has a history for the formation of the organization which encourages and inspires its members to reach the goal. ‘Society for Women in Rural Development’ (SWIRD) is such an organization run by a group of women especially the house-wives who know about the distressful situation of the women of the poor rural families living below the poverty line. One unfortunate incidence had motivated the women to establish SWIRD. It was in the year 1990. Many poor families could not arrange even one meal for every member of the family and the helpless mother had to starve along with her kids. One day a mother committed suicide as she could not arrange food for her children for some consecutive days. A local leading NGO, viz. Nabarun Seva Niketan facilitated some community leaders to sit together and discussed about their duties to uplift the condition of the families especially by the women themselves . This meeting gave a formation of a group which decided to form an NGO which would run exclusively by the rural women. Thus in the year 1991-1992 a non profit society was formed as an offshoot of Nabarun Seva Niketan viz. “Society for Women in Rural Development” or ‘SWIRD’ in short.

Project Type: Pre-Primary (description)

Area: Rural

Photo of Children
Jul 2015SWIRD_Cycle5 midyear progress
May 2015SWIRD_2015 New Project_(Building)_Proposal
Jan 2015SWIRD_Proposal_Cycle 5_(JantoDec2015)
Jan 2015SWIRD_Cycle 5 (2015)_Approval Minutes
Dec 2014SWIRD_annual progress_Cycle 4 (JantoDec2014)
Dec 2014SWIRD_Steward Update and Q&A
Sep 2014SWIRD_site visit_29Sep2014
Jun 2014SWIRD_Cycle 4 (2014)_6 months progress report
Jun 2014SWIRD_cycle 4 (2014)_6mnth progress (steward ppt)
Jan 2014SWIRD_Cycle 4_Approval Minutes
Nov 2013SWIRD_Cycle 4_Proposal (for year 2014)
Jun 2013SWIRD Cycle 3- 6month-progress-report
Nov 2012SWIRD_Approval_Minutes_112512
Nov 2012SWIRD Cycle 3 - one year progress report
Jul 2012SF_SWIRD_Cycle 2_ progress_report_Annual_Mar11_thr_Feb12
Jul 2012Asha SF_SWIRD_Cycle 3_3rd_yr_Proposal
??? 2012SWIRD site visit report
Aug 2011Semi-Annual Progress Report
Jul 20112011 WAH Budget
Feb 2011Meeting minutes, project proposal discussion
Feb 2011Poll results
Feb 2011Approval Minutes
Dec 2010Site visit report
Nov 2010Final report
Nov 2010Funds Utilization
Oct 2010October 2010 Proposal
Jun 2010Receipt; 2nd installment
Apr 2010half yearly account
Apr 20106-months report
Oct 2009receipt 1st installment
Oct 2009receipt of first installment 2009
Sep 2009SWIRD_overview.ppt
Sep 2009SWIRD_Funding.ppt
Aug 2009SWIRD_Proposal.doc
Aug 2009SWIRD-Site-Visit-08June2009.doc
Aug 2009SWIRD_answers2.doc
Aug 2009Audited_accounts_2006-2007.doc
Aug 2009Audited_accounts_2007-2008.doc
Jan 2009SWIRDProposal.doc
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