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Asha-Seattle is a chapter of Asha for Education, a non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to socio-economic change in India mainly using the medium of education. Our goal is to also address whenever possible other development and human issues such as women's issues, health-care and related issues. Asha was started in 1991 in Berkeley. The Seattle chapter was formed in December 1994 by a diverse group of students and professionals from the Seattle area (for a first-hand recollection, please go here). Asha is a secular organization welcoming volunteers irrespective of religion, race, gender or caste. We have no religious or political affiliation. The aim of the group is to mobilize the local population to collectively support and provide assistance in different forms to groups working at the grass roots in India. Our volunteer meetings are open to anyone interested in social and developmental issues.

Our emphasis is on the following:

  • Form close partnerships with groups in India. We attempt to maintain regular contact and visit the groups we work with to form a stable long term relationship.
  • To maximize effectiveness of our efforts we seek to support groups in rural and economically poor areas.
  • Provide assistance in different ways such as financial, material and technological support to the groups in India.
  • We strive to learn about and disseminate information on different social issues faced by the affected people in India.
  • We organize talks by different grass roots activists in India in the Seattle area.

Volunteer Activities

We are steadily growing and always welcome new volunteers. New volunteers are welcome to attend our meetings and find out about volunteer opportunities within Asha. Some activities you can participate in include the following.

  • You can choose to work closely with partner groups in India.
  • Provide technological support by creating web sites for some of our partner groups.
  • Collect and research material that could be used by some of our schools.
  • Participate in disseminating information of social/developmental issues in India.
  • Participating in organizing fund raising events such as concerts, picnics, festivals etc. You can pursue your own ideas with help from other Asha volunteers.
  • Marketing products made by schools and communities in India.
  • Marketing products such as grocery gift cards which raise funds for Asha.
  • Help build a steady donor base for Asha.
  • For more resources available to potential volunteers, please visit New Volunteer Resource Center.

10 years of Asha Seattle - a reminiscence

All administrative expenses are met by the core volunteers. 100% of your donations are sent to Asha's partner groups in India. Click here to learn what it means.

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