Capital: Chennai
Population: 72.14 million
Density: 478 per sq. km.
Urban Population: 48.45%
Literacy Rate: 80.33%
Male Literacy: 86.81%
Female Literacy: 73.86%
Sex Ratio: 986 (females per 1000 males)

#ProjectChapter(s) Funding
1 Amar Seva Sangam - Asha Star Project
Amar Seva Sangam
2 Anugriha
Asha’s funds will be used to set up a model-school providing an integral approach, philosophy of the mother, techniques of Doman (including field trips, flash cards, videos, 1:5 teaching etc) and to increase the capacity of the exisiting school, and ...
3 Anugriha tsunami relief
This project is about working with few villages near Anugriha devastated by tsunami. Anugriha has worked hard to get the people up and going & has organized substantial immediate aid.
4 Asha 2000 - Shanmuga Subramanian
Visiting over 80 Asha projects to evaluate and understand impact of Asha's work
Boston/MIT, DC, General Funds, Seattle, Silicon Valley
5 Asha Chennai Tsunami Relief
Asha Chennai has undertaken tsunami relief and rehabilitation work at Urur, Olcott, Odai and nearby Kuppams to help affected families return to normalcy
6 Avvaiyar Resource Center
This will be a community resource center that will help create a model school, experimental workshop to promote good methods, value education, income generating activities and networking.
7 Back To School (Tsunami)
Supporting children affected by the Tsunami with necessary schooling materials
Arizona, Chennai, Seattle, Tsunami Relief & Rehab
8 Betsy Elizabeth Trust - Creche
Betsy Elizabeth Trust provides small schools, or creches, for children under 5 years old in the bottom economic rung of Indian rural villages.
9 Bharathi Trust - Senchiamma School
Senchiamma school is a balwadi for Irular tribal children, run by Bharathi Trust in Senjiagaram village near Chennai. This school provides Early Childhood Education support to rougly 35 boys and girls in the 0-6 age group.
10 Bharathi Trust : Resource Center
Bharathi Trust : Resource Center
Austin, Seattle
11 Christ King Society
To provide uniforms & books, infrastucture & build new school building
12 EQUIP Krishnagiri
Padippum Inikkum (Tamil Reading Skills Program) This program brings about a rapid improvement the reading levels of children. It involves an initial evaluation of children's reading skills and groups them into 5 different levels. This is fo...
13 Gandhi Kasturi Bai Village Development Society - GKVDS
GKVDS's mission is to rehabilitate the deprived section of society by helping them enhance their capacity to ensure socio-economic upliftment. Asha is supporting starting of 5 centers to provide non-formal education, health care & vocational training
14 Hariksha Peoples Welfare Trust
Learning center for cerebrally palsied and mentally retarded children
Chennai, Danbury, Irvine, Los Angeles, Seattle, Work an Hour
15 IOI - International Ocean Institute (Anawim)
Anawim is dedicated to the socio-economic development of coastal Dalit villages. Together with Asha, Anawim has set up eight Asha Junior Centers to provide educational support and enrichment activities for the children in these villages.
Berkeley, Boston/MIT, NYC/NJ, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, St. Louis, Stanford, Work an Hour
16 Irula - Bharathi Trust
Provide educational motivation centers for Irula tribal children in South India.
Athens, Cornell, Detroit, Mid-Hudson Valley, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toledo, Work an Hour
17 Jeevan Gnanodhaya School for the Deaf
Several Asha chapters have been involved with Jeevan Gnanodaya over the past many years. Some completed and ongoing initiatives of Asha's relationship with Jeevan Gnanodaya are given below: Infrastructure: # Hearing aids: behind-the-ear ...
Atlanta, Austin, Boston/MIT, Cornell, Seattle, Silicon Valley, UIUC, Work an Hour
18 Kuthambakkam
one-time for school & adult literacy program in Kuthambakkam village to the village panchayet
19 Lead into Light
Part of Trigger project proposal submitted to WAH 2003 This project envisages establishment of a Unit for the production and circulation of a Multilingual Braille Magazine in the Indian languages at Vidya Vrikshah. The project involves: - comp...
20 Learning Network
Learning Network explores various approaches towards holistic learning, helps learn about new perspectives & strengthen existing efforts. It is a resource for interested groups, educators and parents seeking meaningful approaches to education.
21 Puvidham Rural Development Trust
Towards sustainable development through education
London, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Work an Hour
22 Reconstruction for Tsunami Affected Schools - Suyam
Reconstruction of schools in tsunami affected Nagapattinam region
23 REDAG - Rural Educational Development Action Group
REDEG runs a child home in Thally, Dharmapuri dist, Tamilnadu
24 Rejuvenate India Movement (Tsunami Relief)
Asha Seattle is currently working with RIM on short term rehabilitation for the tsunami victims in Tamil Nadu
25 RHEDT - Rural Health and Environment Development Trust
Asha Seattle has discontinued support for this project. Please contact us at seattle@ashanet.org for more details if interested
26 Rural Development Trust
RDT runs a school for the children of migrant Andhra workers in Tamil Nadu.
27 Spastics Society of India - Vidyasagar
This project is to help set up a computer center for the children with cerebral palsy.
28 Thiruvarur Schools Rebuilding
Rebuilding of schools in Thappalampaliyur and Vishnupuram following government order (aftermath of Kumbakonam fire tragedy)
29 TNSF - Tamil Nadu Science Forum
Initial funding for library setup in 1500 villages.
Boston/MIT, Seattle
30 Udavum Karangal
The team led by Mr. Vidyakar has been giving selfless service to abandoned orphans for over 15 years. Asha's support goes towards the educational expenses of the children including fees, books, and uniforms.
Chicago, Los Angeles, Madison, Seattle, Silicon Valley
31 V-Excel Education - Education & Vocation for Special Children
Asha Seattle would like to partner with V-Excel trust to support the financial needs of deserving special children. The school strives to empower the lives of developmentally challenged children and help them lead successful lives in society.
32 Valluvar Gurukulam
The project was started in 1940 by freedom fighters for the benefit of destitute refugee children who returned to their ancestral land. They now have over 1100 students in run 3 schools - a co-ed elementary, a girl's higher secondary, and a co-ed mat...

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