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Project Steward
Dileep Bhat
dileepb DOT asha AT gmail DOT com
Project Partner(s)
Lakshmi (Akka)
vela_sevachakkaraorphanage AT yahoo DOT com
Additional Contact
Bhinish Shah
nycnj AT ashanet DOT org
Project Address
89/41, Swami Pillai Street
Choolai High Road
Choolai, Chennai, TAMIL NADU  600 012
Tel: (011)-(91)-44-2-5383195
Funds Disbursed
Apr2004Mid-Hudson Valley$10,000.00

Total = $365,348

TOTAL: $365,348.00
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Project Description

Seva Chakkara Samajam is an Orphanage that houses 89 children and is located in the heart of Chennai.

The Orphanage runs the residential primary school for the younger children (grades I-V) after which the children write open examinations and attend grades VI onwards in local schools, but continue to live at the orphanage.

As the children grow older, the Samajam provides them with vocational training on a case-by-case basis. The orphanage also has the setup to train the children in computer based vocational skills.

Although the primary activities of the organization are targetted to children, the Samajam also provides what they can for needy and helpless people. This includes a few elderly people who are homeless and women who have been abused by their husbands. They attempt to find jobs for these women through donors, and support them until they become self-sufficient.

Purpose / Goals

Asha's involvement with the orphanage started with accounting for the immediate requirements of the residential school of teacher's salaries, books, blackboards, and a part of the rent since the orphanage does not own any land or property.

With time, on understanding the requirements of the orphanage, Asha is now working with the orphanage in many different capacities:
[Support-A-Child] [Orphanage-Home] [Edu. Improvements]

Organization Description

The Seva Chakkara Orphanage houses a residential school for children from grades I to V.

The residential primary school is run at the orphanage because of the following reasons:
(a) The orphanage is located in a busy industrial area. By enrolling very young children in early grades, the Samajam ensures the safety and protection of these youngsters, who are too young to venture out without supervision.
(b) Local schools are disruptive and rowdy for the very young children. The Samajan wants the children to learn in a calm and peaceful environment.
(c) The orphans come from many different backgrounds and many come from villages. Many of the children do not have the required transfer certificates and proof of their grade. These children not accepted in local schools at their level of entry. At SCOS, the children are placed in classes according to ability. They are given an education so as to prepare them to take the Grade 6 open examinations, which are conducted by the local schools.

The children continue to be provided for by the orphanage till they are able to stand on their own.

Project Type: Support a Child (description)

Primary Focus: orphans (description)

Secondary Focus: children with disabilities

Area: Urban

Number of Children: 110

Student/Teacher Ratio: 28 : 1

Additional Information

The 'Support A child' program is now successfully in place for this project. For complete details, please visit:
Photo of Children
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