FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

In consideration of the drought situation facing California, Stanford University and Asha Stanford will be taking significant measures to not use water at Holi this year. Asha Stanford Holi being a fundraiser towards a good cause, we urge all our patrons to support us in this effort!

Update: 03/12/2014: Asha Holi 2014 tickets are now sold out online for both days. While we cannot provide any guarantees or visibility on it, tickets for either Saturday or Sunday may become available occasionally on our ticketing system upon order cancellation. We cannot recommend any other options for getting tickets for the event. We are not maintaining a wait list for tickets.

Update: 03/11/2014: Asha Holi 2014 tickets for Saturday, April 5th, are now sold out. While we cannot provide any guarantees or visibility on it, tickets for Saturday may become available occasionally on our ticketing system upon order cancellation. We cannot recommend any other options for getting tickets for Saturday.


Apart from it being great fun to paint your friends in variety of color, Holi has a deep rooted cultural significance for the people of India. Follow this link to learn more.
Asha Stanford's Holi is a full day of fun outdoors for our patrons, featuring lots of color, performances, as well as great Indian music. You'd be hard pressed to find all these at other Holi events.
Also, Asha for Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping support education for underprivileged children in India. Holi is Asha Stanford's biggest fundraiser. All net proceeds from this event go directly towards funding projects in India and impacting thousands of children. We are a near zero overhead organization and no donations are used for administrative expenses.
We use powder colors which combine a starch base with synthetic color dyes (laboratory tested as skin-safe, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic).
Asha Stanford's Holi has been a safe event for families (especially children). We have a dedicated kids' corner for children of all ages, which has provisions for separate color stall for children. In past years, kids as young as 3 years old have had a lot of fun running around and playing with colors. That said, toddlers/babies do need some extra care which none can provide better than parents themselves.
No, pets are not allowed at Asha Holi. Registered service animals may be allowed.
Due to the severe drought in 2014 drought in 2014, in consultation with Stanford University, Asha Holi @ Stanford will not have water for on-field use by patrons during the event to fill up water guns (pichkaris) etc. Water will be available for emergency uses (e.g. washing color off eyes) near the Stanford EMS stalls.
Yes. There will be a section of the field cordoned off for children to play in.
We will have two color stations on the field, where you can come and get as much color you want, as many times you want. There will also be a separate color station at the kids' corner, which will only be serving children.
No. Asha Stanford, or other Stanford University agencies, cannot take on the responsibility of your valuables. We recommend you leave them either in your car or at home.
No outside food is not permitted at the event. Food can be purchased from the vendors inside.
The colors are water soluble, and should wash off easily. Preparing before hand, by putting a layer between the colors and your skin/hair using lotion or oil, would help.
No, there is no dedicated wash facility on the field. Car seat covers will be available for purchase.
No. This is strictly a no-alcohol event. There will be zero tolerance for alcohol consumption or vending at the event.
No, parking is free of charge. The ground is right next to a huge parking structure where parking is free over the weekend.
Please email us at stanford@ashanet.org for a quote.


No, you must purchase tickets online since there will be no tickets sold at the venue.
Your ticket includes access to the field on that day during event hours and unlimited access to the color stalls inside.
If you wish to cancel your ticket, please request one directly on the EventBrite page from event organizers, specifying your order number. If you only wish some of the tickets to be canceled, please specify the names on those tickets as well.
Tickets are fully refundable - but only up to 48 hours before the event. We are not processing refund requests made after the 48 hour deadline - i.e. 11am PDT on April 3rd.
Tickets are transferable to other persons in the same ticket class: e.g. if the ticket is of a Student class, the person presenting the ticket should be a full time student and be able to present a valid student ID.
We can't exchange tickets. You should repurchase tickets for the desired dates etc (if they are available). You can then request a ticket cancelation (see above) for your old tickets.

On the day

Get a scannable copy of your ticket - printout, or on your phone. Please wear a set of old/disposable clothes and footwear. If you bought a (Stanford) student discounted ticket, please carry your current (Stanford) student ID, or enough cash to make up the difference from a General ticket. We recommend carrying all your cards and cash in a ZipLoc bag on your person. Your mobile phone probably needs to go in there as well - or preferably, in your car. Do also read the above question on getting colors off. Last, but not least, (especially if it's your first Asha Holi), bring an open mind and a sunny disposition - Asha Holi is a great communal experience, and your cooperation makes the experience so much better for everyone!
Consider bringing a fully stocked and reusable water bottle. Maybe a pair of swimming goggles or something similar, if you are concerned about color getting into your eyes. If you plan to buy food or water at the event, please carry some cash; about $25 should suffice per person.
Nothing valuable or irreplaceable. No pets. No outside food. No alcohol. No bad attitudes.