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May 2011 Update

Prerana Report- May 2011

Intervention in the Red-light area.

Details of Life Skills Education Sessions conducted during this month

On 6th May a life skills session was held with 11 children in the age group of 13 years and above. Mr. Reehan Mirza facilitated the session. The topic was how to choose a career. The facilitator gave a paper and pen to each youth and asked her/him to write down how they intended to plan for their career. He asked them to include education options too. Youths were also asked to list down their skills so that they could identify their strengths and thereby their career. The group discussed their interest areas and how they could further themselves in these interests areas. The group discussed the various career options like: engineer, motor mechanic, actor, singer, dancer, drawing teacher, doctor, hotel management person, cricketer, football player, social worker etc.

On 7th May a life skills session was held with 14 children in the age group of 9 to 12 years. The topic was Self Assessment. Ms. Aruna Katkar and Ms. Vaishali Karande facilitated the session. The facilitators began the session by explaining the activities that will be held. They had developed several simple parameters for the group. The members then had to rank themselves on each parameter. They were given a four point rating scale: Excellent, Good, Average and Poor. It was found out that most of the children rated themselves as Average for most of the parameters. The facilitators had to explain the scale in depth to the children. The group was then asked for their opinion regarding the activity. One of them mentioned that this exercise helped him in understanding himself. The discussion centred on the fact that since most of them had rated themselves as average did they feel the  need to  try and achieve excellence in the parameters. The group unanimously agreed to it. They mentioned that although they will try to achieve excellence they will first go to the level of good and then proceed from there.

On 20th May a life skills session was held with 15 children in the age group of 9 to 12 years. The topic was Emotions. Ms. Aruna Katkar and Ms. Vaishali Karande facilitated the session. The facilitators gave children some story books with pictures. They were then asked to identify emotions in the pictures and list them down. They then discussed these emotions and classified them as negative and positive emotions. Children enjoyed the session and participated well.

Health and other activities conducted during this month

  1. The month-long summer camp continued in the month of May 2011. Children were taken on 4 educational/exposure visits to: Bhaudaaji Lad Museum, VP Road Police Station, Taraporewala Aquarium and Nagpada Police Station. There was an average of 40 children during each visit. The visits were conducted on 7th, 10th, 19th and 27th respectively. On 13th May, Ms. Madhuri Sawant conducted a session on Warli painting. There were 30 children who attended the session. They thoroughly enjoyed it. Ms. Sawant explained the art in depth and made the group paint motifs and scenes. She also gave them ideas as to how they could use this art to make money. For instance: by designing greeting cards, handkerchiefs and the like. A residential camp was conducted on 17th, 18th and 19th of May for children in the age group of 11-14 years at JJ Nursing Association Malad. On 24th May the annual sports day was conducted. Details of the residential camp and sports day have been given below.

  1. Three volunteers spent time at Prerana during the month of May. Ms. Natasha Dubash started work on 10th of May and is supposed to give us a month. Mr. Pranav Nayak began on 23rd of May and is supposed to give us 2 weeks. Mr. Raviteja Addepalli began his work on 13th of May and he completed his tenure on 27th of May 2011.

  1. From 3nd to 5th of May 2011, 15 youths attended a residential camp at JJ Nursing Association, Malad. This camp was organized in collaboration with Mr. Tom Verner (Founder – Magicians without Borders). The group is currently being trained by Mr. Verner to become professional magicians. This camp was organized to help the trainees involve themselves in an intensive process of practicing the magic that they had learned from Mr. Verner. The group enjoyed thoroughly and so did Mr. Verner. There were 6 staff members from Prerana who accompanied the group. On the last day the group performed for the students of Ashadeep (an NGO in Mumbai) who were also spending their vacations at JJ Nursing Association. The students of Ashadeep enjoyed the show put up by the youths of Prerana. As quoted by a 13 year old female trainee: “I was performing for the first time before Tom Sir. I gave it my best and I was very happy to have done so because Tom Sir praised me a lot.” From these 14 youths there are some who are members of the Peer Group and a discussion was held with Mr. Verner regarding incorporating magic in their HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns. Mr. Verner intends to think along the said lines and help these members prepare likewise.

  1. Mr. Pravin Patkar was invited as a resource person for the “National Judicial Workshop on Adjudication Management: Adjudication of Cases concerning Trafficking and Sexual offences” held on 6th to 9th May 2011 at the National Judicial Academy, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh where he conducted two sessions. Several judges from the various states of India participated in the workshop.

  1. This month  Ms. Tessa  from Rice foundation visited the Falkland Road  and Naunihal center. Ms. Saumya Bahuguna coordinated the visit. Ms. Tessa wanted to visit the red light areas and Ms. Aruna Katkar facilitated the field visit.

  1. On 10th May 2011 a health session was conducted with children from Kamathipura and Falkland Road centers. There were 25 children in the age group of 3 to 5 years who attended the session. The topic was Prickly Heat and PSWs conducted the session with help from the NCC staff. This was a refresher session. The PSWs touched upon various aspects like: wearing dry clothes, not roaming in the sun, using Nycil powder, bathing everyday and the like. One child among the group had a serious case of prickly heat and he showed the condition to other children. Children were listening attentively. We observed that by the end of the month there was a considerable reduction in the severity of the condition among those affected by prickly heat. We also observed that during the session when the facilitator asked questions related to prevention of prickly heat children were able to list down points like: bathing every day, using Nycil powder, not roaming too much in the sun and the like.

  1. On 13th May Ms. Namita Deshpande from the Israel Consulate conducted a career session for 25 youths at the Falkland road center. She spoke about careers in Consulates and what one must study to gain employment opportunities there. The group asked her various questions like: how difficult was the language, are the employees sent to Israel, what kind of a country was Israel and the like. Ms. Deshpande was very impressed with the group and their response and she replied to all their queries.

  1. On the 17th, 18th and 19th of May 2011 a residential camp was held for children in the age group of 11-14 years at JJ Nursing Association, Malad. The camp was coordinated by Ms. Vaishali Karande and Ms. Sonali Parab. There were 137 children who attended the camp. The theme was Anti-Tobacco and sessions centred on the same. Salaam Mumbai Foundation was invited on the first day to conduct a session on how to plan an anti-tobacco campaign. They taught the group songs on anti-tobacco which became very popular during the entire duration of the camp. Ms. Leela Hadap a theatre actor was called in to train the children on how to conduct street plays on the anti-tobacco issue. Children enjoyed the session thoroughly. On the last day Mr. Jai Ranjit a professional artist (abstract and contemporary art) was invited to conduct a session on poster making. Children were divided into groups and asked to make posters on themes like: anti-tobacco, child sexual abuse, importance of education and the like. Children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As quoted by a 14 year old youth (male) who also won the Ideal Student award: “I loved the theatre session. And the poster making session too. I never knew that I would be able to paint and depict an issue in a poster form.” Children from the Rakshak Collective who were part of the group that attended the camp picked up a several ideas on how to go about organizing an anti- tobacco campaign for their peers and their community members.

  1. On 18th May a health session was held at the Vashi-Turbhe center. There were 16 children in the age-group of 7 to 14 years who attended the session. PSW conducted the session. The topic was First Aid. PSW discussed every item in the first aid box with the group. She touched upon the use and importance of the items. The group listened attentively and asked several questions pertaining to the importance of the items in the first aid box.

  1. On 20th May Mr. Alankar a filmmaker hired by Letz Dream Foundation came to Prerana’s Falkland Road center to shoot for a short film that is to be made about us. He filmed a Dancing Feet session in progress and interviewed Mr. Reehan Mirza the coordinator. Mr. Alankar visited the Falkland Road community and interviewed a mother. He also interviewed 3 youths and staff of Prerana. Apart from this he filmed a magic show session and children studying during the evening study class.

  1. On 20th May 10 representatives from the British High Commission visited the Falkland Road center. Mrs. Priti Patkar coordinated the visit. Mrs. Patkar gave the visitors an orientation about Prerana. The visitors were very moved with the work that we do. They got an opportunity to interact with children and interacted with them in English. One of them, Ms. Alison Chambers volunteered to edit our Annual Report (2010-2011).

  1. On 24th of May 2011 our Annual Sports Day was held at the public  ground in Kamathipura. There were 100 children who participated in the event. The event was sponsored by the CSR wing of Goldman Sachs called Community Teamworks. There were 10 volunteers from Community Teamworks who also attended the event and pitched in with conducting the races and food distribution. There were 3 events: potato race, sprint and skipping race. Winners were given gold, silver and bronze medals. As quoted by one of the volunteers from Community Teamworks: “This is my second sports event at Prerana. My first one was last year and it was such an enriching experience that I knew I’ll be back.”

  1. On 24th May 2011 a health session was conducted for children from Kamathipura and Falkland Road centers. There were 30 children in the age group of 3 to 5 years who attended the session. The session was facilitated by PSWs with help from the NCC staff. The topic was General Hygiene and Ill Effects of Junk Food. PSWs touched upon various aspects like: washing hands before and after eating, bathing every day, changing clothes every day, cutting nails, keeping hair short and free from lice and the like. They also touched upon the ill effects of junk food wherein they discussed the spurious nature of water and oil used in road side food items and the probability of the food having become stale and rotten. Children discussed the same during the session. They listened attentively and also contributed to the session. A Prerana staff sits at the gate every evening when children come to the center. The staff asks children to hand over items like kurkure and other fried snacklets. We have observed that there is a considerable reduction in purchase of food items like vada pav, bhajji, pani puri etc among children. But our target is to bring about a reduction even in the purchase of items like kurkure and chips.

  1. On 24th May 2011 Ms. Alice Hill, Chief Advisor to the Home Secretary (United States) visited the Falkland Road Center. She was accompanied by Mr. Prashanth Rajan. They had a meeting with Mrs. Priti Patkar and Mr. Pravin Patkar. They attended a magic show that was conducted by 2 youths from Prerana who are undergoing training in magic.

  1. On 26th May 2011 a health session was held at the Vashi-Turbhe center. There were 16 children in the age group of 7 to 14 years who attended the session. The topic was Malaria and PSW facilitated the session. PSW covered various aspects like: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention.

  1. On 27th May 2011 a mothers’ meeting was held at the Falkland Road center. There were 40 mothers who attended the session. Ten members of the Rakshak Collective also attended the session. The topic was Immunization. Dr. Manoj Patil from the BMC Health Post at RS Nimkar Marg, Mumbai Central facilitated the session. Dr. Patil explained the importance of immunization, the immunization schedule and the consequences of not giving a particular dosage on time. He used charts as an audio visual aid. Women listened attentively to him. They asked several questions like the side effects of injecting doses, why children fall ill when given the injections and regarding polio and Dr. Patil cleared all their doubts patiently. He was happy with the response of the group and also commented positively on their questions.

  1. On 27th May 2011, 10 members from the Rakshak Collective joined the mothers in the meeting and received training on Immunization. We observed that they were listening attentively to the session. They took points which they would cover during their session with their peers. After the meeting they planned for their session with their peers and regarding how they could take this further with the community. They conducted the session with their peers during the same day. Children responded well to the training. The Collective has also planned to take this information to every household in the community during the month of June. During June 2011’s Pulse Polio Sunday also the Collective has decided to spread the awareness regarding immunization through a door-to-door interaction.

  1. On 28th May 2011 members of the Pukar Group attended a felicitation at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, which marked the end of their research study. They set up stalls wherein they displayed data and materials related to their research. One of the members from Kamathipura was asked to anchor the entire event. They will receive their certificates in June 2011.

  1. Mr. Pravin and Mrs. Priti Patkar were invited to receive this year’s URL Foundation Award for contributions to the field of social work. The Award comprised of Rs. 1,00,000/- cash, a citation, a gift, and a conventional felicitation with coconut and shawl in a function that was held in Mumbai on the evening of Sunday the 29th May 2011.

  1. On 30th May 2011 Ms. Maharukh Adenwala conducted training on Juvenile Justice Act 2000 for the staff of Prerana. The training was held at Prerana’s Naunihal center in Kharghar. Ms. Adenwala is an Advocate and she is also our Legal Consultant. The session covered all aspects of the JJ Act. There were 15 staff members who attended the session. The session was an interactive one.

Case Stories

File no:  790

Name of the child: U R Salve

Date of birth: 5/7/1999

Age: 11 years

Sex: Female

Native place: Maharashatra

Mother’s name: R Salve

Mother tongue: Marathi

Language known: Marathi and Hindi

Present address: 2nd Floor, Ramchandra Building, 5th Lane, Falkland Road.

Date of admission: 1/9/2008

First check-up by Pediatrician: 5/9/2008

First medical check-up at Nair Hospital: 5/9/2008

Currently placed at: BJ Home, Matunga

Studying in: 4th Standard

Mother’s History (according to the mother):

RK has been living in the Falkland Road red light area since the age of 11 years. Her elder sister brought her to the area and forced her into the flesh trade. She has been involved in the flesh trade since 19 years now. RK has an older son SAC (File no. 52) who is enrolled at Bal Asha Ghar Lonavla.

About the Child

U was admitted to the Falkland Road night care center on 1st of September 2008. Her medical check-up was done at the Nair Hospital and also by the visiting Paediatrician. All her reports were normal.

From the beginning, U was irregular in attending the night care centre and the school. She was often found roaming  around in the community. She did not attend any of the activities at the centre. In June 2009 during a community visit we found her talking to a man outside a carom parlour. When asked she said that she had come out to buy some things. Although she had been admitted to the 4th standard she did not attend school at all. She would also run away from the centre and PSWs would go to the community to bring her back. She would cry a lot as she would want to go home. Her mother was very concerned about the fact that U is a very beautiful child and the gharwali was leaving no stone unturned in luring the child with gifts and food and making her stay at home. Many a times during community visits PSWs would see U sitting at the window and spitting on the road. Owing to all this the case was discussed with the IPP team and her boarding home placement procedures commenced in July 2009. U’s medical check-up brought out that she was TB positive hence her AKT treatment was initiated.

U case history was submitted to Pratham, Shradhanand, Balika Ashram and B.J home. Due to her TB positive status she was rejected from Pratham and Shradhanad BH. A counseling session was done both for mother and child. Her pre-placement visit was conducted in B.J home with mother. In the month of July 09 the vacancy letter was issued. On 07/07/09 U’s case was presented in front of CWC members and a transfer order was issued for B.J home. Both U and her mother were present during the case hearing. On 14/07/09 U was transferred to B.J home. She was counselled before the placement. U was very disturbed and cried a lot at the boarding home. She did not want to stay there and she was repeatedly saying that she wants to go home. But the home authorities took good care of her and she gradually started settling down.

U was enrolled in a Marathi Medium Municipal School in 3rd standard. She was found to be poor in studies. Miss Anagha (Social work BJ Home) paid special attention is helping her with her studies. U was unable to concentrate in studies due to a lack of interest. U also attended tailoring classes  at BJH and they proceeded well. She preferred attending tailoring classes over study classes. U has leadership qualities and handled her group well in BJH and also helped the staff of BJH with small administrative task like counting items that the Home received as donation, arranging registers etc. It was observed that she had good management skills. Rekha, Ujwala’s mother was not regular in meeting her in the institution.

U celebrated festivals in B.J home like Holi, Gudi padwa, Makar sankranti during January and March 2010. A Toy room was developed for all children at the boarding home and U liked to be a part of it. U tends to be naughty while participating in group activities. She liked reading books in the library and dancing. In the month of February 2010 a Marathi comedy drama and picture screening was done in the cinema hall for all children and U enjoyed the same. In the month of March 2010, U attended a picnic that was organized at Kalyani Village in Vasai.

When her mother visited her during September 2010 she took her admi along with her inspite of being told several times that she has not to bring any unknown person to BJH and definitely not before taking prior permission. After this incidence BJH refused to let U go a home for Diwali vacations.  During this time U’s mother also informed BJH that she was pregnant. She also told BJH that she had moved out of Falkland Road red light area  and gave them her new address at Virar.  On knowing this the Prerana Social worker conducted a home visit and found out that it was a wrong address.  After this we tried to trace her but could not get any information from any one about her whereabouts.

U enjoyed Diwali at BJ Home during October 2010. During the month of December 2010 she attended a picnic at Water Kingdom also participated in the Christmas and New Year parties. But she missed her mother a lot.

U attended the 3 days residential camp that was held at JJ Nursing Association, Malad on 17th, 18th and 19th May 2011. Currently U has given her 4th standard exams and her results are awaited.

As BHJ transfers all their children after they have completed their 12years of age, U’s case was refereed to Naunihal. The Prerana Social worker counselled U about her shift to Naunihal to which U reacted very positively. Her case has also been referred to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) for transfer order and U will be shifted to Naunihal in the second week of June 2011 after receiving an order form the CWC.

File no:  888

Name of the child: MK PU Shaikh

Date of birth: 15/6/2007

Age: 3 years

Sex: Female

Native place: Maharashatra

Mother’s name:  PU Shaikh

Mother tongue: Marathi

Language known: Marathi

Present address: 1st Floor Pannalal Chawl, Najma Hotel

Date of admission: 30/12/2010

First medical check up at Nair hospital: 4/1/2011

Height: 11.5 kgs

Weight: 3.0 ft

Mother’s History (according to the mother):

PU has no recollection of how long she has been involved in this trade. She hails from an extremely poor family. One of her friends in her village told her that there was great opportunity in Mumbai to earn money Mumbai hence she decided to come to Mumbai so that she could earn and help her family. In Mumbai she found herself sold to a brothel keeper by a woman who promised her a good job. PU is currently living in the Falkland Road red light area. She is living with a man and has told her family back home that he is her husband. Her family does not know that she is involved in the flesh trade.

Health status:

MK was delivered normally at a hospital in Mumbai. Her immunization has been done. Her medical was done on 4/1/2011 and all her reports were normal. MK’s right leg is not functional (she has a handicap and cannot straighten the leg hence she tends to crawl all over the place) and her treatment is ongoing at the Orthopedic Department. The doctor checked her and informed us that she will require surgery after 2 years. He added that the child encountered this problem during delivery. MK attended the TT, Vitamin A and General Health Check up camps that were held in the months of August, September and October 2010 respectively. She was checked up by the visiting Paediatrician too.

Child’s behavior:

MK would cry a lot when she was dropped at the centre but she settled down soon. Her mother picked her up and dropped her daily. MK ate well and slept well too. She has not yet started attending the Balwadi. MK interacted with other children and we observed that she liked being with the NCC Supervisors. Although she interacted with other children the interaction was more non-verbal than verbal.

MK attended the rally on 26th January during Republic Day. She was one among the group of children that hoisted the flag. She and her mother attended the Balak Utsav on February 12th 2011.

Her mother takes good care of her. Her mother attended the mothers’ meetings regularly. She also attended the Dosti Anand Mela which was held on the 5th of December 2010. She takes good care of MK and ensures that MK is always neat and clean.

File no:  611

Name of the child: CH Murale

Date of birth: 24/4/1997

Age: 14 years

Sex: Male

Native place: Karnataka

Mother tongue: Kannada

Language known: Marathi and Hindi

Present address: Lambi Chawl, Machchi Galli, 2nd Floor, Falkland Road

Date of admission: 20/9/2005

First check-up by Pediatrician: 29/9/2005

First medical check-up at Nair Hospital: 29/11/2005

Height: 4.3 ft

Weight: 30 kgs

Mother’s History (according to his aunt LA Murale who admitted him to the center):

According to LA Murale, C’s mother abandoned him and his father when C was only 3 years old. C’s father was HIV positive and he passed away when C was 10 years old. Laxmi has been raising C and he considers her as his mother. He does not have any siblings.

About the Child:

Although C was admitted to the center in September 2005 he was not very regular. PSWs constantly discussed the same with him but he refused to come to the center, though he did attend Dancing Feet sessions regularly. He attended school regularly too. C was also attending the classes conducted by Jigisa (a project of Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption NGO) in the 2nd Floor of Khetwadi Municipal School where C was studying.

From September 2008 onwards he started attending the NCC and the study class. He was studying in 6th standard at Khetwadi Municipal School. C attended a TT camp that was held in October 2008. He also attended the Dandiya party and the Christmas and New Year party in December 2008. C also participated in the Balak Utsav in December 2008. As always he continued to be a regular at the Dancing Feet sessions.

C is an intelligent boy. He sings and draws well. Dance is his passion. He follows it with a heartfelt dedication. His father was an excellent dancer and was famous for his talent. C derives a lot of inspiration from his father. He is a very stylish dresser and his hair styles would also change on a regular basis.

C gained admission in Union High School in 8th standard. He appeared for his exams in April 2011. He secured A Grade in his final exams. He was admitted to 9th standard in the same school. C attended the month long summer camp in May 2011. He was also a part of the 3 days residential camp that was held on 3rd, 4th and 5th of May 2011 at JJ Nursing Association, Malad, for training in magic. C won 2nd prize during the dance competition that was held during the day-to-day summer camp in May. He also attended the annual sports day which was held on the 24th of May 2011.

C is a member of the Peer Group, Pukar group, Ekta Gat and the group that goes to Shaimak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA) for dance training. He attended all the meetings and sessions pertaining to the above groups.

Case History

File # 408

Name: SK

DOB: 25/2/2008 (This is an estimated date as her mother stated that she  was 2 years old. We do not have any documentary evidence for her  age and date of birth.)

Age: 2 years

DOA: 20/11/2010

First Checkup: 23/11/2010

Pediatric Checkup: 23/11/2010

Mother’s Name: SH Bibi

Language: Bengali

Address: KK Road, Turbhe Stores, Vashi, New Mumbai

SK did not cry at all when new at the NCC and seemed to have adapted too well too soon in the new surroundings. She comes to the Centre bearing a neat and tidy appearance. She attends the Balwadi. She likes to scribble on her slate. Her mother does not come to drop her to the NCC as there is a toddler in their house. She comes to the Centre with the Centre staff. She likes to dance when there is some music program on TV. She tries to say her prayers before each meal. She mingles well with all staff and children at the Centre. She communicates well with her mother and tells her about what all she did at the Centre to her mother when she reaches home. All her reports from her first medical check-up (CBC, ESR, MT, X-Ray) came out to be normal. The NCC staff and teachers are all very fond of her.

In the month of December 2010, she received 10 stars as part of the star system (behaviour modification activity) and was awarded a small talcum powder bottle for the same.

May update: SK regularly attends the NCC. Is a very active student in the Balwadi and participates in all the activities conducted in the Balwadi.  She likes reciting nursery rhymes Besides occasionally cough and cold, she has had good health.

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