Capital: Chennai
Population: 72.14 million
Density: 478 per sq. km.
Urban Population: 48.45%
Literacy Rate: 80.33%
Male Literacy: 86.81%
Female Literacy: 73.86%
Sex Ratio: 986 (females per 1000 males)

#ProjectChapter(s) Funding
1 AID India - Eureka Child
EurekaChild, an AID India initiative was founded by Dr.Balaji one of the first few volunteers of AID India. EurekaChild was formed to solve primary education problems facing rural children in the State of Tamil Nadu, India.
2 AIM for Seva
AIM for Seva headed up a huge Tsunami relief effort following the disaster in 2004. Asha Philly specifically helped fund fishing supplies for one AIM project in the town of Kovallam
Proposal or no funding info available
3 Amar Seva Sangam
Setting up of a series of Respite Centres for disabled children
4 Amar Seva Sangam - Asha Star Project
Amar Seva Sangam
5 Ambattur
6 Anandam
The project aims to establish a library for the more than one thousand children who live in this orphanage. Reading good books and playing puzzles have been proven to be very effective in child development.
Proposal or no funding info available
7 Annai Fathima Trust
�Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre� is a Government Registered voluntary charitable organization taking care of 150 orphan children including 10 handicapped, some mentally retarded. Food, shelter, clothing, education
Proposal or no funding info available
8 Anugriha
Ashas funds will be used to set up a model-school providing an integral approach, philosophy of the mother, techniques of Doman (including field trips, flash cards, videos, 1:5 teaching etc) and to increase the capacity of the exisiting school, and ...
9 Anugriha tsunami relief
This project is about working with few villages near Anugriha devastated by tsunami. Anugriha has worked hard to get the people up and going & has organized substantial immediate aid.
10 Asha 2000 - Shanmuga Subramanian
Visiting over 80 Asha projects to evaluate and understand impact of Asha's work
Boston/MIT, DC, General Funds, Seattle, Silicon Valley
11 Asha Chennai Tsunami Relief
Asha Chennai has undertaken tsunami relief and rehabilitation work at Urur, Olcott, Odai and nearby Kuppams to help affected families return to normalcy
12 Asha Honor Scholarship
Asha Honor Scholarship
13 Asha Scholarships
Asha Scholarships project aims to fund the school fees and cost of uniform and books for children from 1st standard to college (LKG and UKG in exceptional cases). The children should be from under-privileged background and be nominated by a nominee w...
14 Asha Trust - Asha Chennai Scholarships
While many of the projects of Asha-Chennai focus on helping schools that educate under-privileged children, we felt there is also a need to help under-privileged children who attend other schools spread all over the city.
15 Asha Trust - Back to School Program
Back to School Program
16 Asha Trust - Bharatiyar Evening School
Bharatiyar Educational and Charitable centre runs the Bharatiyar Evening School in Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai to supplement the educational needs of students from near by slums: Periyar Nagar, Ranganatahpuram, and Indra Nagar suburbs.
St. Louis
17 Asha Trust - Chennai Balwadi Improvement Project
Improvements to the infrastructure and education at ICDS Balwadis in Central Chennai area.
Chennai, St. Louis, Work an Hour
18 Asha Trust - Manigal
To promote education as a tool to change the marginal status of the gypsies. To use schooling as a tool to keep children in a safe environment and away from work. To break the barriers that prevent them from accessing the educational and other avai
19 Asha Trust - Poorna Vidhya
Over the years a number of efforts were made to improve the facilities and services offered to children in Govt. run schools. Despite these the quality of learning offered in many schools is far from satisfactory. A number of evaluation studies o...
Arizona, Chennai
20 Asha Trust - Pride
Urur Kuppam is one of 4 villages located in South Chennai along the coastline. About 550 children reside in these 4 villages. Urur kuppam middle school has upto 8th Standard.
Berkeley, Burlington, General Funds, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Stanford, Tsunami Relief & Rehab, Yale
21 Asha Trust - Project Dream
The project involves working with six Government schools and two ICDS balwadis in Thiruvarur district of TamilNadu. Asha Chennai’s involvement started in two remote villages in this district namely, Rishiyur and Vilakudi. Rishiyur is a particularly...
Chennai, Singapore
22 Asha Trust - Project Kanini
To set up computer labs with proper infrastructure and train Asha teachers to impart computer literacy in rural government schools.
Proposal or no funding info available
23 Asha Trust - Project Pearl
An Asha Chennai project that involves working with government schools and communities in rural areas of Thoothukudi district in the areas of education, health & hygiene, community-based intervention and rights-based work.
24 Asha Trust - Project Sangamam
Asha Chennai is working to improve the conditions and infrastructure at several government primary schools and Balwadis (nurseries/creches) in Thiruvallur district.
Canada, Chennai, Frankfurt, Madison
25 Asha Trust - Seeyapoondi Neighbourhood Friendly Tution Centre
The purpose of this project is to start an after school study centre for boys & girls of the village called Neighbourhood Friendly Tution Centre (NFTC).
Proposal or no funding info available
26 Aswathy Scholarship
Ashwathy has been a very good A grade student all her years. She even secured a good rank in T-cet inspite of her family being very poor. The family condition is so worse that eating two meals a day is more than enough since her father is a tinker wh...
27 Avvai Ashram
Avvai Ashram, a Gandhian institution that serves poor orphans and deaf and mute children in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. The Ashram maintains an orphanage for local poor children, and a residential school for deaf and mute children.
28 Avvaiyar Resource Center
This will be a community resource center that will help create a model school, experimental workshop to promote good methods, value education, income generating activities and networking.
29 Back To School (Tsunami)
Supporting children affected by the Tsunami with necessary schooling materials
Arizona, Chennai, Seattle, Tsunami Relief & Rehab
30 Back to School - II (Tsunami)
Because of the Tsunami that hit the area on 12/26/2004, the children have lost their school facilities and suffer from trauma. The school remains a constant, a security for their emotional well being.
31 Balvidhyalaya Trust
Balavidyala is involved in providing infrastructure and education to young deaf students. Balavidyala is also engaged in providing free teachers training and diagnostic center for the children.
32 Balwadi
Balwadi Project by Sri Ramakrishna Sela Nilayam helps children of employed parents (usually day laborers) by providing them child care and pre-primary education, relieving them from exposure to hazardous work environments
Proposal or no funding info available
33 Basava Seva Trust - Kodakkirai Tribal Schools
This project is aimed at educating 48 tribal children of the age group 5-10 in a primary day school setting.
New River Valley
34 Betsy Elizabeth Trust - Creche
Betsy Elizabeth Trust provides small schools, or creches, for children under 5 years old in the bottom economic rung of Indian rural villages.
35 Bharat Vidyalam
Bharat Vidhyalayam is a non-profit school dedicated to provide quality English Medium education to the underprivileged children. Asha funded the construction of the school building
36 Bharathi Trust - Senchiamma School
Senchiamma school is a balwadi for Irular tribal children, run by Bharathi Trust in Senjiagaram village near Chennai. This school provides Early Childhood Education support to rougly 35 boys and girls in the 0-6 age group.
37 Bharathi Trust - Tamilnadu Flood Relief (December 2010)
Villages in Cuddalore and Thiruvallur districts have been affected by the recent flash floods and torrential rain lashing across Tamilnadu (Dec 3-6, 2010) and need immediate relief help.
General Funds
38 Bharathi Trust : Resource Center
Bharathi Trust : Resource Center
Austin, Seattle
39 Bhumi
Asha will provide funding for books and resources required for students along with volunteer training. This funding is provided to enable Bhumi continue it's core activities....
Berkeley, Minnesota
To support the Education services happening in the School Francois Meyer Nursery & Primary School
Proposal or no funding info available
41 CAST - Community Action for Social Transformation
Located in a dry, drought-prone and economically marginal region southwest of Tirunelvelli district, these crches would help the mothers to be able to go to work. It will also encourage the elder siblings (particularly the girl children) to be...
Berkeley, Silicon Valley
42 Center for Development of Disadvantaged People (CDDP)
Non formal schools for dalit children in villages in Thiruvallur district in Tamil Nadu
Colorado, Silicon Valley, Stanford
43 Challenge
Project Challenge is a project that aims at funding a school for the deaf-mute children residing in and around the remote South Indian village of Dharmapuri.
44 Christ King Society
To provide uniforms & books, infrastucture & build new school building
45 Counseling Centers In Kanyakumari- Tsunami Rehab
Asha Cleveland is supporting counselling centers in the six villages of Kanyakumari district for the Tsunami affected families.
46 CREA Childrens Academy
CREA Childrens Academy wants to acquire buses for additional children and have a modern school building with new classrooms, labs, toilets
Proposal or no funding info available
47 CSI Rajagopal Mint Middle School
CSI Rajagopal Mint Middle School is government aided school in Kondithope. The school receives government funding for teachers salaries, midday meal and other running expenses.
48 Dress material for 190 children and youth of Pattinacheri village.
This project was supported from Asha-wide funds for the dress material needed for 190 children and youth of Pattinacheri village of Nagapattinam district village who were affected by the tsunami.
49 Edayanchavadi
The project supports the educational expense (tuition and books) for 25 children.
50 Education Content Development for TAL
Technology is an important aid in achieving large scale impact through education in India. Technology Assisted Learning (TAL) as the name suggests uses technology as a lever in the process of education.
51 Educational Video CDs from AID-India and Tamil Nadu Science Forum
To prepare educational and science videos that can be used in schools, by NGOs and by Science Movement activists in villages using existing TVs and a VCD player (rented@Rs.50/day) or computers. Local cable operators also help spread awareness.
52 Eegai Tsunami Relief Work
After tsunami, Eegai identified two villages (Thazampettai & Pudupettai), which were badly affected and the children were the main victims. Eegai is providing the support to bring these two villages back to normality and Asha is giving necessary help
St. Louis
53 EQUIP Krishnagiri
Padippum Inikkum (Tamil Reading Skills Program) This program brings about a rapid improvement the reading levels of children. It involves an initial evaluation of children's reading skills and groups them into 5 different levels. This is fo...
54 Eureka Child
Eureka Child is an initiative by AID India to improve the quality of education for every child in Tamil Nadu. The 5 main components are Reading, Math, Science, Pre-Primary Centers and Community Resource Centers
Proposal or no funding info available
55 Eureka Learning Center
To adopt existing schools, improve the learning quality significantly and provide a child friendly learning environment to children from poor families.
56 Eureka Makkal Noolagam
The Eureka Peoples Library seeks to set up a network of village libraries. It also seeks to develop and produce appropriate materials for neo-literates in local languages.
CentralNJ, DC, NYC/NJ
57 Eureka Quality Improvement Program
EQUIP Tamilnadu is a project to improve learning quality in schools and villages across the state/
Boston/MIT, Silicon Valley
58 Fellowship: A. S. Karthi Bharathi
Several students who have come to class 8th or 9th without the level of learning required for that class. They are far below the learning level for that class, sometimes even having difficulty in writing correctly and reading well. The schools are ...
59 Fellowship: Anu and Krishna
This is a fellowship supporting S. Anuradha and T. Krishna who have set up a Learning Resource Center in Sittilingi, Tamil Nadu
60 Fellowship: L.Dhanalakshmi
Dhanalakshmi is a fully committed and experienced grass roots volunteer who is engaged in several Asha projects. She is the steward for Project Build which is empowering children of brick kiln laborers in the outskirts of Chennai. She visited all co...
61 Fellowship: M.Sathya Priya
Sathya is a full time volunteer engaged in grassroots work covering several villages in India. She is especially involved in Project Trigger, bringing together college students with disabilities; and Asha Scholarships supporting children in isolated ...
62 Fellowship: Meenakshi
Working on regenerating land and increasing livelihood, and reducing migration.
63 Fellowship: N.Raj Jeba Durai
N. Raj Jeba Durai have proven their committment to social change and to Asha's mission for a long time. They are engaged in running and overseeing many Asha projects at any given time. Thus it has become their full-time occupation. In order to enable
64 Fellowship: Nammalvar
Promotion of Sustainable and Ecological Food Production in India. Transformation of Agriculture into a system of community based self reliant and ecologically sound and sustainable, poison free food production.
65 Fellowship: R.K.Chandravelchamy
Chandravel is one of the long time volunteers of Asha since 1996. He has attended all the Asha India conferences since then and is recognized as an expert in his field.
66 Fellowship: Siddamma
Siddamma is working on creating a community resource center to document community based knowledge and provide a base for communities to test eco-friendly alternatives in agriculture, pottery, dairy, herbs and energy.
Austin, NYC/NJ, Silicon Valley, Toledo
67 Flash Floods Relief Efforts (Nov 2008 & Dec 2007)
Irula villages have been affected by the recent flash floods and torrential rain lashing across Tamilnadu (Dec 16 - 23, 2007 and Nov 24- 27 , 2008) and need immediate relief help. This page is being reactivated to support the relief efforts in 2008.
68 Forum for Womens Rights and Development Trust (FORWORD)
FORWORD aims to tackle one of India's most challenging socio-economic problems - the oppression of under-privileged members of society - through an evening school designed primarily for Dalit children. The project intends to dev
DC, NYC/NJ, UFlorida, Work an Hour
69 Freedom
This Project focuses on supporting the continuation of the education of the 175 children who have been rescued form the rice mills and have been relocated in the nearby villages.The total estimated number of children is around 2700.
Arizona, Austin, Toledo
70 Ganapathy Agraharam School Project
The Ganapathy Agraharam Nursery School requires support towards salary for teachers, student uniforms/education materials and a borewell
Proposal or no funding info available
71 Gandhi Kasturi Bai Village Development Society - GKVDS
GKVDS's mission is to rehabilitate the deprived section of society by helping them enhance their capacity to ensure socio-economic upliftment. Asha is supporting starting of 5 centers to provide non-formal education, health care & vocational training
72 Gandhigram Trust - Shanthi High School for Physically Challenged Children
Santhi School for the Speech and Hearing impaired
73 Gnana Deepam
Gnana Deepam, school for mentally challenged children, identifies children from low income families and imparts free training to make every child self-reliant and reduce the burden for their parents.
74 Hariksha
Learning center for cerebrally palsied and mentally retarded children
75 Hariksha Peoples Welfare Trust
Learning center for cerebrally palsied and mentally retarded children
Irvine, Los Angeles, Seattle, Work an Hour
76 Health Education and Alternative Development Service - NFE centers
This project which is run by HEALDS in Mohanur focuses on dropouts in 25 villages. NFE centers are instituted for these children where they get an opportunity to study along side school going children and keep up with the curriculum.
77 Holy Mother Trust
The Holy Mother School(HMS), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu was started in 1992 by the Holy Mother Saradha Trust ( a registered non-profit organization having a 80G tax exemption status) with 20 students enrolled. The school was established to help educate t...
Berkeley, UIUC
78 Home Sweet Home
Community of Palaiyamkottai (village in south east India) re-builds their houses after every rainy season since rains wash away their mud houses. The community consists of 10 families (39 members) comprising of 23 adults, 10 children and 6 teens. Rat...
79 Hope Public Charitable Trust - Ambattur
Hope Charitable Trust is a school for Mentally challenged children.
St. Louis
80 Hosur
81 HUT : Human Uplift Trust - AIDS Orphans Education Project
Founded in 1983 HUT helps community members access their basic human rights. The only way to lift rural people of Tamil Nadu out of the grip of poverty is through providing basic education and healthcare for all community members, regardless of gende
82 Inclusive Education
The project directly reaches out to 67 children with special needs to include then in mainstream schools & colleges, and over 1500 children indirectly through the training of teachers in 6 zones in Tamil Nadu.
83 India Sudar - Science Experiment based Learning and Awareness (SEBLA)
SEBLA, one of India Sudar's pilot efforts provides supplemental science education to students in government schools in TN to help sustain an interest in science and to eventually create a compelling reason for them to study beyond high school
84 IOI - International Ocean Institute (Anawim)
Anawim is dedicated to the socio-economic development of coastal Dalit villages. Together with Asha, Anawim has set up eight Asha Junior Centers to provide educational support and enrichment activities for the children in these villages.
Berkeley, Boston/MIT, NYC/NJ, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, St. Louis, Stanford, Work an Hour
85 Irula - Bharathi Trust
Provide educational motivation centers for Irula tribal children in South India.
Athens, Cornell, Detroit, Mid-Hudson Valley, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toledo, Work an Hour
86 Isha Education
Isha Vidhya's vision is to transform the quality of education for the rural population by providing high quality school education so that the native intelligence of rural children has the opportunity to bloom.
Silicon Valley
87 Jeeva Jyothi
Funding to provide 1) Remuneration for the teachers and staff 2) Educational kits 3) Balwadi rent
88 Jeevan Gnanodhaya School for the Deaf
Several Asha chapters have been involved with Jeevan Gnanodaya over the past many years. Some completed and ongoing initiatives of Asha's relationship with Jeevan Gnanodaya are given below: Infrastructure: # Hearing aids: behind-the-ear ...
Atlanta, Austin, Boston/MIT, Cornell, Seattle, Silicon Valley, UIUC, Work an Hour
89 Kaingkarya
Social Welfare organization striving to impart job oriented training and to rehabilitate school dropouts and and migrant child labourers into the formal educational system.
90 Kalanjiyam Trust
Kalanjiyam's main aim is to support people and communities in their own development to bring sustainable and meaningful changes for a better tomorrow.
CentralNJ, Stanford
91 Kanyakumari Kalai Kudam
A creative platform called K4 (Kanya Kumari Kalai Koodam) and a Resource Centre - SBLC (Sree Bhagavathi Learning Centre) in Kanyakumari promoted by CCD are fully dedicated facilities to promote creativity among artisans predominantly women for their
92 Kathai Aruvi
93 Kuthambakkam
one-time for school & adult literacy program in Kuthambakkam village to the village panchayet
94 Laubach Literacy
Silicon Valley, Stanford
95 Lead into Light
Part of Trigger project proposal submitted to WAH 2003 This project envisages establishment of a Unit for the production and circulation of a Multilingual Braille Magazine in the Indian languages at Vidya Vrikshah. The project involves: - comp...
96 Learning Network
Learning Network explores various approaches towards holistic learning, helps learn about new perspectives & strengthen existing efforts. It is a resource for interested groups, educators and parents seeking meaningful approaches to education.
97 Library Storage Project
Schools supported by Asha Chennai need to buy bookshelves to house donated books
98 Little Flower School
Provide nutritional assistance to Little Flower school that caters to migrant brick kiln labourers' children and poor Dalit children staying and studying there.
Chennai, Frankfurt
99 Livelihood equipment for Tsunami affected villages
Needs identified by AHA ground volunteers during visits to tsunami affected villages. Seeking Asha-wide tsunami funds.
100 Lotus
To support the utterly neglected poor and destitute for their basic and self-supportive education irrespective of caste or religion.
101 Madurai Seed - Narpanigal
Seed Narpanigal is an organization started by youth in the Karumbalai (a slum) to run a variety of programs, such as education (with a strong emphasis on bringing the potential of each child), youth clubs, library for all of Karumbalai and so on.
102 Makkal Palli Iyakkam
The idea behind this programme is organizing local communities to use government schools after school hours for community learning needs. This will hopefully make use of schools an additional 25-40 hours every week.
103 Malarchi
Malarchi is a home for children from families that have been deserted, or seriously abused, by the father, and where the mother is unable to provide for them. The children are educated in local schools. ...
104 Mathigiri School
Funding for matriculation Education up to Xth standard as well as value based education for a Mathigiri school.
105 MIPS - Madurai Institute of Peace Science
Study centre for after school study for children of SC/ST landless agricultural labourers.
Boston/MIT, Colorado
Tuition centers for children from the slums in the outskirts of Chennai, through local volunteers
St. Louis
107 Mother
Movement for Oppressed peoples Total Health, Education and Reformation (MOTHER) founded by 4 students in March 2000 for the upliftment of children from the Dalit community (Adi Dravidars).
Salt Lake City
108 MSE Trust
Creches for children of parents who work at construction sites.
109 Nalamdana
Funding for Educational Scholarship for Leadership Program
DC, Kentucky, Princeton, Silicon Valley, Stanford
110 National Initiative for the Blind (NIB)
Provide Universal Braille Kits to as many blind children as possible to the socially and the physically disadvantaged in the country.
111 Nava Jeevan Trust
Nava Jeevan Trust started the child labour eradication programme with the support of Child Relief and You (CRY), Chennai during 1998in the blocks of Alangulam, Pappakudy and Keelapavoor in Tirunelveli District.
112 Nemmelikuppam Tsunami Rehabilitation
Rehabilitating the fisherman community at Nemmelikuppam affected by Dec 26th Tsunami.
Proposal or no funding info available
The project is to support the Primary and Middle School located inside NIT Trichy campus. The funding required is recurring in terms of providing salary for teachers and meeting incidental expenses.
Proposal or no funding info available
114 Nutritional Food Support for Tsunami Affected Kids
Asha had supported $10,466 for food/nutrition needs of kids in Nagapatinnam district. 1000 kids in from the elementary school and higher secondary school at Akkarapettai are being supported.
Proposal or no funding info available
115 Olcott Education Society - High School Facilities Improvement Project
Olcott Memorial High School (OMHS) is an integral part of the Olcott Education Society (OES) that is a registered Charitable Society run by the Theosophical Society (TS).
Irvine, Work an Hour
116 Olcott Education Society - Olcott Memorial High School
Funding part of the operating budget of Olcott Memorial School
St. Louis
117 Olcott Education Society - OMHS Bridge Project
Project Bridge is the attempt to bridge the digital divide at Olcott Memorial High School in Chennai.
Arizona, Portland, Silicon Valley
Drop-outs and illiterate children are brought under the umbrella of night schools, and provided primary and life-oriented education with an aim to attain 100% literacy among children in the target villages. The project will affect about 250 children ...
Cornell, Corvallis, Princeton
119 Pasumai Trust - Build
Non-formal education centers for children of migrant brick kiln workers.
Birmingham, Houston, NYC/NJ, Portland, Work an Hour
120 PATS Ragavendra Primary School
PATS is a matriculation school in Ambattur,Madras. Some of the money in all projects, will go towards hiring an instructor, except the Arts and crafts classes, for which teachers are already present in school.
121 Payir Trust
Payir is a community based organization with an objective of holistic and inclusive rural development. Payir is looking for Asha�s patronage to promote primary & higher education in and around Thenur village.
Madison, UFlorida
122 Peoples Action for Transformation (PAT)
PAT works among the children in the slums of Thiruchirapalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu. Asha's involvement began in Aug 2005.
Canada, Stanford, Work an Hour
123 Peoples Action for Transformation - (PAT) Microcredit
PAT is working to enable the urban and rural poor to attain sustainable growth by creating livelihood opportunities through delivery of microfinance and related support services.
Canada, Work an Hour
124 Pnuema Trust - Home for children from FAAs, Madurai
Pneuma (Professional Network for the Emancipation of the Under-Privileged Masses) Trust, based out of Madurai in Tamilnadu, is an organization founded in 2003 that aims to create health, education, social, and legal awareness among the poor. Acco...
San Francisco
125 Project Mosur
Project Mosur Quality Improvement of Government School in Rural Village
Proposal or no funding info available
126 Project RightStart
Onsite and off-site training for teachers from various Asha projects.
Chennai, Frankfurt, Silicon Valley
127 Project Sangamam - Jambumadai
A pilot rural empowerment project in Jambumadai village in Trichy district managed by Asha Chennai in partnership with individuals from IIT Chennai
Canada, Chennai
128 Project Sangamam - Thiruvarur
Work with and assist Sri Krishna Middle School in Thappalampaliyur and George High School in Vishnupuram.
129 Project Trigger
Working for the visually Handicapped Childrens India Wide
130 Pudhiyadhor Charitable Trust
Pudiyador: A non-profit organization aimed at improving the lives of children living in poverty through education and social support, based in chennai.
Ann-Arbor, Colorado, Cornell, San Francisco
131 Puvidham Rural Development Trust
Towards sustainable development through education
London, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Work an Hour
132 Reconstruction for Tsunami Affected Schools - Suyam
Reconstruction of schools in tsunami affected Nagapattinam region
133 REDAG - Rural Educational Development Action Group
REDEG runs a child home in Thally, Dharmapuri dist, Tamilnadu
134 Rehabilitation Centre for Blind Women
The institution aims at providing rehabilitation andvocational training to poor and adult blind women. Asha is funding the educational aspect by providing money for buying braille material,fees for examinations and for self sustenance.
Atlanta, CentralNJ, Cincinnati, Work an Hour
135 Rejuvenate India Movement (Tsunami Relief)
Asha Seattle is currently working with RIM on short term rehabilitation for the tsunami victims in Tamil Nadu
136 Reward Trust
Add teachers to under-staffed government schools via PTA
Princeton, Silicon Valley, Stanford, UFlorida
137 RHEDT - Rural Health and Environment Development Trust
Asha Seattle has discontinued support for this project. Please contact us at seattle@ashanet.org for more details if interested
138 RIDS - Rural Interdisciplinary Development Society Community School
RIDS is running a community school for 100 of the most backward children aged 3-10 in Hanumanthapuram village. Their goal is to provide quality education (including health education) to reduce child labor and minimize dropouts (esp. girl children).
139 Rotary Coimbatore Uptown Trust
140 RRC - Rural Rehabilitation Center
They aim to heighten awareness of the social forces that lead to female infanticide (extreme poverty, women's low status in society etc.), to understand it's negative outcomes, and to allow the locals gain the skills and self-confidence to find...
Silicon Valley
141 Rural Development Trust
RDT runs a school for the children of migrant Andhra workers in Tamil Nadu.
142 SAADOW - Social Awareness and Development Organization for Women
SAADOW runs tuition centers to supplement basic education for children in 10 villages in the Natham block in Dindigul district.
143 Sangamam - Placepalayam
Cause improvements to the Panchayat Union middle school at Placepalayam, Thiruvallur Dist, Tamilnadu
144 Saranalayam Charitable and Educational Trust - Project Nelson
SARANALAYAM – means a shelter for the deprived. Saranalayam Trust is a registered non-profit, voluntary organization registered under Indian Trust Act, under the leadership of Mr. John Nelson, a young innovator and man of ICT knowledge. The visio...
145 Saron Jehovah Yeereh Trust
To Create a multi specialty rehabilitation center for the special children with special needs with all types of therapy in international standard. Mission: To create and provide rehabilitation for the mentally challenged Children.
146 Sarva Vidya
Sarva Vidya Trust supports deserving high school students (with a focus on girl children) with scholarships and orients them with options in the paramedical field. The students who get average marks are encouraged to take up one year certification or
Dallas, Stanford
147 School for Mentally Handicapped children
148 School Uniform for 119 school children of Kallar Village
This project was supported from Asha-wide funds for supplying two sets of school uniform for 119 Balwadi Kids in Kallar Village of Nagapattinam district.
149 Sebama Foundation
Sebama Foundation runs a residential school for mentally handicapped, physically disabled and hearing impaired children on the outskirts of Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu. The school is the only one of its kind in the area.
150 SEED PLAN - Seed in Madurai
Seed provides study centers in Karumbalai slum with volunteers teaching evenings and weekends. There are numerous clubs and extra-curricular activities to bring out the potential of every child
Mobilize & organize the rural poor especially marginalized woman & generate awareness in the field of education, socio-economic, legal and health care, self employment scheme with a view to making communities stand on their own feet.
Silicon Valley
152 Seva Chakkara Samajam
The Seva Chakkara Orphanage houses a residential school for children from grades I to V. After grade V children continue their education in local schools. They continue to be provided for by the orphanage till they are able to stand on their own.
Austin, CentralNJ, Cleveland, Mid-Hudson Valley, NYC/NJ
153 Seva Nilayam
Seva Nilayam runs an orphanage for girl children in Tenkasi, TamilNadu. With Work An Hour funds, a school has been constructed on the Gurukulam Premises, adjoining the current orphanage.
Indiana, Irvine, Work an Hour
154 Sevalaya
Sevalaya is a non-profit organization that has been working to provide free education to orphans and disadvantaged children in the community. They need funding for notebooks from us for this year.
Chicago, Silicon Valley, UIUC
155 SHARE - Self Help Association for Rural Education and Employment
This is an after-school tutorial program for poor children in five villages/
156 Shri Vidhyalaya Trust
The National School of the Deaf and Mentally Retarded: education of children with hearing and mental disabilities
157 Sinthanai Sirpi School, Akkarapettai -- Tsunami Rehabilitation
The Sinthanai Sirpi school (LKG to 5th tandard) at Akkarapettai was badly damaged by Tsunami. Asha is helping rebuild the school and contribute towards the improvement of education at the school.
Proposal or no funding info available
158 Society for Education and Action
Society of Education and Action (SEA) is an NGO working to improve the quality of life in the fishermen community of villages near Mahabalipuram, TN. Asha Dallas is supporting SEA's motivation centers and teachers' salaries.
Dallas, Work an Hour
159 Society for the Educational and Economic Development
SEED helps children from the socially, educationally and economically deprived segments. SEED provides primary & high school education to the children of prisoners, murder victims, leprosy patients and prostitutes.
Berkeley, Boston/MIT, Cornell, Santa Barbara, St. Louis, UIUC
160 Sowbhagya Educational Trust
The trust supports formal education for underprivileged children from surrounding villages. The children are supported from class 6 through polytechnic or higher education. Once they graduate, the trust helps them in finding gainful employment.
Silicon Valley
161 Sowbhagya Educational Trust - Sowbhagya Higher Education Project
The Sowbhagya Higher Ed program supports students from the Sowbhagya Trust who have progressed to higher education such as college or a diploma program
Silicon Valley
162 Sowbhagya Higher Education -- Asha Chennai Scholarships
Higher Education scholarships
Silicon Valley
163 Spastics Society of India - Vidyasagar
This project is to help set up a computer center for the children with cerebral palsy.
164 Sri Ramacharan Charitable Trust
Sri Ramacharan Charitable trust was establisged in Oct 1999 by a group of socially consious women, to specifically concentrate on providing basic education to children.
San Francisco
165 Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Educational Trust
A bunch of REC Tricy 1971 Alumni started this project. The individual who started this initiative was from Houston, Texas. Their goal was to support schools in and around the village that is in need.
166 Sri Ramanuja Vidyalaya
A primary coeducational school run by Yatheendra Educational Trust. The school began in 2006 with 24 students in pre-KG through Grade I, and now has 195 students upto Grade VI. The students are from mostly by poor and economically backward community
Los Angeles
167 Sri Venkateshwara Middle School
This is a Government aided Middle School which caters to 1500 children from the village nearby and belonging to lower-income groups. The roof of 3 classrooms was badly damaged due to cyclones, and our funding helped them complete the repair and obtai...
St. Louis
168 Srividyashram Nursery and Private School
A school in a village called Vadakurangaduthurai in the outskirts of Chennai providing low-cost education to poor children.
CentralNJ, Work an Hour
169 Stay In School
Documentary on the life of Dr. Abdul Kalam to tell the importance of education, to motivate children to stay in school. Asha's involvement with this project is for one year.
Proposal or no funding info available
170 Summer Training Programs of IHRE (Institute Of Human Rights Education)
Supporting summer programs for IHRE - (Institute Of Human Rights for Education)
171 SURP - Society for the Upliftment of Rural Poor
Basic Education Centers Objectives: to provide education to under-priveliged children, to liberate children from burden and ties and make them independent and respectable citizens to create oppurtunity for children to reveal hidden talents t...
172 Suyam Charitable Trust (Project Siragu)
SIRAGU Montessori School is a unit of Suyam started in June 2003. It was started especially for children of the scheduled tribes (pavement dwellers and mendicants). Traditionally carrying on the practice of begging, this community never had any real
Work an Hour
173 Suyam Charitable Trust (Tsunami Rehabilitation Project)
After the tsunami in 2004, Suyam started three activity centers to help child victims deal with psychological damage caused by the tsunami. Asha-Philadelphia is funding the center in Kanyakumari.
174 Suyam Charitable Trust - Siragu Montessori School
* Overview: Siragu Montessori School was started by Uma and Muthuram, to provide quality education and rehabilitation for children begging on the streets and pavements of parts in and around Chennai, free of cost. For generations, these communities ...
Cleveland, Munich
175 Suyam Charitable trust Van
Proposal or no funding info available
176 Suyam Charitable trust Van
Suyam Charitable Trust has been working on education for marginalized children. Asha Yale has provided funds for a van for daily use.
177 Tailoring Center - Akkarapetai Village
Asha had supported $581.40 for setting up a tailoring center in Akkarapettai village of Nagapattinam village.
Proposal or no funding info available
178 TEA - Team for Education and Action
Supplementing the Govt. school education in 15 villages in the outskirts of Chennai. Attempting to improve the quality of elementary education to prevent children from becoming labourers.
Berkeley, Boston/MIT, Chennai, Work an Hour
179 The Banyan
The Banyan strives to rehabilitate mentally ill destitute women and reunite them with their families.Asha austin will be invoved in the support and bring up of the vocational training/occupational therapy units.
180 Thiruvarur Schools Rebuilding
Rebuilding of schools in Thappalampaliyur and Vishnupuram following government order (aftermath of Kumbakonam fire tragedy)
181 Thoraiyur High School
Government school near Thoraiyur, caters to Std. 6th to 10th. All the 300 students hail from the village. For the past three years the students of the school have achieved 100% passing grades. This is an excellent achievement for a village school and...
St. Louis
182 Thulir School
Thulir is an experimental primary school that focusses on pupil-friendly joyful learning techniques
Boston/MIT, Cornell
183 Thulir Trust - Education Resource Center, Dharmapuri
Thulir project is to support the education resource center being run by Thulir Trust in Sittilingi, Tamil Nadu.
184 TNSF - Tamil Nadu Science Forum
Initial funding for library setup in 1500 villages.
Boston/MIT, Seattle
185 TNSF - Tamil Nadu Science Forum - Andhra Pradesh
Asha Cornell supported a magazine subscription for TSF in Spring 1999...
186 TRUWDES - School for Tribal Children, Manjampatti
Primary school in Manjampatti village, a tribal hamlet in Kodai hills, TamilNadu, educating about 60 tribal children from 3 hamlets with no other schools nearby.
Silicon Valley
187 TRY - To Reach You
Shelter for children rescued from trafficking
Boston/MIT, Dallas, General Funds, Purdue, Silicon Valley, Syracuse, Work an Hour
188 TSUNAMI : Kanyakumari District
Kaniyakumari District is situated at the Southern most tip of Indian Peninsula. The coastline extends over 68km and is almost regular except for some points and land projecting into the sea at Kaniyakumari. As Kanniyakumari occupies unique plac...
Cleveland, Toledo, Yale
189 Tsunami Nemmilikuppam Project
Nemmelikuppam was one of the villages badly hit by the tsunami on 26.12.2004. The Nemmeli Panchayat Union Primary School, caters to a number of villages of the area, including tsunami-hit villages along the coast. School needs infrastructure.
Proposal or no funding info available
190 TSUNAMI: Akkarapettai
28 children of the school have died during the Tsunami (in their homes). The school decided to relocate the siblings in other schools to help reduce the trauma by giving them a new environment.
191 TSUNAMI: Chennai District
Tsunami relief work in Chennai district
192 TSUNAMI: Cuddalore District
Tsunami relief work in Cuddalore district
Austin, Cleveland, Portland, Tsunami Relief & Rehab
193 TSUNAMI: Kancheepuram District
In Kancheepuram district, nearly 44 kuppams in 30 revenue villages were affected leaving a population of nearly one lakh stranded. The destruction was so severe that several pucca houses were flattened and fishing boats smashed. The East Coast Road...
Chicago, Cleveland, Portland, Yale
194 TSUNAMI: Karum (Koval Aid for Rehabilitation and Motivation)
This project involves a comprehensive plan to adopt and reconstruct an entire village affected by the 2003 December Tsunami.
Proposal or no funding info available
195 TSUNAMI: Nagapattinam District
Tsunami relief work in Nagapattinam District
Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Toledo, Yale
196 TSUNAMI: Self Reliance for Youth Girls
This project would provide the village female youth an opportunity to learn a vocational skill and earn money to enable them to make a better future for them and their family.
Proposal or no funding info available
197 TSUNAMI: Villupuram District
Tsunami Relief work in Villupuram District
Chicago, General Funds, Yale
Tutorial classes for slum children
199 Udavum Karangal
The team led by Mr. Vidyakar has been giving selfless service to abandoned orphans for over 15 years. Asha's support goes towards the educational expenses of the children including fees, books, and uniforms.
Chicago, Los Angeles, Madison, Seattle, Silicon Valley
200 Urur Kuppam Balwadi
Improvements to the quality of education at the Urur Kuppam Balwadi located next to the Besant Nagar Beach.
Berkeley, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley
201 V-Excel Education - Education & Vocation for Special Children
Asha Seattle would like to partner with V-Excel trust to support the financial needs of deserving special children. The school strives to empower the lives of developmentally challenged children and help them lead successful lives in society.
202 Valluvar Gurukulam
The project was started in 1940 by freedom fighters for the benefit of destitute refugee children who returned to their ancestral land. They now have over 1100 students in run 3 schools - a co-ed elementary, a girl's higher secondary, and a co-ed mat...
203 Vidiyal - Non-Formal Education for Working Children
The project aims at educating Working children (who are engaging as daily wage laborers in Tea shops, Hotels, Brick kiln and Quarries) in the age group between 5 ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ 15.
Chennai, General Funds
204 Vidya Vanam - Bhuvana Foundation
This project is to support part of educational costs associated with Vidyavanam school led by Bhuvana Foundation.
205 Vidyananda Gurukula
206 Vidyarambam
Vidyarambam has started pre-primary and remedial centers in the Nagapattinam district in the afttermath of the 2004 Tsunami that hit the southern stated of India
Atlanta, Cleveland, Cornell
207 Vidyodaya
Proposal or no funding info available
208 VISA - Village Improvement & Service Assoc.
Non-formal LITERACY-CUM-LIFE education for high school dropouts.
209 Viswa Bharati Vidyodaya
Vidyodaya School, located near Gudalur in the Nilgiris, TN, teaches mostly tribal children. Asha will support operation of a school bus and construction of classroom.
210 Vivekananda Kendra - Rural development programme
Pre-primary school at Chekkarakudi , Thoothukudi District in Tamil Nadu, India
211 Vivekananda Orphanage
Vivekananda Orphanage is an orphange that provides for residents education along with accomodation and food.
212 WARM - Welfare Association of Rural Mass
WARM is an organization established in 1983, Tamilnadu. Their mission is to create awareness among marginalized people about their rights and make them believe they can become self-reliant. One goal is elimination of child labor.
213 Women
Gnanodaya school provides quality primary and secondary education to healthy children of leprosy affected people. Asha Austin currently supports part of the annual expenses for running the school - teacher salaries, electricity and food related costs
Austin, Madison

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