AAsha for Education
PO Box 11205,
Clayton, MO 63105
Meeting November 21 2090
Date: November 21 2009
Venue: St. Louis Bread Co, Delmar Blvd
Attendees: Sundar, Malvika, Jahnavi, Dhara


Sundar will be inquiring and booking (around Feb) a booth for us at the Festival of Nations which is held at the end of every summer. We can either do something of our own as suggested by Malvika- Saree wrapping/henna/selling some food/things etc... as Sundar suggested- tie up with a restaurant and give them the booth to sell food. In return we can raise some funds from their sales.
Janhavi suggested playing cricket matches (at a bar, perhaps?).

Asha Calendars are here. This year we have a lot of them! 40 of the "official" asha calendars and 25 Timabktu calendars (made for asha by a school in andhra pradesh). They are $10 each. So if you want one or you know people in your workplace or school who might be interested in buying them please let me know and we can arrange for them to be picked up. They also make great gifts!