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Nandurbar, Nandurbar District
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Project Steward
Deepali Bhagvat
deepali DOT bhagvat AT gmail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Martina Fargose
jeevanvidyatrust AT gmail DOT com
Project Address
Near Mhada Colony, Korit Road
Nandurbar, MAHARASHTRA  425412
Tel: 9637871258
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Total = $50,988

TOTAL: $50,988.00
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Project Description

Jeevan Vidya operates lodging and boarding facilities for 85 tribal girls in Nandurbar. Nandurbar is 10 hours by road from Mumbai. The offices are located a few kilometers from the center of the town. Jeevan Vidya provides lodging and boarding facilities for 85 girls from neighboring tribal areas. These girls attend schools close by to the boarding facility. Jeevan Vidya started a year back and is a sister project of Jan Seva which has been operating for 15 years. These two organizations are independent of each other but they share the same ideology and operational practices. The children who avail the benefits of these facilities come from villages located around 50-60 kms away. Girls are from 5th to 12th grade and belong to very poor families. Most of the parents in this area are farm workers. The children attend a local missionary school for which they are not charged any fee.

Children are encouraged to be independent and disciplined. The children wash their own utensils as well as their clothes. Both the facilities have a fixed time-table that the children are supposed to follow. It is ensured that they get enough time for both studies and play. Janseva and Jeevan Vidya only provide boarding and lodging facilities, so there are no classes or teachers. Local volunteers teach children organic farming and in the process, impart some vocational training. Most of the children return to farming and contribute to their communities.

Organization Description

15 years ago Janseva Mandal approached the management of Nirmala Niketan, an institute for social and especially women's development based in Churchgate, Mumbai, for women activists to assist Janseva's developmental services in the adivasi area of Nandurbar District.

Thus Jeevanvidya began as an adivasi women's development cell - promoting herbal health, education, credit groups and panchayati raj participation - under Janseva Mandal.

However in due time the activists concerned thought it appropriate that the women's initiatives be autonomously set up and managed. In accordance with this line of thinking Jeevanvidya moved out of Janseva Mandal two years ago into its own premises affording a compact resource centre, training facilities for women and an adivasi girls' boarding.

Project Type: Other (description)

Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Area: Rural

Photo of Children
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