Capital: Kolkata
Population: 91.35 million
Density: 904 per sq. km.
Urban Population: 31.89%
Literacy Rate: 77.08%
Male Literacy: 82.67%
Female Literacy: 71.16%
Sex Ratio: 934 (females per 1000 males)

#ProjectChapter(s) Funding
AHEAD is an organisation working for education and rehabilitation of the mentally, autistic severely disabled children coupled with economic handicap as well.
Berkeley, NYC/NJ, Seattle
2 AIWC - Belighata Primary Section
The school located in the slums of Beleghata, Kolkata, provides nursery and primary schooling, vocational training and mid-day meals for nearly 300 children. Asha-Cleveland supported the nursery section and purchase of textbooks for primary school.
3 AIWC - Central Calcutta Constituency Creche
4 All Bengal Women
A residential school for under-privileged children.
5 Anandadhara- SPAN
Support SPAN to provide alternative education for ~300 children in Anandadhara, DumDum center
6 Asha Trust - Anandan
A school for slum children...ages from kindergarten upto 4th grade. Vocational training for slum women.
7 Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha
The Patha Bhavan project, named a 'Basketful of Learning', aims at providing a enjoyable atmosphere to the children in the region.
Atlanta, Berkeley, Cornell, DC, Seattle, St. Louis, Work an Hour
8 Balia Gram Unnayan Samity
This project runs a pre-primary school for kids in the Balia District of West Bengal..
Knoxville, Silicon Valley, UIUC, Work an Hour
9 Bharat Sevashram Sangha - Pranabananda Boys Hostel
A hostel run for boys in or around Malda town, who will be provided free room, board and educational tutor ship. while attending local school
Silicon Valley
10 Book Bank at Mousuni Island in Indian Sundarbans
The HCWS, which was registered in 1993, has been actively involved with in social and economic upliftment of rural poor. Currently, HCWS conducts seven non-formal education centers. Asha-Nijmegen funded book bank project with HCWS as lead NGO.
11 Bustee Welfare Center
The BWC is a non-governmental organization that tries to improve the lives of bustee children and give them a better future through education.
12 CCD-Education Programme
To fund the education programme led by Center for communication and development
13 Champa Mahila Society
CMS works to build a self-reliant community with focus on women's groups. Asha's partnership with them include many schools (mostly pre-primary), a child-home & a hospital.
14 Chandanagar Sarada Sadhan Vidyalaya for Girls
The major beneficiaries of this school project have been the poor girls, many from the refugee community, whose families routinely engaged in the jobs of house-servant/rickshaw pulling/manual labor/vegetable vendor etc.
15 Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay
Shishur Sevay is an orphanage intended to serve as a community based, family type home, and a model of non-institutional care of orphaned girls.
CentralNJ, Cornell, Delaware
The objective is to identify as many out of school children as possible in the various poor areas of Calcutta (slums, squatter colonies, etc.) and mainstream them.
Athens, Los Angeles
17 Cyclone Aila Relief in WB
This project is to support the rescue efforts led by Mukti and BTS for the people affected by Cyclone Aila in West Bengal
Athens, Atlanta, Berkeley, Cornell, Dallas, DC, General Funds, NYC/NJ, Portland, UFlorida, Yale
18 Digambarpur Angikar - preprimary education
Pre-primary education for infants (3-6 yrs) of socially excluded communities
Cornell, San Francisco
19 Dighalpatra Academy
Proposal or no funding info available
20 Dighalpatra Academy
Asha yale is supporting Asha/Yale is supporting to buy books and to build a library to store the books.
21 Divine Fellowship - Blind School Project
The Divine Fellowship (D.F). Blind School is located in Kolkata (Calcutta), India. The School's purpose is to educate, rehabilitate, and integrate blind students into their original communities.
22 Ganguria Sri Sri Saradatirtham
This village of Malda district is extremely backward with most of the standard developments yet to reach. Swami Grijatmnanda, a retired Ramakrishna Ashram high school teacher, started this educational institute and charitable medical clinic.
Silicon Valley
23 Gohaldanga Ramkrishna Sarada Vivekananda Seva Kendra
24 Harek Rakam Ba
An education mela in Kolkata for children, parents & teachers in govt. (aided) schools & NGOs
25 Hijli Inspiration - Agragati
SRI SRI RAMKRISHNA SIKSHASHRAM is working with marginalized students and making them indepent in rural Midnapore area.
Cleveland, London
26 Hijli Inspiration - Kamarhati Centers Kolkata
This project is to support Community based Accelerated Reading and Bridge Course Programme with a special focus on mainstreaming children at risk.
Atlanta, Research Triangle Park
27 Institute of Social Work - Primary Education Project
Non-formal education centres in and around Kolkata
Cornell, Portland, San Francisco, Stanford, Work an Hour
28 Integral Child Education Programme (Balwadi), Ushagram Trust
Pre-primary schooling centers (Balwadis) for 3-6 year old children in 12 villages in Nadia District, West Bengal
29 Ishan
Renovate deteriorating infrastructure, purchase school uniforms and supplies, and provide at least one meal for ~50 children.
30 Jabala Action Research Organization
Asha Dallas is supporting the Kalabagan school for children in the Kalabagan slum
31 Jabala Action Research Organization, Murshidabad
Non-formal education centers to combat trafficking in rural areas highly prone to human trafficking
Proposal or no funding info available
32 Jiaganj Raja Bijoy Singh Vidyamandir
Jiaganj is a town of mostly of small-business owners or salaried classes. This is the only high school there. Asha was involved with the reconstruction of school building and infrastructure development at Jiaganj school.
St. Louis
33 Kalam: Margins Write
Creative literacy program to empower marginalized and underserved young people
Proposal or no funding info available
34 Kalyan Sangha
The primary objective of this project is to install school going habits in the kids. Kalyan Sangha runs pre-primary creches for village children
35 Kalyania - Prayas Centre
This project is to support a prayas center for special education and vocational training
Athens, Atlanta, NYC/NJ
36 Kaorakhali Jana Sevashram
Minnesota, UIUC, Work an Hour
37 Khairachati - Prabhat English High School
The village located near the cosmopolitan region near Kharagpur. The other schools located in the area are costly and it is often difficult for the village children to go to school. This school provides primary education for 30 students.
38 Khajurdaha Nabankur United Club (KNUC)
Khajurdaha Nabankur United Club (KNUC) is an organization started in Khajurdaha village in Dhaniakhali block of West Bengal with the aim of bringing socially-minded men and women to address the issues of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment.
Princeton, Research Triangle Park, Work an Hour
39 Kid
This project has been formulated to take care of downtrodden children, especially the orphan children and those who are being raised by single parents. Asha Santa Barbara has been supporting the teacher's salaries, books etc.
Proposal or no funding info available
40 Kids Center
This project has been formulated to take care of downtrodden children, especially the orphan children and those who are being raised by single parents. Asha Santa Barbara has been supporting the teacher's salaries, books etc.
Santa Barbara
41 Langarberia School
To educate girls from 20 remote villages
42 Ma and Jananee Day Care Centres
Ma and Jananee are day care centres established by Samagra Uttarbanga Loka Kalyan Kendra, a charitable NGO in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. The centres specifically cater to children from slums (pre-primary education, health and cultural activities).
43 Mallarpur Uthnau
Helping Santhali children cope with education thru their own language, providing health-care and raising community awareness towards sustainable developement of the region
Seattle, Silicon Valley, Work an Hour
44 Mandra Lions Club - Aloke Kendra
Basic literacy education for tribal children in Sardapally of Baghmundi Village, Puruliya, WB
45 Mandra Lions Club - Drought relief for Baghmundi block in Purulia District
This page has been merged with the Mandra Lions Club project page. Go to http://www.ashanet.org/projects/project-view.php?p=300 for the merged project page. ...
Proposal or no funding info available
46 Mandra Lions Club - Emergency Flood Relief
In an unfortunate and cruel turn of events, a region heavily prone to seasonal drought, including one this year, is currently experiencing severe floods. The heaviest affected areas have been Murshidabad and Purulia districts in West Bengal. Asha Sta...
Proposal or no funding info available
47 Mandra Lions Club - Part 2
Mandra Lions Club is working in education and upliftment of the Santhal tribes in one of the most backward part of the tribal district of Purullia, West Bengal.
Burlington, CentralNJ, Sheffield
48 Mandra Lions Club - Purulia
"SCHOOL IN BAG" project
CentralNJ, Cornell, Silicon Valley, Stanford, Work an Hour
Mentaid provides schooling for mentally handicapped children, counselling for students and their parents, and vocational training.
St. Louis
50 Mukti
Charitable and socio-economic development trust MUKTI was established in 2003. Their book bank project provides text books to students from Grade 5 and above who currently attend local government schools in Purbasridharpur region in West Bengal.
NYC/NJ, Sheffield, Work an Hour, Yale
51 Mukti - Coaching Program
Remedial Coaching centers to improve performance in school
NYC/NJ, Yale
52 Mukti - Solar Lantern Project
The project aims at improving the quality of education of the students by addressing the health concerns caused by the use of kerosene lanterns in areas with no access to electricity and replace them by Solar Lanterns in rural West Bengal.
53 Mukti - TSS Project
Mukti TSS program supports education of talented student from poor back ground. Asha, Sheffield support some of the students in this program.
54 Mukti - TSS Project (2011-2012)
Mukti TSS (2011-12) program supports education of talented student from poor back ground. Asha, Sheffield support some of the students in this program.
55 Murshidabad Adibashi Gramin Janakalyan Samity (MAGJS)
Murshidabad Adibashi Gramin Janakalyan Samity (MAGJS) is dedicated towards eliminating poverty and its resultant ill-effects through community-oriented initiatives. MAGJS believes in developing sustainable micro-level programs in areas such as healt...
San Francisco
56 Nabarun Seva Niketan - Balwadi Project
Nabarun Seva Niketan known as NSN is a non-profit organization established in the year 1971. Asha NYCNJ is evaluating to support 14 Balwadi's education at Pulshita
57 Nabarun Seva Niketan - Educational Scholarships to Girls
Providing educational scholarships to girls of poor families and inspiring them to continue their education
58 Nishtha - Jagaran
This project is to support Jagaran, an effort led by Nishtha to provide access of education to kids at risk from 4 villages in south 24 paraganas, West Bengal
Atlanta, Birmingham, DC, NYC/NJ
59 Nishtha - Night Shelter
Nishtha is providing alternative education to children of sex workers. The aim of this project is to financially support their infrastructure.
Atlanta, NYC/NJ, Work an Hour
60 Nutanhat Development Society
The project falls in the Mangalkot Block which has about 52 villages. Lack of education, health facilities, unclean environment is the ultimate cause of misery.
Boston/MIT, St. Louis
61 Parivaar Ashram
The Parivaar Residential School and Resource Centre for underprivileged children aims at the empowerment of underprivileged children from segments such as orphans, children of commercial sex workers, and street children.
Boston/MIT, Zurich
62 Pathchala
Pathchala was established to provide education to poor and homeless children. This organization was conceived by Smt. Indrani Ganguly in 1997 when she came across a number of innocent children simply wasting their energy and time in way-side aimless
Proposal or no funding info available
63 Progressive Rural Active Youth’s Action for Society - SMC Project
A school to educate children of migrant poor workers
64 Raghunathpur Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Pathachakra
Assistance of construction of classroom and purchase of furnitures and teaching equipments.
65 Raghunathpur Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Pathachakra: Phase II
Assistance of construction of classroom and purchase of furnitures and teaching equipments.
66 Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Narendrapur - Book Bank
Provide educational assistance to the needy as well as meritorious students from rural and urban areas through Book Bank
Athens, Atlanta, Sheffield
67 Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sargachi
This projects aim to support a Book Bank for students from poor families.
68 RN BASU Girls
This project is to support part of the cost for creating an infrastructure facility for RN Basu Girls' High School
69 Sabar Siksha Prati Ghare
Ushagram, is based in the Nadia district of West Bengal, India. Ushagram works toward the integrated development of villages which surround its campus. The campus itself is a self sustained unit - they have their own grain production, a prim
Proposal or no funding info available
70 Sabuj Sangha - Kishalay Sisu Siksha Niketan in Sundarban
Sabuj Sangha is a non-profit NGO committed to improving the lives of people in West Bengal through projects concerning education and health among other things. ASHA will be involved with the KSSN model school in the Sundarban.
71 Samaritan Help Mission
Samaritan works in the slum area of Kolkatta and works to educate the children of the residents as well provides various programs for women - Zardari training, computer literacy programs and classes for working children
72 Santiniketan Shishutirtha
Santiniketan Sishutirtha is an orphanage and a school providing both traditional and craft-based education. The school currently has grades 1-5. Asha is supporting the extension of the school to support grades 6-8.
73 Sarada Kalyan Bhandar
School providing remedial education and health camps to children in rural communities of landless farmers, daily laborers, coolies and brickfield workers. Asha focuses on higher education of girls and helped fund building of an educational center.
General Funds, Los Angeles, NYC/NJ, Yale
74 Save The Children Home
The 'Save The Children Home,' located at Thakurpukur in the suburbs of Calcutta is a home for orphan girls. The girls are provided with schooling, food, and shelter.
75 Shamayita Math - Shamayita Convent School
Shamayita Convent School is an English medium school for girls. The school educates poor girls of the villages in the locality and girls from the towns. Asha will provide money for free lunch for the poor students and salary for three teachers.
CentralNJ, Yale
76 ShikshaNiketan Vidyalaya for Girls
One-time funding to complete construction on the school building
77 Society for Women in Rural Development
Society for Women in Rural Development (SWIRD) is a social development NGO working for last 17 years to uplift the quality of lives of the downtrodden women and children in remote rural belt in the Eastern part of India. Among various projects SWIRD ...
San Francisco
78 SSUP - Sanskriti O Samaj Unnayan Parishad
SSUP, founded in 1989, is based in Malda, about 350 km from Calcutta, in West Bengal. The organization lays emphasis on working with the community people so that they take up their own development projects.
Seattle, Silicon Valley, Stanford
79 Surul Centre for Services in Rural Area (CSRA)
The objective of the project is to Impart reading skills / enhance reading ability of every child between 4-14 year old of ten tribal village in Illambazar Block of Birbhum;Ensure that over a 2 year period at the end of which designating these villag
Silicon Valley
80 Swanirvar
Swanirvar has the broader goal of making the villages in the District North 24 Parganas self-sufficient. Asha funds 3 primary schools with around 500 children.
Boston/MIT, Los Angeles, Madison, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Stanford
81 Swanirvar - Shikshamitra
Shikshamitra is an open learning space and a resource center for children, teachers, parents and education practitioners, primarily for the elementary level (class I to VIII).
82 The Learning Tea
The Learning Tea project aims to provide education to children and support orphans (Support-A-Child program) in Darjeeling (presently) and tentatively Assam, Nilgiri areas in future.
Proposal or no funding info available
83 Tomorrow's Foundation
Tomorrow's Foundation (TF) is an NGO with whom we (Asha-Los Angeles/Seattle) have been working for eight years. TF provides holistic education to
Burlington, Cleveland, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Toledo
84 Tomorrow's Foundation
Sponsor A Child Program with Tomorrow's Foundation
Silicon Valley
85 Tomorrows Foundation - CBEP
Community Based Educational Project for the non school going and never been to school for the slum children between the age group of 5 to 9 years.
Seattle, Silicon Valley
86 Totopara - Ranapara Gram Biksha Kendra
Run by Ranapara Gram Biksha Kendra based in Howrah, this project aims to provide education for children living in Totopara, primarily Toto tribe.
Proposal or no funding info available
87 Trinita Society For Social & Health Research - Cross Stitch
The Cross Stitch Project is aimed to create a connection between students in US and girls in the center run by Trinita. It is aimed to provide computer training, vocational training and life skills as well.
88 Trinita Society For Social & Health Research - Education Centers
Right Based approach towards child labour in kolkata &Bankura
Atlanta, UFlorida
89 Tuition fees funding of students from Govt. College leather technology
The Govt. college of engineering and leather technology is locatMany acadamically bright students belongs to poor rural locality and in many cases are unable to fund their education. Asha Nijmegen funded tuition fees of two such engineering students
90 Udbhas
The objective of the group is to encourage the children in various educational and social activities, to reward the deserving ones, to provide facilities for the betterment of their life pattern, and to guide them to become better citizens.
NYC/NJ, UFlorida
91 Uttarayan
92 VESC - Vivekananda Educational Society for Children
TheVivekananda Educational Society for Children (VESC) wasfounded in January 1996 to address the problem of child labour in the South24-Parganas district of West Bengal, India.
Arizona, Berkeley, Colorado, Cornell, Mid-Hudson Valley, NYC/NJ, Seattle, Stanford, Work an Hour
93 Vidyaniketan Sishu Bihar, Ushagram Trust
Vidyaniketan Sishu Bihar (henceforth referred to as VSB), estd. 1974, is a school located in the village of Ushagram, P.O. Birnagar, district Nadia, West Bengal.
94 Vijoy Krishna Vidyapith
The project is to provide food and clothes to the extremely needy patients and provides formal education to the local children whose parents work as agricultural labors and who would otherwise never see the light of education.
95 Vikahar Project - Economic and Rural Development Society
In the Vikahar Project, the Philadelphia chapter will be sponsoring a class of 75 children from very low income families in Vikahar village. We are providing for all the basic education needs of these children from class I-IV
New River Valley, Philadelphia
96 Vivekananda Ashram
The organization is running an ashram for 14 boarders and a day coaching center for poor children of the surrounding villages. It works in the village of Adisaptagram, in the district of Hooghly, about 50 km. from Calcutta.
UIUC, Zurich
97 Vivekananda Seva Samity
VSS initially devoted to relief work and in mobilizing the community to improve upon village infrastructure, In course of time VSS has gradually taken up programmes related to Education and improve the litracy levels amongst the local population
Proposal or no funding info available
98 Voice of People
"BODHI VIKAS"- Unfolding one's own potential. (Vocational training for dropout children)

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