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Chalo Bihar - Participate in Bihar Panchayat Shiksha Mitra Training

An opportunity to work with 80,000 para-teachers and 2,000,000 children in villages in Bihar

An opportunity to start turning things around in Bihar

An opportunity to create hope & confidence

Across India and especially in Bihar, large numbers of school going children have dismal levels of learning. Well over 50% children, in the age group 7 to 10 are not able to read, write and do basic math. Without these basic skills, it is impossible for them to continue or make further progress in the school system. There are many reasons for this : high student teacher ratios in government schools, lack of learning support at home as well as a lack of accountability of the school to parents or to the community.

In October-November 2004, Bihar government is recruiting and training 80,000 Panchayat Shiksha Mitras (PSM). These are local (usually young) people who will be para-teachers in the village government primary school. In each village, the selection is done by the panchayat and the village education committee. The training will be carried out in 2000 locations across the state. This scale of training ? 80,000 teachers in 2000 locations simultaneously ? is perhaps unprecedented in India. The teachers will teach 2,000,000 children across all districts and blocks of Bihar.

Bihar Government has invited Pratham ( to assist in this training. A ?practice? class has been included as an integral part of the training so that the PSM gets ?hands-on? experience of teaching during the training period itself. The ?practice class? will use Pratham?s accelerated learning technique in reading and maths and follow an outcome-oriented and time-bound approach (with baseline assessment and ?tests? to track children?s progress.)

Why Is This So Important?

Bihar is struggling on almost every development parameter. The perception in rest of India and abroad is that, things are in bad shape. There is widespread cynicism and skepticism about the possibility of change. People in Bihar, especially those in economic duress, face many hardships. But these hardships are compounded with the cruelest cut of them all ? lack of hope and belief that things can change.

For any societal change ? the building blocks are hope and confidence. Hope that things will change and confidence that we as a group and I as an individual can participate in making that change happen.

So for Pratham, the larger picture is not simply about helping in the training 80,000 teachers or teaching 20,00,000 children to read, write and do basic math ? it is about building hope & confidence. Confidence that we can work in one of the most difficult states of India in such massive scale and we can help in make things work. and in being part of the solution.

This is what the opportunity is really about?.


Across India and especially in Bihar, large numbers of school going children have dismal levels of learning. Well over 50% children, in the age group 7 to 10 are not able to read, write and do basic math. Without these basic skills, it is impossible for them to continue or make further progress in the school system. There are many reasons for this : high student teacher ratios in government schools, lack of learning support at home as well as a lack of accountability of the school to parents or to the community.

Panchayat Shiksha Mitra Training

The training schedule is the following:

Oct 2-14: Orientation and training of master trainers. 2000 master trainers to be trained in 150 locations across the state (4 locations in each district.) (Bihar has 37 districts). Pratham will be able to orient these master trainers in the Pratham accelerated learning technique in reading and maths. Master trainers will conduct a class during the course of their 10 day training.

Oct 15-19: Panchayat Shiksha Mitra Initial orientation of 5 days: During this period, Pratham will assist the master trainers in training PSMs in Pratham?s accelerated reading and maths techniques. 80,000 PSMs to be trained in 2000 locations across the state (4 locations in each block.)

Oct 25-Nov 16: Each PSM will return to his village school and conduct a reading class with 25 children who are non-readers. (During this period between Dushera and Diwali, PSM will get 16 working days). A pre-test and a ?mid? test will be done.

Nov 17: The PSM will return to the training venue with his/her experiences and reports of the progress made by children during the ?practice? class.

Nov 19 to Dec 20: PSM training module continues.

Soon after the training PSM joins the school in which he or she will teach. The government hopes to place all newly trained Panchayat Shiksha Mitras in the schools before the start of the new academic year in January 2005.

Pratham participation:

This is an unique opportunity for Pratham to help a state government not only build capacity to improve basic reading and arithmetic skills of children across the state but also assist them in creating an outcome oriented and time bound approach to ensuring learning for all children. It is also a unique opportunity for Pratham teams across the country to participate in a joint effort. We believe that during this 6 weeks, there will be substantial capacity development and learning for all Pratham people who participate. Pratham?s interaction with the PSMs will be not only during training sessions but also during field visits to support and encourage PSMs as they conduct their ?practice? class in their village.

300 strong Pratham people from across the Pratham network are moving to Bihar from October 1 to just before Diwali (approx November 13-14 or so). These are all people who have been good instructors themselves,. can communicate persuasively, and have voluntarily come forward to be to be part of the Bihar team effort.

There will be no additional payment to any full time Pratham person (in the case of balsakhis or teachers some stipend may be considered). Costs of travel, accommodation and food will be covered by Pratham.

You can help us in TWO WAYS :-

1. Come volunteer for one month in Bihar with us starting from October ? You have to let us know very quickly at the following email: (
2. By supporting us with resources ? we need about Rs 45.15 lacs (please see budget below and timelines and activity plans are enclosed in the excel file) for this project by end October or about US$ 100,000/- . If you are outside India, please log onto and donate online. If you are based in India, please write out a check in favor of ?Pratham India Education Initiative? and mail (preferably speed post) to the following address:

Mr. Ashok Gaitonde
Pratham India Education Initiative
1203-06, Arcadia (12th floor)
195, NCPA Road
Nariman Point, Mumbai ? 400 021

Also please email us at the following email address saying that you have sent a check ? email id?? Any amount is welcome and received with humble gratitude.


Estimated costs Indian Rs

1 Pratham Orientation One day workshop in Patna
Cost of 300 people coming in 300,000 Rs 1000 per head
Accomodation of 300 people 90,000 Rs 300 per head
Meeting location 30,000
Food etc 30,000 Rs 100 per head
Total 450,000

2 Master Trainer workshop 10 days in district
Moving to respective location 150,000 Rs 500 per head
Accomodation for 10 days 300,000 Rs 100 per day for 10 days
Food for 10 days 150,000 Rs 50 per day for 10 days
Communication 30,000 Rs 100 for 10 days
Local travel 150,000 Rs 500 per 10 days
Total 780,000

3 Panchayat Shiksha Mitra training 5 days orientation and 16 days practice class. (Holidays in between).
150 vehicles for 21 days 1,575,000 Rs 500 per day
Moving to respective locations 60,000 Rs 200 per head
Accomodation for 30 days 450,000 Rs 50 per head per day
Food for 30 days 450,000 Rs 50 per head per day
Communication 90,000 Rs 300 per duration
Traveling back to home location 300,000 Rs 1000 per head
Total 2,925,000

4 Misc
Printing,copying 30,000
Medical expenses 30,000
Payment to teacher level people 300,000
Total 360,000

TOTAL Rs. 4,515,000
TOTAL in US$ US$ 100,000
About Pratham

India has, over last few decades made rapid strides in tertiary education, with state of art technical, managerial, scientific and liberal art institutions. But unfortunately, the state of affairs in basic primary school education leaves a lot to be desired.

Estimates indicate that, of about 190-200 million children in the 6-14 age group in India, about 72 million children are out of school of which about 13 million have never been to school and about 59 million have been to school but have dropped out prior to class VIII. By Std X, 70% of all children enrolled would have dropped out of the school system. India also has one of the highest incidences of child labor in the world.

Pratham ( works towards universalizing primary education in India. Pratham is one of the largest non-profits working in the primary education sector. It serves about 200,000 children across 10 states, with about 9000 young women volunteers through its direct programs and reaches out to over 3 million children through its indirect programs. Seeded by UNICEF and Mumbai Municipal Corporation in 1994, Pratham began in the slums of Mumbai. Currently, it serves economically underprivileged children across Maharasthra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Our mission is ?Every Child in School and Learning Well?. Pratham is a tripartite partnership ? between the corporates, government and citizens ? working closely with the government in the belief that the fastest and most efficient change can be brought about only by motivating the government at various levels. Rather than supplant, it supplements the governmental investment recognizing that primary education is principally the responsibility of the government. Pratham operates in scale and believes in demonstrating large scale solutions. All Pratham programs are designed to ensure that:
? enrollment in schools increases
? dropout from schools decrease
? influencing both the above, learning in schools and communities increase
? where impractical like child labor, to take education net to them
? the digital divide is dimished by promoting IT education and computer assisted learning
? there is replicability, sustainability and rapid scalability to serve large numbers

Pratham is also unique in that it is a citizens movement which has drawn people from all walks of life. The team consists of thousands of women volunteers from the communities ? who are the main engine ? as also social workers, activists, PhDs, MBAs, CAs, civil servants, bankers, corporate professionals, consultants, academics etc.

We have been supported by number of corporates like ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries, Citibank, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Piramal Group, BILT, Mckinsey & Co., British Gas etc., and multilateral foundations like UNICEF, World Bank, Azim Premji Foundation, HPS Foundation, American India Foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation - UK, CIDA ? Canada, NOVIB (Oxfam) ? Netherlands, Save the Children ?UK etc. In 2000, Pratham was ranked amongst the world?s three ?most innovative development projects? by the World Bank ? Government of Japan: Global Development Network. -

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