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Tag: Kids at Risk

Minutes of Dilip’s meeting with Pravin and Preeti in Oct’09

Conference call attendees: Dilip M (Asha SV), Shankar S (Asha-UIUC), Ram D (Asha-UIUC), Kaushik R (Asha-UIUC), Nayana Shah
Dilip had a talk with Priti and Pravin at Prerana and this conference call was to get those details and document them.
Usage of funds from Stars foundation (100K): There is no time restrictions. The grant proposal was [...]

Children’s Take on Brand Prerana

15th December 2009
Children’s Take on Brand Prerana
‘Reimagining Brand Prerana’ was an exercise that brought to light several factors as the process of learning ensued. The team collectively commenced upon a thought process wherein we began to feel and realize that such an exercise would definitely go a long way in increasing our visibility and also [...]

Prerana - Building Update

These are the latest pictures of the building taken this morning.
Apart from some painting work the entire building is ready. We have still not fixed the following: Electrical fittings such as switch boards, bulbs, tube lights, & fans, and the sanitary fittings such as taps etc. We will do this only may be a week [...]

Telling the Prerana Story the Smart Way

18 Nov 09
Telling the Prerana Story the Smart Way!
At a recently held HR workshop for NGOs the facilitator was a Regional HR Manager from Hindustan Unilever Limited. He made the following statement: “NGOs are so caught up in their cause and their work that at times they actually feel guilty when confronted with the fact [...]